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Good coffee!

This Dark Chocolate coffee was very good! It has a sweet chocolate scent that reminded me of tootsie rolls or hot cocoa. I added some cinnamon to mine before brewing the grounds and it made the whole kitchen smelled great! Also, this coffee is naturally just a little bit sweet.

Hi Kevin,
Thank you so much for your review of Dutch Chocolate Flavored Coffee! We must admit its one of our favorites as well. Adding the cinnamon is an awesome idea to try. We like adding experimenting by adding the Dark Chocolate grounds to a non-flavored coffee grounds before we brew.

Very Good Coffee

I appreciated how smooth this flavor was, with a chocolatey aroma. Also, the low acidity and overall consistency were nice. It went amazing with just a splash of heavy whipping cream!

Amazing coffee

This was my first purchase and I'll be a returning customer! Ordered and received quickly. Great choices. Great flavor. Will order again!

China Black Tea FOP
Robert StilwellDad
Bob S

Dad worked with secret codes in the army. After ww2 it turned into a radio hobby. He talked to people all over the world. He would ask if there was something that he could send them something they couldn't get. This guy in China said Hersheys cocoa. China did not allow its import. So Dad sent a tin of cocoa. He always said when you get it send me something I don't have. We received a box with some tea and other things. That is when I fell in love with the China Black Tea. The natural sweetness and smooth rich flavor. Thank you for offering this great product at a great price.

Great flavorful coffee

Cherries jubilee has always been my favorite because the cherry flavor is so delicious.

Yemen Arabian Mocca Coffee
Ken Benedict-Gill

Very good, we are both enjoying it a lot. Perhaps because of the roast it reminds us of a good Sumatra. We love a good Sumatra!

The Aroma is heavenly

I love the aroma as it permeates my home and lasts well beyond those two cups I drink every morning. The flavor is satisfying as well and I can see this becoming one of my favorite brews. My only criticism is that it's not as bold and rich as I like my coffee, but that's easily rectified by mixing it with a bolder blend.

Surprising Blend

Don't let the name fool you. This has the taste of jalapeno without the heat. The coconut slides in on the backside just right. This is going to be a hidden treat.

Pleasantly Surprised

Every so often I take a taste gamble: Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Direct Trade Coffee paid off well. It is a mild yet rich and smooth coffee. It has been pleasant through an Aeropress and a moka pot. It is very much the equal (yet different) of the Jamaican High Mtn. I have had in recent years. I will be drinking more of this in the future and trying more of the coffees offered here.

Thank you so much for the great review for our Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Direct Trade Coffee! Mike, One Great Coffee


A local grocery store carried a similar flavor only for the Christmas holiday and I fell in love with it. I found your coffee in search of this same flavor & it tastes absolutely amazing. This will be definitely one of my fav’s I purchase all the time. I have a couple others I’d like to try but this one will be a regular selection for me.

Thank you so much for the review for White Chocolate Mousse Flavored Coffee! We appreciate it very much!!


Great Gift

Bought this flavor for my daughter and she absolutely loves it.

Hi Ms. Ryan,
Thank you so much for gifting our Salted Caramel Coffee!


Espresso Gold
Tim Wight
Super good espresso coffee

My fiance was using this coffee to make lattes at home. Well, she made me this iced coffee drink, and It kind of ruined all other iced lattes for me. Now, it's pretty much the only coffee I like. This coffee is incredibly smooth with a golden red color to the foam. It's not bitter like other kinds of espresso and it just tastes really awesome. Definitely the best espresso beans in my opinion.

Thank you so much for your kind words for our Espresso Gold!


Butterscotch Toffee

Very smooth. Rich flavor of the butterscotch and toffee candies. Similar flavor profile to toffeenut flavor syrups. Like a guilt free dessert.

Salted Caramel Coffee

Delicious Blended coffee. Very smooth and tasteful.

Love, love, love it!

Awesome! Will definitely order again.

Great cup of Joe


Columbian Coffee

My Family loves this Columbian Coffee. I'll have to order more!

New Fav

This is my New Favorite!

One of my new favorites

Very good.


By far the best flavored coffee ever had!
Great blend!


Can't go wrong with this flavorful coffee not to mention the price and service.

The best for the money

The best coffee for the money

Great product

Great product, great service, and great price

Not disappointed

I have never tried this Ethiopiean coffee, but I wasn't at all disappointed

I’ve really enjoyed the dark chocolate in both decaf and regular in the past. But this last shipment I got was really off, not really sure it was chocolate. Didn’t smell nor taste like it so I felt disappointed. The reason I started buying your coffee was because I was search for a good chocolate one. I wrote a comment and never have heard back.