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New Orleans Chicory Coffee

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New Orleans Style Chicory Coffee

Distinctive New Orleans Coffee With Chicory: A Medium-Dark French Roasted Chicory Brew


• Fresh medium-dark French roast beans blended with genuine chicory

• The Right Amount of Chicory with Coffee

• Traditional robust full-body with real American chicory root

• A potent Cafe Du Monde Coffee Chicory style beverage to wake you up

• This French Market Coffee has a balanced chocolatey flavor profile

• Chicory serves as a distinctive flavoring agent

• Available in various grinds and sizes

• Choose decaf or regular coffee


Indulge Your Senses with Old-Fashioned French Market Coffee

Have you been looking high and low for a New Orleans coffee with chicory sold online? In this brew, we combine premium Colombian coffee with dark French Roast beans and add a pinch of chicory, a signature flavoring agent with a distinct cocoa-like taste famous in the deep South!

As an inspired Cafe Du Monde-style coffee blend, you will find yourself energized with plenty of caffeine to wake you up in the morning! Medium-dark roasted, this heavily-bodied brew is true to the New Orleans tradition. Use it for cold brews, enjoy it hot with fresh whole milk, or craft Au Lait beverages!

Whether you're craving piping hot or ice-cold coffee, this New Orleans coffee with chicory is bursting with signature chocolatey flavors and an unforgettable aroma. Now, you don't have to travel to the coffee shops or grocery stores of the French Quarter to access premium chicory blends. Simply order your authentic chicory coffee here and craft your own Cafe du Monde with this legendary New Orleans-style brew!


Chicory Root in New Orleans Culture

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The term chicory refers to the roots of the flowering chicory plant. Indeed, the ground root of the cultivated plant species can be found in each cup of our signature chicory coffee! Rich in history and tradition, New Orleans Chicory Coffee is a unique symbol of Southern Bourbon Street culture. The French Quarter is known for elaborate Mardi Gras celebrations and culinary delights! Influenced by French settler coffee made during the region's earlier years and through the Civil War, the residents adopted the use of chicory in their coffee as a way to stretch their coffee rations. At the time, they would implement the use of the wild foliage in equal amounts to their coffee rations, effectively stretching a dozen cans of coffee into two dozen! Surprisingly, these pioneers found that the ground chicory root added body and subtle chocolate flavors. As an end result, when coffee was no longer scarce, they kept using the root for its distinctive flavors and aromatic properties! Although such a potent concentrate was no longer needed, the characteristics chicory offered were still appreciated in a strong medium-dark roast ground Coffee brew. Today, each Coffee Du Monde cup of coffee that contains American chicory root is a true historic treat!

Traditional Signature New Orleans Blend

Did you know coffee originally found its way into America in the mid-1700s in French New Orleans? As migrants from France settled in Louisiana and Mississippi, they began to brew coffee in the then-popular European style! Carefully cultivating beans in Martinique, this New Orleans coffee was an instant success. However, as coffee became scarce in the Civil War, the French had to brew coffee in new ways. In true Cafe Du Monde style, coffee and chicory were combined to enhance the flavor profile and quantity of coffee while also ensuring that it would last longer. This practice added a delightfully rich flavor profile to the French coffee beans. Traditional Cafe Du Monde style New Orleans Chicory Coffee blends allow you to sip on this rich and delicious history for yourself! While old-fashioned and legendary Cafe du Monde blends can be hard to come by, we sell this delicious 19th century inspired Chicory blend right here!


Delectable Flavors and Signature Aromas

Our French Chicory Coffee has a delicately earthy aroma with rich undertones and an incredibly smooth flavor. Although chicory is slightly bitter, it manages to add a chocolatey flavor to dark roast French coffee beans. In fact, it manages to soften and balance the bitter edge of coffee with creamy cocoa undertones! Suffice to say, nothing tastes quite as smooth and distinctive as our delectable Chicory-infused New Orleans Coffee blend.


The Perfect Coffee for Au Lait and Half and Half

If you love the rich and dark flavors of coffee mixed with cream or served Au Lait, then this New Orleans French Chicory blend is a perfect choice. The chicory adds deep and complex flavor notes. Then, the dark French beans are loaded with natural oils and flavors. These flavors will pair wonderfully with heavy cream, milk, or half and half. So, for those looking to brew coffee in Au Lait style, our French Chicory Coffee Beans are a fantastic choice!


Many Cold Brew Coffee Recipe Options

In addition to the warm rich flavors of this coffee in Au Lait beverages, you can also craft many cold brew coffee recipe options with these beans. Due to the strong nature of the cold-brew process, for cold brew coffee, we recommend a French press grind. That way, the oils, and flavors will be easily extracted. However, an espresso grind will also work well for cold-brew coffee. When crafting cold brew coffee, you can prepare regular coffee and pour it over ice with a splash of cream or blend espresso shots with ice frap style. No matter how you craft cold brew coffee or iced coffee, you’re sure to love the rich chicory flavors that shine through in every cup! 


Choose Decaf or Regular Coffee

We understand that caffeine is not always ideal. That’s why we offer this New Orleans Style Chicory Coffee in both regular and decaf format! Enjoy these beans first thing in the morning or make a decaf brew to wind down after a long day. 


Order This Coffee in Two Bag Sizes and Three Grind Styles

Here at One Great Coffee, we sell this earthy and chocolatey New Orleans Style Chicory Coffee in two bag sizes! Pick between 8oz or 16oz quantities. You can also select from different styles of ground or French Press variations! Then, it's up to you whether you're in the mood for a boost of caffeine or a relaxing decaf brew.


Savor the Flavors of Fresh Roasted Columbian Coffee Beans Infused with Genuine Chicory in this Authentic New Orleans Inspired Brew!  


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Customer Reviews

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Alex Dubil
Haven't tried yet

Sadly I am sorry to say I haven't tried this product as of yet. But ohh, I remember the taste of New Orleans.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! We hope you get the chance to try our New Orleans Chicory Coffee soon and relive those delicious memories. Let us know what you think once you've given it a try. Cheers! Mike

Zineta Dizdarevic

I needed chicory ground but I got mixed with regular coffee, it was very good, bur I need just pure ground chicory,

Mike Morris

Absolutely love the coffee. Leaves a great taste on on my pallet. Thanks

Bill Wright
A Little New Orleans

Brought back memories of Bourbon Street. I would have liked a little more chicory but it was great anyway.

Hi Bill,
Thank you so much for your awesome review for the New Orleans Chicory Coffee, it means a lot to us! We will work on the Chicory flavor notes.


Brian M Fuller
Chicory coffee

This is really good.

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