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Medium Roast Pumpkin Spice 🎃 Morning Treat

This coffee is a lovely blend of Pumpkin 🎃 Flavor in a Medium Roast Bean. ☆ Little Secret, we mix/blend the Finca Santa Maria coffee and the Pumkin Spice coffee 50/50. Makes a nice pot of coffee. It is our morning 🌄 year round blend.

Morning Bliss Afternoon Pick up

Organic Finka Santa Maria Coffee is a pleasant start to the day. For me its a comfort to be able to consume organic free trade coffee. This coffee is a Medium strength flavourful easy to drink.


Best flavored coffee ever!

Cranberry cream

Tastes great! Cranberry flavor shines through!

Tastes great!

This coffee was very flavorful! Would buy again!

This Coffee is Simply the Best Decaf and Keeps Me from Going Back to Caffeine

The story goes I was sick with "the virus". During that time I just could not drink any caffeine. I loved coffee and one of my favorites was a maple bourbon coffee that I would wake up to every morning. After I recovered from "the virus" I decided I would like to stop drinking caffeine. I thought it would be better for my health (which it has been) and it was a stimulant I just did not want to rely on any more personally. I searched for a replacement of my favorite coffee, I did find another brand prior to one great coffee and it was okay, but when I found the Bourbon Whiskey! It is amazing! I wake up every morning to it. I order it regularly because I am actually afraid they are going to stop making it. It is simply the best tasting coffee I have ever had, I do not miss my caffeinated version, and if I could have given it 100 stars I would have. I am truly grateful for this great tasting quality coffee. Thanks OGC!

Love this coffee

Loved this flavor! It's a perfect blend with none of the flavors overwhelming the other.


I just keep finding more and more favorites with One Great Coffee! This one does not disappoint! Very smooth with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon - two of my favorite flavors. Great for breakfast or any time you want a nice mild cup of java!

Wonderful Vanilla flavored coffee

My husband and I both loved the Vanilla nut flavored coffee - He is a vanilla fan and I am a chocolate fan, but we both agreed the vanilla flavor, as well as the nutty flavor comes through in a delicious blend in this coffee. Excellent!

Another great coffee blend

This coffee has a great flavor. The coffee is very fresh. When I opened to package, you can smell the wonderful flavor.

Great coffee blend

This coffee has a very good flavor and is very smooth.


The salted caramel is my favorite - with caffeine in the morning and decaf in the evening! Good black, even better with a splash of half and half!

King Cake Flavored Coffee
Great coffee

Paired very well with actual king cake! I used a Cinnamon Toast Crunch creamer and it was the icing on the cake!

Hi Cardaeja,
Thanks so much for your reply! We love our King Cake coffee and will definitely buy some Cinnamon Toast Crunch creamer to give a try!!


Really luscious coffee. I'm a fan!

Hi Marni,
Thanks so much for your kind review! We appreciate it very much!!

Great dark coffee

The After Dinner blend coffee is very very good!

Hi Cecile
Thanks so much for your kind review! Our After Dinner blend is becoming a customer favorite!

Best coffee ever!

This chocolate almond coffee is, to my taste buds, the best flavored coffee that exists in Heaven and on the earth!!!! It is soooooo good!!

Hi Cecile,
Thanks so much for your kind review! Our personal chocolate flavored coffee is our dark chocolate flavored coffee! hmmmm....

Tasty & out of the ordinary

I loved this coffee from the moment I opened the bag - the smell was heavenly. The coffee tastes great either hot or iced. I just added some creamer and a little sweetener. I will definitely be ordering this flavor again.

BEST Full Bodied Chocolate Beans

I add the beans to mix with dark French Roast beans and my coffee is flavorful, strong and delicious. The aroma from the Dark Chocolate beans is divine!

pecan pie

another great flavor that is so good and just like drinking dessert.

peanut butter cup

this is far my favorite so far, just like having candy.

gingerbread flavored coffee

exactly as name suggest, it's a great coffee, won't dissapoint.

vermont maple coffee

Great flavor, very smooth, great afternoon treat.

caramel pecan roll

this is so good, worth buying. Taste like the name.

Highlander Grogg Flavored Coffee
Far and Away Favorite

Such a wonderful and unique combination of flavors. Makes having to get up early something to look forward to.