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Ethiopia Longberry Coffee

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Ethiopia Longberry Harrar Coffee

Single-Origin medium roast Ethiopia Longberry Harrar beans with a rich heavy body!

About this Ethiopia Longberry Harrar gourmet coffee:

• Genuine Ethiopia Longberry Harrar beans

• Rich heavy body with chocolate wine undertones

• Sustainable single-origin gourmet coffee

• Carefully preserved with natural dry processing methods

• Available in freshly roasted 16oz and 8oz bags

• Choose from either french press, whole bean, or espresso grind styles

• Qualifying orders may be eligible for free shipping

Deliciously Rich Ethiopia Longberry Harrar Coffee

Grown in the region of Harrar, Ethiopia Longberry coffee is one of the oldest cultivars of the Arabica coffee bean varietals. Discovered by accident, this legendary coffee has a unique history, elongated shape, and a remarkable flavor profile. After the gourmet coffee is hand-harvested, it is carefully sun-dried and preserved with natural dry processing methods. This results in a bold and floral wine-like cup with a medium or heavy body and complex flavors. We roast each small batch medium-light to yield a mild cup with chocolate and wine undertones! Celebrate the history and rich culture of Ethiopian coffee with each freshly brewed cup today.

Harrar Longberry Coffee Grown at High Elevations

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As one of the oldest cultivars of Arabica coffees, Longberry beans from the region of Harrar are grown at extremely high elevations. We roast Ethiopia Longberry to a light-medium stage which elicits bold, complex flavors and a floral aroma. With a sharp, winy acidity this coffee proves to be stimulating to the senses, and because of its sweet, fruity notes, the finish is absolutely remarkable.

Medium Roast Longberry Harrar Gourmet Coffee

Our gourmet coffee has been carefully prepared so that you will get nothing but the best experience in every cup. We source these fresh Ethiopia Longberry Harrar beans from fine single-origin micro-farms. As such, when you buy your Ethiopia Longberry Harrar coffee here, you're supporting local Ethiopia Longberry Harrar farmers in their trade. When we receive the fresh Ethiopia Longberry Harrar beans, we medium-light roast them to perfection. Indeed, Ethiopia Longberry Harrar beans are best accentuated by a fresh light or medium roast to bring their natural heavy body flavors and delicate oils to the surface.

Why is Ethiopia known for coffee?

Ethiopia's coffee is famous for many reasons. Indeed, it has been ranked as some of the very best in the world by international groups of coffee connoisseurs. Not surprisingly, whole coffee is one of the main exports for the country of Ethiopia.

Is Ethiopian coffee the best?

Ethiopian Harrar Longberry beans are known for their winey quality and bright soft mouthfeels. They typically have a medium body but may also showcase a heavy body when light or medium roasted. Although this gourmet coffee is slightly higher in acidity than some other beans, the heavy body and complex flavor notes make for a delightfully balanced brew. Most of the coffees from Ethiopia are naturally processed, which means that they are dried with the cherry fruit still attached to the coffee bean. Our Ethiopia Longberry Harrar coffee is naturally dry-processed. Dry processing is a classic and surefire way to ensure that those pure Ethiopia Harar coffee flavors are preserved perfectly.

Try These Delicious Ethiopian Coffee Beans Now!

We invite you to order premium singularly sourced Ethiopia Longberry Harrar coffee beans from One Great Coffee today! At One Great Coffee, we freshly medium roast each small Harrar Longberry batch to perfection to bring out delicate chocolate and wine flavors with an unforgettable heavy body. Then, we freshly package each batch and ship everything directly to you. Choose from either French press, whole bean, or espresso grind styles! We also offer this coffee in 16 or 8-ounce bag sizes. Eligible orders may also receive free shipping!

Make Your Mornings More Indulgent With the Full Body and Chocolate Wine Undertones of Gourmet Ethiopia Longberry Harrar Coffee!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Patrick Micielli
Great Cup of Coffee

This bean makes a great cup of coffee, I use nothing but Decaf and this bean taste great.

Great coffee, great service

Every coffee I've ordered has been excellent. But the service from the folks at One Great Coffee has been incredible. One of my first orders has a small problem which was dealt with quickly and generously! They're my go to!

L Buchman
Nice flavor smooth

I bought this as a decaf to go with my tanzanian peaberry coffee to lower the caf percentage. Good flavor not bitter

Great product

Great product, great service, and great price

Not disappointed

I have never tried this Ethiopiean coffee, but I wasn't at all disappointed

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