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Papua New Guinea Coffee

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Papua New Guinea Coffee

Premium Single-Origin Papua New Guinea Coffee Beans

Key features of this Papua New Guinea Coffee:

• Single-origin Papua New Guinea coffee beans

• Smooth and well-balanced flavor profile

• Blue Mountain Coffee Arabica variety beans

• Superior coffee production standards

• Sourced from Eastern Highlands estate-grown coffee plants

• Choose from either 16oz or 8oz bag sizes

• Whole bean, ground, French press, and espresso grinds

Delicious High-Grown Papua New Guinea Coffee Beans

Grown at an excess of 5,000 feet, this Papua New Guinea coffee is expertly cultivated in the Western Highlands region of Oceania. With a fragrance reminiscent of papayas and mangos, this Indonesian coffee is slightly sweet yet delicately acidic with a mild-medium body of complex flavors. Its light subtleties pair wonderfully with the balanced flavors to create decadent smoothness in each cup. Known for displaying hints of molasses, tangy grapefruit, and hazelnuts essences, this coffee from Papua New Guinea is exotic and flavorful down to the last drop!

Expert Coffee Production in the Indonesian Eastern Highlands

This delicious Indonesian coffee is cultivated and harvested in the rugged mountains of Papua New Guinea alongside the Wahgi River. Exclusively high-grown, these beans reach maturity among groves of Albizia trees. On just a few lush riverbanks acres, the Albizia trees were first discovered in the 1930s. These trees provide shade and allow the coffee beans to naturally develop nutty fruit-like essences! 

A Close Relation to Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

This species of Papua New Guinea coffee is closely related to the popular variant of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans. Indeed, these beans share many of the same attributes. They are both Arabica Typica variants and have similar distinctive fruit and nut flavors. Moreover, many of the coffee trees grown in Papua New Guinea were originally cultivated from similar species of Blue Mountain Coffee beans!

 Light to Medium Roasted Fresh

We freshly light-medium roast each small batch of Papua New Guinea coffee to produce a smooth-tasting and well-balanced cup with a crisp finish. Try this gourmet coffee for yourself and experience the complex exotic flavors in person!

How does Papua New Guinea grow coffee?

In Papua New Guinea, the majority of coffee is grown in the eastern highlands. Here, Papua New Guinea coffee beans are an important source of trade and economic development. In fact, 70% of the people who live in the area are dependent on subsistence agriculture. Here, Arabica highland (Blue Mountain) coffee beans dominate the industry. Moreover, many gourmet beans are grown on the Papua New Guinea Kimel Coffee plantation. This Guinea Kimel Coffee estate offers a specific Blue Mountain coffee species with robust flavors. At One Great Coffee, our Papua New Guinea coffee is cultivated using superior coffee production processes. Carefully grown from Blue Mountain Papua New Guinea coffee trees, the beans mature along a shaded river bank. The coffee grown here develops naturally fruity and aromatic essences for superiority in every cup!

Order Papua New Guinea Coffee

At One Great Coffee, we sell the finest Papua New Guinea coffee in two bag sizes. You can also choose from options like French press, whole bean, ground, or espresso grinds! Then, we fresh roast and ship your coffee quickly to ensure optimal freshness and flavor in each premium gourmet bag.

Try these superior Papua New Guinea coffee beans expertly cultivated in lush Eastern Highland growing regions!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great Aroma and Flavor

Great Aroma and Flavor

Really good

Really Good

Robert S
Da Best

Dis da best coffee I've tried from them!!!

John Winkler
Cutting Back on Caffeine

I notice that I have been getting light headed from coffee recently, as I believe it is from caffeine.
I have not tried the New Guinea coffee, although I am sure it is very good.
Many years ago back in 1976-1979 I was a mission pilot in PNG. It is a very interesting country and the highlands area is suited to growing good coffee. Most of the area is around 5,000 feet in elevation, similar to Kona coffee in Hawaii!
Stay safe.

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Rich Bold flavored coffee!

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