Espresso Verdi Coffee | Intensely Bold Flavor 8oz-16oz

Espresso Verdi

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Espresso Verdi

A Delightful Espresso Coffee With Intensely Bold Flavors


• Perfect for decadent espresso shots

• Rich and intensely bold flavors

• Heavy body, silky mouthfeel

• True Seattle-style coffee taste

• Choose from 16oz or 8oz bag sizes

• Freshly roasted in small batches

 • Available in either French press, drip grind, whole bean, or espresso grind options

Delicious Fresh Roasted Espresso Verdi Coffee

Have you been looking for the perfect espresso for cappuccinos and lattes? Look no further than this Espresso Verdi coffee! Indeed, with this "Seattle-style" roast, you can easily get more out of every espresso shot. This coffee is known for its intense flavors and heavy bold body. As such, our Espresso Verdi coffee is perfect for pulling rich and creamy shots of Espresso with intensely bold flavor notes. Not only does it come in espresso grind styles, but you can also get this coffee in either ground, whole bean, and french press mediums! You'll love the rich crema and velvet-smooth mouthfeel as well. It's Bellissimo!


A Seattle Style Roast with Rich Bold Flavors

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Espresso Verdi is easily one of the best coffees for making espresso with that "Seattle style" flavor. As such, it is often referred to as a "Seattle style roast". This coffee offers a very distinguished and intensely bold flavor profile that is held in high regard with coffee aficionados.


Order This Bold Coffee in An Array of Grind Styles

At One Great Coffee, we offer this delicious coffee in a range of grind styles. For those who would prefer to use their espresso beans in either cold brew or drip grind styles, we offer French press and standard ground variants. The French press grind makes an amazing cold brew! However, drip grind coffee isn't always strong enough for espresso lovers. That's why we offer both whole bean and espresso grind options. Remember, for a traditional and exceptional shot of creamy espresso, these beans should be ground immediately prior to use. This allows for the freshest flavors, aromas, and most decadent oil presentation. Plus, you can pull creamier espresso shots! With that in mind, our fine pre-ground espresso variant is great for those who don't feel like grinding their beans every time. Since we ship our gourmet coffee right away, you'll enjoy exceptional quality and flavor in every sip no matter what grind you choose! For your convenience, we also sell this brew in 16oz and 8oz quantities in either regular and decaf styles. Order today to experience the superiority in person!

Enjoy Rich Bold Smoothness with Decadent Undertones and Seattle Coffee Flavor Notes!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Karen OBrien
Pleasant surprise

The simple name made me unsure, but wanted to try it. Well it was a pleasant surprise. The description is dead on and I really enjoyed this product so much so that I am trying others.

Ms. Flis
Still a favorite!

I keep coming back to this espresso because it's just so good!

Super good espresso coffee

My fiance was using this coffee to make lattes at home. Well, she made me this iced coffee drink, and It kind of ruined all other iced lattes for me. Now, it's pretty much the only coffee I like. This coffee is incredibly smooth with a golden red color to the foam. It's not bitter like other kinds of espresso and it just tastes really awesome. Definitely the best espresso beans in my opinion.

Thank you so much for your kind words for our Espresso Gold!


Lucy M

This is a very delightful espresso coffee.


Excellent Coffee and Service

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