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Tanzania Peaberry Coffee
Kenneth Lingenfelter
Very good coffee

This coffee is quickly becoming another favorite. It is very smooth and has a great flavor. I will be purchasing this again.

Organic Timor / Whole Bean

This is a very savory coffee with a delicious aroma , freshness and a depth of unusually dark chocolate coffee notes on the finish.
Very delicious and blends very well with small addition of African - particularly Kenyan - beans - it's full bodied ,deep brown, syrupy, smooth and
Delicious . Have enjoyed several cups.

Calypso Cream is awesome

The run and coconut flavors are a perfect match for each other, and neither one overpowers the other. This is on of my repeat purchases.

Love the flavor

Got this before. It's a great coffee. On of our favorites. If your a mint chocolate chip fan get it.

Papua New Guinea Coffee
Kenneth Lingenfelter
Very good coffee

We really like this coffee. It is now one of our favorites.

Great flavor

We love the raspberry flavor this coffee has. It smells great too when it's brewing. One of our favorites. If you love raspberries get it. You'll love it.

Love this coffee!!

Hands down our favorite flavor thus far!

Our go to coffee

This coffee is awesome. My wife and I love it. I will order this every time I place an order. If you haven't tried it get it.

Pecan Pie Flavored Coffee
Deborah Di Cecca
best tasting pecan pie coffee

I have been trying various companies pecan pie flavored coffee. Yours is the best. the only thing i could suggest would be to have it in dark roast too. Most enjoyable!! I LOVE it

Fantastic flavored coffee

The cinnamon and vanilla flavors are strikingly good. Highly recommended.

Great Decaf

I had to go to decaf due to medical reasons, and love flavored coffee ! This Grogg is full of flavor and has become my go to coffee!

Excellent customer service

After trying several whole bean organic purveyors, I’ve settled on one great coffee. I appreciate the multiple choices for organic coffee which allows me to vary my morning cup from time to time. But I’m most impressed, or equally impressed, by the customer service. I recently ordered 2 pounds of coffee and by mistake selected a drip grind. Mike was generous enough to quickly roast two more pounds of whole bean for me and refused to let me pay for it. Great company!

This is my go to!

Return customer here! This is one of the finest Highlander Groggs I have tasted. The flavors are rich and coffee smooth. It's my morning go to and often will have a cup in a quiet place before bed. Quite excellent!

Panama Bouquet Coffee
Kenneth Lingenfelter
Great tasting coffee

We really like the taste and flavor of this coffee. It is very smooth and satisfying.

blue beery cinnamon

great smell and taste .

banana foster

great smell and taste .

Great Medium-Dark

The balance between medium to dark roasted coffee is perfect with this blend. Consider this to be 3 levels milder to the Sumatra blends and less of an acidic bite. The aroma is amazing and has notes of a hickory tinge. The best time is a after meal consumption before a chocolate dessert. Furthermore, if you like the taste of coffee the taste lingers longer than a mild blend and does not lead to a stomach lock-down. Great for a first cup.


Very well balanced blend of coffee. Beats Starbucks Pike/House blend. The acid is not high enough to need a pinch of salt to cut the acidicy for stomach. The aroma is welcoming for a wake up boost.

One of my favorites!

This is an uncommonly good coffee having both rich chocolate and fresh minty notes that truly remind me of the venerable Peppermint Patty candy.

OMG, Absolutely Delicious!

Forget enjoying this over a campfire....this is a every day fave for me. I paired this with a caramel macchiato creamer, OMG I almost died in my kitchen and went to heaven after the first sip. This smores flavor is an absolute winner. It has a great balance of chocolate almond flavor and it's rich and smooth. This is a new favorite of mine and it will be on heavy rotation along with the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut flavor. I'm looking forward to trying some other flavors I had my eye on. (wink, wink)

New Favorite!

This White Chocolate Macadamia Nut is just as good and flavorful as the White Chocolate Mousse. However, want to hear a little secret......I think I like the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut just a little bit more than the other one. It still has that smooth flavor as the mousse but gives you that great nutty flavoring too. I will continue to purchase both but I'll opt for this one as my first choice.

Top notch Highlander Grogg

Highlander Grogg is probably my favorite flavor. OneGreat Coffee does it right! Smooth with all the rich flavor it should have. I switched to OneGreat Coffee a bit ago and won't go back to others!

Too mild

Not much of coffee flavor. Will not order again,

Our favorite.

We tried 5 or 6 different flavors to see what we liked the most and keep going back for more on this one. It reminds us of a trip we took where they had something very similar so we really enjoy it. Goes great with just a little cream imo. Hope this is helpful.

Great Coffee

It was a birthday present just given today.