Micro-Lot Coffee


      Direct Trade coffee is the best way to enjoy local, small-batch coffee treasures without actually having to travel there yourself. Do you have a certain bakery that makes the BEST cupcakes ever, or maybe a favorite family-owned restaurant that serves the most AMAZING soups you've ever tried? Now imagine that...but with coffee beans!

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      In this collection, you'll find:

      • Selective micro-lot batch coffee
      • Fresh Certified Organic coffee beans
      • Superior coffee production standards
      • Freshly prepared by our coffee roasters
      • Sourced from local Bolivian fair trade coffee farms
      • Milk chocolate aroma with citrus flavor notes 
      • From the Yungas region of Bolivia
      • Choose from 8-ounce or 16-ounce coffee bag sizes
      • Whole, French press, drip grind, or espresso grind styles


      About These Signature Fair Trade Micro-Lot Organic Coffee Beans

      This coffee comes from a carefully selected batch of superior organic micro-lot beans. Micro-lot brews contain only the finest coffee beans that have been carefully selected for their high-quality properties and unique flavor profiles. This micro-lot coffee comes from within a larger organic coffee estate. It has been carefully cultivated and grown in limited quantities. Indeed, these coffee beans are picked and processed entirely separately from the rest of the farm's lots to ensure maximum superiority. 

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