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Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Fair Trade Coffee

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Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Fair Trade Coffee

Fair Trade Certified Single Origin Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee Beans


• Pure Fair Trade Certified Single Origin coffee beans

• Our Ethiopian Sidamo fair trade organic coffee is freshly roasted

• From the largest Fair Trade Certified Single Origin coffee co-op

• This African coffee showcases a rich aroma and sweet mild flavors

• Choose from espresso, whole, French press, or bean drip grinds

Delicious Fair Trade Certified Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee

If you have been searching for a superior Fair Trade Certified coffee that you can enjoy every day, this Fair Trade organic brew of pure Ethiopian Sidamo coffee beans is a great option to consider! Unlike other Fair Trade coffee, these beans come from one of the largest and most reputable Fair Trade Certified Single Origin coffee co-ops in the lush Sidamo region of Ethiopia! This African coffee offers deliciously mild and creamy flavors with a distinctive aroma and a delicately sweet aftertaste!

Largest Fair Trade Certified Coffee Plantations in Ethiopia

Although this Fair Trade coffee is grown on a small locally owned plantation, it is part of one of the largest Fair Trade Certified Single Origin coffee co-ops in Ethiopia! This organic Fair Trade farmers cooperative union helps to support local coffee farmers and their families in exporting and processing their crops. With help from the largest Fair Trade Certified Single Origin coffee co-ops, each batch of coffee beans can be carefully processed with superior standards of organic Fair Trade quality and care.

The Organic Fair Trade Coffee Farmers Cooperative Helps Local Farmers

Overseen by the organic Fair Trade coffee farmers cooperative, each local plantation is then owned and operated by native Sidamo residents who cherish the land and practice environmentally-friendly growing methods. So, not only is this gourmet coffee Fair Trade Certified, but it is also organically grown from start to finish. Indeed, the organic Fair Trade coffee farmers cooperative ensures that the coffee growth process remains gentle on the environment and beneficial to the farmers and the communities in which it is grown. In total, more than 2,300 farmers and their families find their way of life in the growth and processing of this organic African coffee!

 Slowly Grown Under Optimal Fair Trade Organic Conditions

Each coffee tree is grown in idealistically humid and shady conditions in the lush and fertile valleys of the Sidamo region in Ethiopia. Here, these organic Fair Trade coffee trees can mature slowly, locking in natural flavors and inherent oils. Additionally, as the green coffee cherries slowly ripen, they are able to bloom in the warm tropical sun. Next, the coffee beans are hand-selected and sun-dried before they are processed and exported with oversight from the local organic Fair Trade coffee farmers cooperative.

Freshly Medium Roasted to Enhance Natural Flavors

Here at One Great Coffee, we understand the importance of carefully processing and roasting our Ethiopian Sidamo coffee beans. For that reason, we medium roast each batch without any additives or chemicals. This allows each small freshly roasted batch of Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee beans to yield a sweetly mild taste and aroma with balanced acidity. Therefore, this full-bodied organic gourmet coffee is decadent and pure with a crisp finish and a clean profile.

Why Try Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee?

There are many great reasons to try Ethiopian Sidamo coffee for yourself. First of all, when you buy this Fair Trade organic coffee, you are supporting local Sidamo fair trade/organic coffee farmers, their families, and their communities. So, you can feel good about enjoying a gourmet brew that tastes great! Also, this Ethiopian Sidamo coffee is very similar in flavor to rare and coveted Bali Blue Moon organic coffee. Indeed, Bali Blue Moon organic coffee has a similarly sweet and mild profile with a delicate yet rich aroma. However, unlike Bali Blue Moon organic coffee, our Ethiopian Sidamo coffee comes from local Fair Trade organic farmers. These Fair Trade organic farmers cultivate these Ethiopia Sidamo beans using organic growth processes from the start. Through large Fair Trade Farmers cooperative unions, the processing and exportation of these beans aid the local farmers and enhance economic prosperity.

Order Pure Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee Beans

Are you ready to order your own batch of pure and delicious Fair Trade organic Ethiopian Sidamo coffee beans? If so, One Great Coffee is a wonderful place to shop. Here, these 100% Certified Organic, fair trade, shade-grown Arabica coffee beans are prepared and packaged with the highest levels of care to ensure your satisfaction. We work hard to create exceptional hand-crafted coffee that nourishes the body and the soul. It is our goal to bring you a satisfying experience in every sip! From seed to cup, every bag of Fair Trade organic Ethiopian Sidamo coffee is carefully hand-selected with you in mind. In addition to this, we offer this Fair Trade Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee in a range of grinds. Choose from Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee in either whole bean, bean drip grinds, French press grinds, or espresso grinds! You can also choose from 8oz or 16oz bag sizes.


Indulge Your Senses With This Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee!

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
angelica read
Awesome flavorful coffee

Love this organic Expresso so smooth and taste great will be buying more

kevin nini
Excellent customer service

After trying several whole bean organic purveyors, I’ve settled on one great coffee. I appreciate the multiple choices for organic coffee which allows me to vary my morning cup from time to time. But I’m most impressed, or equally impressed, by the customer service. I recently ordered 2 pounds of coffee and by mistake selected a drip grind. Mike was generous enough to quickly roast two more pounds of whole bean for me and refused to let me pay for it. Great company!

Exotic but smooth

Just right for a morning start. It wakes you up but yet it’s mild and pleasant.

Kent Stannard
Seriously Good Coffee

It is mild with the Blue Mountain taste. I am finally able to do this review after I finished my yirgacheffe coffee(my favorite). As other people have said this is a very nonacidic coffee, roasted correctly and very much like the Jamaican variety. I will be doing this variety frequently as well.

Noah Swift
Best Damn Coffee Out There

I went to Haiti in 2016 on a mission trip and fell in love with coffee for the first time. To my surprise when I returned to the states, no coffee could even come close to what I experienced in Haiti. I was so excited to learn I could order from Haiti and won't be ordering any other beans but these!

Thank you so much Noah for your review of our Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Direct Trade Coffee! It has made our Day/Week!

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