Fair Trade Coffee


      FTC also works to develop the community where the coffee plantations are located by offering educational scholarships, organic certification, and business development to the farmers and their families.

      These farms are environmentally stable, meaning there are no harmful chemicals used to protect the farmer's health and the ecosystem for future generations. We offer a large variety of gourmet organic coffee and espresso available regular or decaf. Our coffee is fresh roasted, sealed, and shipped the day you call!

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      • Pure Fair Trade Certified Single Origin coffee beans
      • From the largest Fair Trade Certified Single Origin coffee co-ops
      • Each brew has a smooth body and or distinctive flavors 
      • Choose from espresso, whole, French press, or bean drip grinds

        The Organic Fair Trade Coffee Farmers Cooperative Helps Local Farmers

        Overseen by the organic Fair Trade coffee farmers cooperative, each local plantation is then owned and operated by local residents who cherish the land and practice environmentally-friendly growing methods. Not only is this gourmet coffee Fair Trade Certified, but in many cases, it is also organically grown from start to finish. Indeed, the organic Fair Trade coffee farmers cooperative ensures that the coffee growth process remains gentle on the environment and beneficial to the farmers and the communities in which it is grown. In total, more than 12,300 farmers and their families find their way of life in the growth and processing of this organic coffee and sourcing it to our customers! So, you can feel good about a product that tastes great.