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Kenya AA Coffee Single Serve

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Kenya AA Coffee Single Serve

Experience the Superiority of Delicious High-grown AA Kenyan Coffee in Pods!



*Available in 12pks and 24packs

  • Premium singularly sourced Kenyan coffee
  • High-grown in volcanic loam soil
  • Extremely rich and smooth with low acidity
  • Fruity berry and citrus notes
  • Gentle yet distinctive floral aroma
  • Full-body brew in each freshly prepared single-serve pod
  • Medium roasted fresh to order on the sem day your package ships
  • Coffee pods are compatible with most Keurig and Keurig-type machines*


Experience the Excellence of these Kenyan AA Coffee Pods

This medium-roasted Kenyan coffee is denoted by the grade AA, meaning the beans used are ideal in their size as well as taste. We roast, grind, and freshly pack this coffee in single-serve pods shipped directly on the same day to your front door. With delicate bright acidity and a bold heavy body, Kenya AA coffee is layered with hints of ripe fruitiness, giving it a complex sweetness and an unforgettable aroma. We have it roasted and prepared in single-serve pods for the freshest and best experience in each single-serve cup! 

What does AA mean in coffee terms?

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Grade aa is a coffee-related term that refers to larger-than-usual coffee beans. Often, these beans are not only larger in size but also loaded with flavor. An aa grading will also often be used to evaluate the quality of beans before they are exported. As such, these kenyan aa coffee beans are of higher quality, more flavorful, and sweeter than most other kenyan coffees!

This Kenya aa coffee is masterfully high-grown in rich volcanic loam soil.

It's no secret that high-grown beans are more flavorful than those grown at lower altitudes. These Kenyan coffee beans are carefully cultivated at an altitude of 4,900 to 6,800 ft! Therefore, they naturally grow slowly and have time to develop their complex sugars and distinctive fruity flavors.

Moreover, this Kenyan coffee reaches maturity in rich volcanic loam soil. Since volcanic loam soil resists runoff and drainage, these beans can more easily retain an ideal moisture balance. This increases the mineral, oil, and nutrient content of the beans. Is Kenyan coffee the best? Well, there's no question that it's pretty impressive. Without a doubt, these are some of the finest arabica coffee beans in the world!

What does Kenyan coffee taste like?

If you have been craving naturally sweet and delicious coffee, look no further. In taste, this Kenyan coffee is delightfully rich. in aroma, it's delicate and floral. It also has an extremely smooth texture with a decadent velvety mouthfeel! You will then enjoy hints of ripe berries, creamy undertones, and citrusy mid-notes. This complex profile is nearly impossible to replicate. Plus, our full-body blend is medium-roasted to perfection in small batches!

Green coffee beans prepared to perfection with wet processing.

Green coffee beans must be treated with care from the moment that they are harvested. The AA-grade green coffee cherry preparation process takes years to refine and master!

These large Kenya aa beans are picked when perfectly ripe. Then, each Kenyan coffee cherry is dried and cleaned to preserve the natural aromatic properties and enhance the overall taste.

Wet processing is also used to enhance the natural coffee oils in each coffee cherry. Wet processing involves washing and air drying these coffee beans. As the last step in the process, these kenya aa green coffee beans are roasted fresh, ground, and put in single-serve pods to yield the most delicious cup of coffee possible! Then, they are shipped to you the same day. 

Kenya AA Coffee Pods & More Ready to Brew Made Fresh Just for You

It’s easy to order this premium Kenya aa coffee in pods right here! We offer coffees in many different roast levels so that there is something for every pallet to appreciate.  Each single-serve cup of coffee has a wonderfully bold aroma with signature scent notes so that you can easily brew a delightfully fresh cup of morning bliss. Don't forget to check out our bagged gourmet coffees sourced from all over the world; we have delicious premium flavored blends or single-origin brews that will pique your interest.

Purchase premium Kenyan coffee in pods right here for a superior single-origin AA coffee experience in every single-serve cup!

Customer comment: This stuff is awesome!

I tried Kenya aa as a sample and it was really smooth and pleasant. Next time I needed coffee this is what I ordered and have continued to do so. I switch from time to time because there are many that I like. 

All our One Great Coffee's single-serve coffee pods are compatible with most* Keurig and Keurig-type machines including the Keurig 2.0.

*One Great Coffee's single-serve coffee pods are NOT compatible with the new Keurig K-Supreme brewing system. Please use only with the Keurig Classic or Keurig 2.0 and compatible systems.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

This is a great cup of coffee. It has just the right amount of boldness. Great way to start the day!

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our Kenya AA Coffee Single Serve! We're glad to hear that you enjoyed the boldness of our coffee and that it helped kickstart your day. We appreciate your support and hope to continue providing you with great coffee in the future.

Happy Sipping!

Mary Nawrocki

I use to purchase Kenya AA from a coffee roastery but unfortunately the roastery relocated out of the area. So I was thrilled when I found this site.
The Kenya AA I purchased from this site was very disappointing. It is very weak and does not have the strong taste of such a wonderful coffee.
I also purchased the Brazilian coffee and was very disappointed with that.
Maybe I should have ordered the grind instead of the K cups.

melinda jentsch
Good on the go

Nice cup of coffee if you use kurig type machines

Full Flavor

Full of flavor but smooth.

The best yet!

The best one I've tried yet!

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