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Burundi AA Kirimiro Coffee

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Burundi AA Kirimiro Coffee

Roasted Gourmet Coffee With Spiced Clove Flavors And A Sweet Nutty Finish


• One of the finest high-altitude Burundi coffees

• A medium-light roasted gourmet coffee

• Flavors of spiced clove with a sweet nutty finish

• From a tiny country surrounded by rolling hills 

• A primary cash crop of locals that supports farmers

• Locals grow arabica coffee using sustainable mountain agriculture methods 

• Choose from either French Press, whole bean, ground, or espresso grind styles

• Each small batch of roasted gourmet coffee is freshly prepared to order

• Available in 8 oz or 16 oz valve sealed bags


Premium Medium-Light Roasted Gourmet Burundi AA Kirimiro Coffee 

If you have been searching for a superior medium-light roasted gourmet brew, look no further than this Burundi AA Kirimiro Coffee! As one of the finest high-altitude Burundi coffees around, each cup displayed hints of bright spiced clove and a sweet nutty finish. These spiced clove flavors stand out wonderfully in either French Press espresso, espresso shots, cold-brew beverages, and more. As such, this coffee is versatile and delicious! Plus, it has been grown using sustainable mountain agriculture methods. As the primary cash crop of this tiny country surrounded by lush rolling hills, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting the farmers who grow Arabica coffee as a way of life!


One Of The Finest High-altitude Burundi Coffees Around 

Burundi is also known as the "Land of a Thousand Hills." This is a tiny country that is surrounded by Tanzania, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Here, coffee is the primary cash crop of the local farmers. These farmers grow arabica coffee using sustainable mountain agriculture methods to ensure superiority. These farmers understand the balance of nature and respect the art of growing high-altitude Burundi coffees! 


Cultivated In A Tiny Country Surrounded By Rolling Hills 

From a tiny country surrounded by vibrant rolling hills, this is easily one of the best high-altitude Burundi coffees available. Since the farmers here grow arabica coffee as a way of life, they know exactly what it takes to stand out in a competitive industry. Each batch of pure 100% Arabica coffee beans is carefully harvested and prepared to preserve the inherent spiced clove flavors and naturally sweet nutty finish. Moreover, the local farmers grow arabica coffee as a primary cash crop using only sustainable mountain agriculture processes. These sustainable mountain agriculture methods ensure that although this is the primary cash crop of their region, each small batch of coffee is exceptional and pure in every way. Indeed, these sustainable mountain agriculture systems help to preserve the environment while also ensuring that each batch of medium-light roasted gourmet coffee is exceptional in flavor, texture, and aroma.

Enjoy This Medium-light Roasted Gourmet Coffee Easily By Ordering It Here

Are you ready to enjoy the delicate spiced clove flavors and sweet nutty finish of this medium-light roasted gourmet coffee for yourself? It's easy! Simply order it right here. After sourcing this AA gourmet Burundi Kirimiro coffee from a tiny country surrounded by rolling hills, we ensure that each batch of beans is medium to light roasted fresh when you place your order. Then, we immediately ship medium-light roasted gourmet brew straight to your doorstep! Choose from a range of grind styles in 8oz or 18oz bags. 


Enjoy Signature Clove Notes and Rich Nutty Tones in Each Cup of Signature Burundi AA Kirimiro Coffee! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Craig Vostad

This is a very smooth coffee with Hint of Lemon and hibiscus.
The thing that I noticed right away from my 1st cup that has a very clean finish which I really appreciate.

New Fav

This is my New Favorite!

Maxin E.
Great Coffee

Another great coffee from One Great Coffee!

Like It

I like it very much

Jim Perley

Burundi is one of the coffees that are unique. A lighter roast that is not overwhelming and goes down easy.

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