How Our Love for Delicious Coffees Became the Best Way to Get Fresh Flavored Excellence Online

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single-origin or unique flavored coffee to fall in love with.

We founded One Great Coffee a few years back. We are just two 60+-year-old kids who love great coffee! Brewing coffee sourced from destinations all over the world was one of our favorite pastimes. Back then, it was not uncommon to find us awake late at night searching for new small-batch roasters that could offer us delicioussingle-origin coffee.

Our searches would eventually lead us to a roaster who checked every single box on our must-have list! Suffice to say, we were hooked. Soon, we partnered up and began selling this gourmet fresh roasted coffee online. After all, when you find the perfect cup of specialty coffee, you have to share it with the rest of the world!

So, what's on our list of must-haves for premium coffee?

1. With no exceptions, we believe that coffee must be fresh!

Our roastmasters do not roast your coffee until your order is received. Freshly roasted coffee is smoother than you can imagine and is often gentler in acidity with subtle flavor nuances. Then, our fresh roasted coffee is packaged in valve-sealed vacuum bags and shipped fast right to your doorstep. Once you have tasted true fresh-roasted coffee beans, you'll be hooked! At first, you might even be shocked to realize how smooth and rich coffee can actually be. In fact, one of the things we often hear from our customers is how our coffee feels 'wetter' and more refreshing in the mouth. This is the magic of freshly roasted coffee that's free of preservatives! This coffee has never been stored on a musty shelf in a warehouse. Try it yourself, you'll see what we mean. Or, read our hundreds of our4 & 5-Star reviews!

2. Top quality gourmet coffee beans sourced from only the best locations worldwide.

Next, we wanted coffee that was second-to-none. The coffee we sell contains nothing but the best! We are talking about Specialty Graded One coffee beans, rated #1 in the world! In our brews, premium smooth fresh Arabica beans are most common. These beans are grown in different places all over the world. We also sell many organic varieties, Kona coffees, Monsooned Malabar coffees, and so much more! For wholesome brews that give back to those who produce them, our fair-trade coffees allow you to savor your daily grind with peace of mind. Our beans grown on organic Fair Trade Plantations support local farmers and their families! These fair-trade organic coffee beans are good for you and good for the world! We also sell gourmet coffees with unique custom roast profiles that can please even the most advanced tastes.

3. Variety and flavor are a must.

We sell 200 + varieties of coffee, as well as a range of delicious flavored coffees to tantalize the taste buds. We are talking about some of the highest quality gourmet coffees from all around the world. This top-quality gourmet coffee can be custom ground for each customer! With standard grinds, whole bean coffee, French press, or espresso blends available, there is something for every coffee lover.

4. Large selection of flavored coffees.

We know that great flavored brews can be hard to come by. We offer you ample access to flavored specialty coffee whenever your cravings kick in. We sell more top-grade fresh-roasted flavored coffee than you can imagine! From flavored coffees like English Salted Toffee Caramel to blends with Blueberry Cream notes, there's finally something for everyone. All of our gourmet flavored brews feature freshly roasted beans and quality hand-blended flavoring extracts. In fact, you will find a custom blend of natural flavorings in every bag! High-quality spices and flavoring oils are used to make sure that each specialty sip is divine. We now sell over 180 unique coffee flavors! Once again, fast shipping ensures the most delicious flavors and smoothest brews possible. Trust us, you won't find anything this good at your local grocery store. Did we mention that every single one of our fine flavored coffees also comes available in three grind styles and a decaf option?

5. Bonuses: Delicious Loose Leaf Gourmet Tea, Gift Cards, Decaf Brews, and More

Apart from premium coffees and amazing flavor options, we wanted to make it easy for you to share the love of coffee with others and save money. We have subscriptions and discounts to make it easy for you to keep coming back for more. Our novelty flavored coffees make an amazing gift. We have a range of unique blends and flavors that you have probably never seen before! Plus, we also sell premium gourmet loose leaf tea. Our fresh loose leaf tea comes in a range of flavors and styles for the selective tea lover. If you are a decaf coffee fan, never fear. We have hundreds of flavored decaf blends and flavored brews to enjoy! Or, buy our gourmet coffee in single-serve coffee pods that work with most K-Cup brewing machines! These pods are packed with freshly roasted coffee and shipped fast for a smooth morning brew like no other. We also offer rewards and "Brew Bucks" that let you save money on coffee online easily! 

• Free Shipping or flat rate shipping, Check!

• Gift Cards to send instantly to friends; Check!

• Large selection of decaffeinated coffees, Check!

• 8 oz sample sizes and full 16 oz package sizes. Check!

We hope you soon decide to travel the world with us, one sip at a time! Together, we can all share One Great Coffee!

~ Donna & Mike
One Great Coffee | Fresh Roasted Gourmet Coffee & Tea

What We Did Before Selling Premium Coffee Online: A Little More Backstory About Us and Giving Back to the Community

As I stated earlier, we are in our 60's. Retirement is something we hope to do before our departure on this earth. We have always sold online, either selling an item we made ourselves or made by others for extra income. We reached out to this roaster in hopes of opening a wholesale account and helping to share our favorite coffee of all time online. After all, we loved it and thought that other coffee lovers should be able to get a taste as well! After filling out the application, the roaster accepted us! Since then, we have been sellingunique coffee flavors and offering online coffee subscriptions to fellow coffee lovers all across the United States.

We ordered Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend on the initial order; we use this blend as our measuring stick. OMG, we loved this coffee! We could not wait to order more and did so after the 1st cup. Our second order included Organic Bali Blue Moon, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, and Panama Boquete. Again, we enjoyed each one! Our third order would dip our toes in flavored coffees. The third order included: Bourbon Whiskey (our favorite flavored coffee), Pumpkin Spice, Old Fashioned Gingerbread, Southern Pecan, and Salted Caramel. We loved each one!

We have a lot of experience working with a diverse crowd and sharing our passion. One of our past endeavors included fundraising for high school-age students and teachers to raise money for teachers' travel expenses and income for classroom supplies. Our way of giving back to those who have a special place in our hearts is school teachers. If not for them, the respite these teachers provided and their tireless efforts made teaching our Autistic child while attending school will always hold dear in our hearts. We fundraised for close to 10 years. We are proud to say that our little fundraising company held the honor of endorsements from the State of Texas Career and Technology Student Organization and Oklahoma's Career and Technology Student Organizations and the State of Texas Future Teachers Organization.

It was a bittersweet decision to stop fundraising, but knowing the small impact we made in those students' lives by providing an avenue to earn discretionary income for competition travel and dues. We also offered the same opportunity for their teachers to earn money to help purchase classroom supplies instead of using their own money. We are the proudest of each school year at the end of each school year; we funded scholarships for each of those three organizations to a student who excelled based on each organization's criteria. Our future depends on our youth. Hopefully, we made some impact. Selling fair-trade organic coffees is another opportunity that we found could impact others in a great way.stomers to your store.

Fairtrade coffees are environmentally responsible and helpful to the small growing operations that produce coffee! It helps these small-scale farmers cultivate their lands in a sustainable and profitable manner. When farmers are paid fairly for their trade, they don't need to cut down forests in order to plant more crops. Fair-trade sourcing changes farmers' lives and improves their communities!

When you buy your delicious coffee here, you are supporting these small fair-trade coffee farming operations and our small business as well. So, you can feel good about every delicious sip you take!