Frangelica Cream Coffee | Note of Smooth Frangelica Liqueur

Frangelica Cream Flavored Coffee

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Frangelica Cream Flavored Coffee

Fresh Arabica Coffee Infused with Essences of Genuine Frangelica Liqueur



• Delight your senses with the complex and creamy flavor of this Frangelica Cream coffee

• In every batch, the highest quality flavoring oils are hand-blended with care

• A sweet Frangelica-like aroma with a delightful mix of flavor to tantalize your taste buds

• Each small batch is roasted fresh to order just before shipping 

• Low in calories and carbohydrates, rich in antioxidants and flavor

• Made with the 100% Grade One Arabica Coffee Beans

• Choose from regular or decaf options for any time of the day 

• Available in either 8 oz sample size 16 oz full-size options

• French press, standard ground, or whole bean grind styles 

• A heat-sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee possible

• Our Frangelica coffee is a lavish little treat that will make your early morning brew a pleasure


A Rich Frangelica Coffee That’s Deliciously Fragrant and Sweet Complexity

Tired of your old caffeine routine? Take your senses on a journey of decadent coffee flavor! Enjoy a great Frangelica Coffee taste in every decadent sip! Our Frangelica Cream flavored coffee is a profusion of intense flavors of toasted wild hazelnut, vanilla, and cacao sweetened with sugar and cream with a splash of alcohol flavoring and various Italian liqueur spices. All these flavors are then intermingled with our 100% Arabica premium coffee. The compelling aroma of this coffee will immerse you in an exotic and complex fragrance experience.


Delight Your Senses with Signature Italian Liqueur Flavors 

Frangelica is a liqueur that originated in Canale, Italy. The name of this drink comes from a legend about a hermit monk. He was known to have had a love for nature and thus combined wild hazelnuts and the infusion of vanilla berries, cocoa, and sweet orange flowers to create an enchanting liqueur. Frangelica is usually aged in oak to obtain an even more complex flavor and to develop its final golden color. Now, the essence of this delightful Frangelica liqueur is captured in one of our most entrancing coffee blends. Enjoy!


We Offer More than 130 Premium Coffee Flavors

If you have been looking for the perfect way to tantalize your taste buds or simply want a coffee retailer with a lot of intense flavors to choose from, look no further! With over 130 amazing coffee options to choose from, there is something for everyone’s daily grind! For instance, if you love chocolate flavors, check out our 40+ Chocolate Coffee flavors! Or, try any of our Caramel infused smooth gourmet coffee flavors! We also offer a delicious Bourbon Whiskey brew. No matter what you have been craving, we probably have the perfect brew for you! After all, life is too short to drink bad coffee. Instead, treat yourself and ensnare your senses every day! At One Great Coffee, we work hard to offer some of the most delicious and indulgent fresh coffees around. 

Delight Your Taste Buds with the Signature Flavors of Frangelica Liqueur in Every Rich Sip of This Coffee!


*Allergen notice: These flavored coffee beans may contain nut oils or extracts.

** This is a Non-alcoholic Frangelica Cream Coffee made with flavoring oils, extracts, spices, and fresh Grade One Arabica coffee beans 

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Patricia K
What’s not to Like

Hawaiian coffee and Hazelnut together is like a marriage made in heaven. Great aroma and taste. I have many different flavored coffees but this is one of my better selections.

R. Moore
Smells like the Holidays

Great tasting/smelling coffee! Just brew one pot of this coffee and your home will be filled with a smell of the holidays. It’s so great it’s almost addictive. One Great Coffee is one great company too! After getting half way through my 2nd of the original 3 lbs I initially purchased, I ordered 2 more lbs. can’t wait to review the Almond Toffee Crunch and the Irish Cream that are due to arrive in 2 more days. I fear I may not be able to go back to plain coffee given the quality and selection available through One Great Coffee.

Doreen G

I love the flavor. This I order regularly.

kris brooks

Has to be my favorite coffee EVER (banana hazelnut)

Stacey Smith

Just bought an electric coffee grinder for this coffee and I'm in heaven. Great aroma ams so smooth.

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