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Very special blend!

Just as I had hoped… my Sunday morning go to😀

Jack Frost Flavored Coffee
Edward Fritsch Koehl
A Winter Wonderland

Whole Bean, medium-coarse grind, pour over, 16:1 ratio.

Love the peppermint aroma. All of the flavors shine. Great for a cold late fall/Winter morning

"This coffee's good"

Whole Bean, medium-coarse grind, Pour Over,16:1 ratio. That's what my wife said this morning. A nice chocolate aroma with a flavor to match.


Nice blend

Baklava Flavored Coffee
Robert Lowther

my go to coffee after a meal, like having desert.


smooth and tasty

excellent flavor and smooth taste

very satisfying before sleep

The best cup of joy you will find

This is my favorite flavored coffee, hands down. It’s nutty flavor comes through without being “strong” and it has a wonderful natural sweetness. It’s like having a flavored syrup in your coffee without actually needing one.


Not a very noticeable Grand Marnier flavor. Plus, one of bags was open and about 1/3 of the bag had spilled out. The rest of the bag tasted stale, so I lost a whole pound. .

The best coffee I have had in a long time. Am giving some as Christmas gifts. I will order again!

Nice Blueberry flavor

Nice Blueberry flavor, would definitely buy again.

Haven't tried this one yet but anxious to do so.

Haven't tried this one yet but anxious to do so.

Great Pumpkin in Decaf

Ordered this and brewed a couple of pots immediately. Tastes like pumpkin pie with whipped topping. Spiced perfect! Delicious!

Nog lover

Very nice egg big coffee

Butter Rum Yum Yum

I was truly impressed with the butter rum coffee. Excellent flavor and the aroma when brewing is awesome, had the whole office looking for a cup. Will definitely be a return customer.

first time customer

Excellent coffee. Everyone that has tried this coffee has ask where they could get more.

A real treat

I've always enjoyed the aroma and taste of an Irish Cream coffee. I recently received my first bag of Irish Cream from One Great Coffee and I wasn't disappointed. Great taste yet not overpowering. Well balanced blend giving satisfaction to any serious coffee drinker.

Cafe Parisian

Its really hard to find a good orange flavored coffee. I am so glad I found this one.

Linzer Torte

Two of my favorite flavors mixed together. Perfect.

Butterscotch Toffee

Served at a small family gathering. Everyone loved it. Smelled really good while brewing.

A Gift

I purchased the Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend as a Christmas gift. I did this based on other reviews and the excellent price. I'm sure it will be a hit!

Excellent dark chocolate flavor

I just tried the dark chocolate and I love it as much as the chocolate almond. I will be drinking both coffees on a regular basis. Always fantastic coffee blends from One Great Coffee!


This coffee is made for coffee/chocolate lovers. So rich and smooth. You don’t need dessert with a cup of this coffee.

Perfect aroma...

...just as expected. We drink our coffee always black to enjoy the real taste. This aroma profile is very good, and we plan on trying out many others later time to time.

Love your Timor coffee

I was bored of my morning coffee and asked friends for suggestions. One very discerning friend led me to your Timor coffee. Wonderful. I am a fan.