Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee | Decadent Yirgacheffe Beans

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee

Indulge your senses with pure single-origin fair-trade Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee beans!

Key features of our single-origin Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee:

• Naturally processed single origin fair trade coffee

• Great Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee | Soft Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

• Decadent gourmet yirgacheffe beans from southern Ethiopia

• Fresh medium roast with a light aromatic profile

• Delicate body with creamy flavor notes and floral tones

• Refined with wet processing and table drying

• Available in two fresh bag sizes

• Choose from four custom grind styles

Decadent light-bodied medium roast Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee!

If you've been looking for the perfect gourmet coffee beans to try, this delicious Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee is definitely worth looking into. Our Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee has been carefully grown in a rich southern Ethiopia coffee region. Masterfully cultivated to perfection by single origin fair trade coffee farmers, it is refined using selective wet processing methods. Then, it is dried in the sun of southern Ethiopia. As such, this medium roast coffee is like nothing else on the planet! You'll enjoy decadently light flavor notes with a mildly sweet profile and clean floral after tones! This coffee is ideal for pulling delicious shots of espresso, making cold brew beverages, rich pots of filtered coffee, and more.

Why is Ethiopian coffee so good?

So why is Ethiopian coffee one of the most sought-after brews in the world? Well, gourmet coffee beans from southern Ethiopia are cultivated in a rich coffee region that gets plenty of moisture, shade, and natural nutrients from the soil. Moreover, Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee has a rich legacy that stretches back over 1,200 years!

What is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee?

Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee beans come from the yirgacheffe coffee region of Ethiopia. Since 850 AD, lush coffee trees have been known to grow naturally in the yirgacheffe coffee region. These trees were first discovered when a young goat herder noticed that his goats were more lively than usual. He determined that the liveliness of his goats increased when they consumed green coffee cherries from the local wild coffee trees growing in the Ethiopian yirgacheffe region. So, he decided to give the coffee a try for himself. Realizing that these yirgacheffe beans had delicious flavor notes and provided an amazing source of energy, local farmers began cultivating Ethiopian coffee for themselves!

The Best Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Over the last 1,200 years, the local Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee growth process has been refined and improved to produce immaculate yirgacheffe beans. This Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee has been enjoyed in dark roast, medium roast, and light roast brews. The coffee farmers also discovered that Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee tastes best when preserved using a careful wet processing method. Today, these decadent yirgacheffe beans are still grown in the fertile southern Ethiopia coffee region near Sidama. Here, these single origin gourmet coffee beans effortlessly thrive. This is due to the warm tropical climate, ideal elevations, healthy soils, and thick shady vegetation in the southern Ethiopia area coffee region. Our superior Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee comes from carefully tended coffee trees cultivated by local fair trade farmers.

You support local fair trade yirgacheffe coffee farmers when you buy these single origin beans.

Ethiopia's main export is currently yirgacheffe coffee. In 2008, the Ethiopian government started the fair trade of coffee movement. This led to the coffee region producing some of the highest quality single origin beans in Africa. In fact, most of the citizens in this country work as Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee farmers. Thanks to fair trade, the farmers get the compensation they deserve and in turn produce the best single origin coffee around. So, you can enjoy every fresh cup of our single origin Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee guilt-free with the knowledge that you're supporting fair trade Ethiopian coffee farmers!

These medium roast Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee beans are carefully dried with natural wet processing methods.

For the best flavors, green coffee cherries from Ethiopia must be handled with care. Single origin gourmet coffee beans can be refined using natural or delicate wet processing methods. This method implements green coffee cherries that are carefully processed. The wet processing mill was first introduced in the 1970s. When wet processed, the yirgacheffe green coffee beans are thoroughly washed and then left on rotating raised beds for two to three days. This removes the distinctive green coffee bitterness and acidity while allowing the natural coffee oils and essences to rise to the surface. The resulting yirgacheffe coffee is lighter and more delicate with floral flavor notes and a touch of natural sweetness.

There are many ways to brew and roast Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee beans.

These gourmet coffee beans can be enjoyed in many different ways. This Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee tastes great in many grind styles including french press, espresso, and whole bean. You can also enjoy them in medium roast, light roast, or dark roast brews. With that being said, medium roast Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee beans are by far the most flavorful and decadent option. This is because medium roast Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee beans are perfectly balanced with naturally sweet flavor notes, low acidity, and floral tones. This medium roast Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee makes delightfully refreshing cold brew coffee, lattes, shots of espresso, and more.

What is the best Ethiopian coffee?

Without question, this superior fair trade gourmet medium roast Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee is a delicious option that you will want to try for yourself. Here at One Great Coffee, we offer these delectable gourmet beans in a fresh-to-order medium roast format! Our fresh medium roast method brings out the floral flavor notes and beautifully balanced crema. Our medium roast Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee is ideal for making rich espresso, filtered, or cold brew coffee beverages. Moreover, One Great Coffee offers fresh single origin Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee in two convenient bag sizes! Choose from 16oz or 8oz quantities at unbeatable prices. You can also choose to buy our Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee in either french press, whole, ground, or espresso grinds. 

Try Fair Trade One Great Coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Now!

In conclusion, for fragrant medium roast coffee that has a distinctly exotic flavor, these delicious gourmet yirgacheffe beans are an amazing choice. This Ethiopian coffee is naturally wet-processed and then medium roasted fresh for optimal flavor notes and natural sweetness! Order our gourmet medium roast Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee now and savor the satisfaction personally! 

When you buy freshly roasted fair trade Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee here, you'll be satisfied from your first sip to your last!

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
John W Limbert
Very fresh!

I loved this coffee.

Traci B.
My current daily brew

Right now, I am fresh grinding and brewing these beans into my espresso shots every day and I love the overall flavor. I add a touch of heavy whipping cream and it's really smooth. I love how bright and bold the flavor is - it goes perfect with the cream taste. Also, I am on Keto and I add some coconut MCT oil to my morning coffee. So, it's the perfect bright tangy option for adding in oils and cream. The coffee came really fresh and the beans have a beautiful dark rich color. This is some of the freshest coffee I have ever gotten online for sure. I would recommend this single-origin Ethiopian coffee to anyone seeking super fresh and bold coffee flavors.

Patty Franco
Great cup of Joe


Ronald Wilson
African coffee

Ethiopian Yirgascheffe is normally a great tasting coffee. This was a little weak for my taste. Had a good taste and very light tasting.

Robert Kocak
Good honest coffee

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe blend is a great tasting coffee.Either early morning or later during the day,it is a nice blend and surpasses the other coffees out there that use that name but are questionable,Ilike good rich coffee and am a big fan of African coffees

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