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White Chocolate Mousse Flavored Coffee

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White Chocolate Mousse Flavored Coffee

A Distinctive Combination Of Vanilla Cream and White Chocolate Mousse Flavors In Every Rich Arabica Specialty Sip


• A decadent hand-blended dessert-flavored coffee with sweet creamy notes and low acidity 

• Infused with the flavors of ice cream, vanilla, cocoa, and whipped mousse

• Low in calories and carbohydrates, sugar-free, yet rich in decadent flavor

• Made with 100% Grade One Specialty Arabica Beans 

• Prepared by hand for smooth gourmet coffee flavors

• 8oz or 16oz heat-sealed valve bag sizes available

• Each small batch is roasted fresh to order

• Ground, French press, or whole bean grinds

• Both regular and decaf options are available


Indulge Your Taste Buds with the Scrumptious Taste of White Chocolate Mousse

One of the most decadent flavors of all time, enjoy the blissful taste of smooth white chocolate and hints of vanilla combined with gourmet coffee. If you love white chocolate mochas, this is a great option! Sip on the savory flavors of sweet desserts; this White Chocolate Mousse flavored coffee is reminiscent of your favorite white chocolate cake or truffles. Now that we have blended this special flavor with lightly roasted Arabica coffee, each brew is delightfully rich and creamy. Serve this as a dessert coffee after an evening meal and enjoy the gourmet flavors of a decadent dessert and freshly roasted coffee. Roasted the same day it ships, we know you will enjoy every sip of White Chocolate Mousse flavored coffee! Indeed, the creamy sweet flavors of this unique dessert coffee implement rich double-dutch chocolate flavor and white chocolate mousse essences for superiority like no other.

Choose from Many Grinds and Decaf or Regular Options

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Use this unique dessert coffee in many different ways! We offer this brew in three grinds and in both regular and decaf options. Enjoy this medium-light roast coffee with the rich flavors of milk chocolate and ice cream alone or with your favorite hot pastry. For a delicious treat, top it with whipped cream for the desired gourmet effect similar to white chocolate mochas. No matter how you brew it, you'll have the perfect dessert coffee to serve to your guests or to enjoy by yourself. For the freshest coffee flavor in your cup, we roast and hand-blend the oils and flavoring essences in each small batch of coffee the day we ship your order! 

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Sip on a Delicious White Chocolate Mousse Infusion of Medium Roast Arabica Coffee Beans!

*Allergen notice: This flavored brew may contain nut oils or extracts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
pary davis
Just Delish!

This is one of our favorite coffee! The flavor is rich and flavorful. The smell is wonderful as well.

White chocolate macadamia nut

WOW !! What a pop🎉 to your taste flavor of the white chocolate and macadamia nuts does not let you down, one of the best coffees I have ever tasted, truly it is a fantastic flavor buying it would benefit you

Diane k Vitale
good flavor

very gooed decafe coffee i love the taste of this coffee chocolate mousse

David S
Good Flavor

I'm always looking for new flavors to try, and I have many more to go. I really like this one, and also that I can get it in a decaf. This is one my 9yr old picked out for me.

New Favorite!

This White Chocolate Macadamia Nut is just as good and flavorful as the White Chocolate Mousse. However, want to hear a little secret......I think I like the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut just a little bit more than the other one. It still has that smooth flavor as the mousse but gives you that great nutty flavoring too. I will continue to purchase both but I'll opt for this one as my first choice.

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