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First, you open the bag and the house then smells like you are backing brownies. Second, love the taste.

Espresso Gold
Karen OBrien
Pleasant surprise

The simple name made me unsure, but wanted to try it. Well it was a pleasant surprise. The description is dead on and I really enjoyed this product so much so that I am trying others.

Great Vanilla Decaf

Good flavor and good price

If it is your taste

I still like the salted caramel the best, as I use caramel creamer in my coffee. This item has a hint of orange to it that clashes with my creamer.

Our Basic Coffee

This has become our basic coffee. Subtle flavor which will support added flavorings for whims, different parings or blends.

So smooth and yummy! It’s my all time favorite!

Great cup

Delicious coffee, rich flavor with low acidity, our favorite decaf.

Great Coffee n Even better Service

This is the kind of Internet Company that takes the time to get you the answers and service you look for when making a purchase. We all know there is a plethora of choices out there but I feel comfortable w/ these people. It’s not just a product off the shelf but it’s buying support and good communication which is hard to find these days.!

I would buy it again

Very nice flavors, I would buy it again..

It's first time I enjoy decaf coffee.

Great Coffee

Very good coffee and reasonable prices

Good anytime

I had to switch to decaf recently and searched far and wide for a coffee that tastes as satisfying as the regular brew. This is it! So glad to have discovered you!

Great tasting coffee

Too much starbucks gave me major gastritis, I could not give up coffee so went looking for a lower acid one. Very pleased with this Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, not only is it great tasting coffee but my stomach is well on the road to recovery!

I LOVE this coffee.

I have used an AeroPress for many years and have always bought fresh beans for my use.
This Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is and excellent bean, roasted to its individual perfection. Bravo to the roaster who has brought out all of the unique flavors and aromas that make this coffee so very nice in the cup!
I will happily continue to buy this, and other, coffee from One Great Coffee.

Amazing no bitterness

I usually purchased a vanilla bean I decided to try The Columbia Supremo la Valle Verde coffee this is my favorite now. Great coffee no complaints. Receive coffee in a timely manner product always correct

Organic Espresso
Desmond Smith
Fantastic Espresso that happens to be organic

I could smell the fantastic coffee as soon as I opened the bag. What a fresh, bold and delicious coffee. I'm excited to have the ability to order a great coffee from my home-town, and enjoy an organic taste of home when I please.

As with any espresso bean, I had to dial in the shot to perfection. Once dialed in, I realized this is something special, and I will continue to buy. Bravo!

Great blend

A nice blend of my favorite flavors. It's subtle, not overpowering. Just a nice combination.

Kenya AA Coffee
Sylvia Roberson
My Favorite Bean

I've only recently found "One Great Coffee". My previous local source for Kenya AA had gone out of business and I was casting about for a new roaster. So pleased to find you! The Kenya AA did not disappoint. It has the lively flavor I expected, and the smoothness as well. My son gave it a big thumbs up as well.

Good on the go

Nice cup of coffee if you use kurig type machines

Good choice

Second time ordering good cup of coffee

Guatemala Antigua Coffee
melinda jentsch
Great choice

Will definitely be ordering a 3rd time nice cup of coffee

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee
melinda jentsch
Great coffee

Very nice flavor smooth cup of coffee

Lovin' it

Don't know why it's so hard to find chocolate flavored coffee these days. What goes better together? This one is awesome. Only drawback was it clogged up my burr grinder, but the food processor worked almost as well.

Dark Chocolate Coffee

Just what I needed. Excellent coffee. Flavor is subtle, not overpowering.

Really good stuff

Been a fan of highlander grog for some time and found my previous supplier had downgraded their coffee so I chose to try a new supplier. I found great coffee highlander grog to be superior in every way. Reccomend it!