World Tour Blend Coffee, Wonderfully Balanced Blend 8oz 16oz

Connoisseur Estate Blend Coffee

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Connoisseur Estate Blend Coffee

Enjoy an Undeniably Distinctive Cup of Full Bodied Connoisseur Estate Blend Coffee


• Crafted by professional Roastmasters

• Freshly roasted for each order

• Premium African and Indonesian coffee beans

• Choose from various regular or decaf coffee options

• Each cup offers full bodied flavors with a smooth finish

• Breath in a rich lingering coffee aroma

• Available in fresh 8 or 16-ounce bag sizes

• Whole bean, ground, French press, and espresso grinds are available

• This wonderfully balanced blend brews a delicious cup every time

Full Bodied Connoisseur Estate Blend Coffee

Expertly crafted by true coffee aficionados, this delightful and full bodied Connoisseur Estate Blend coffee is a lovely choice for those with selective tastes. The coffee beans in this blend are sourced responsibly from high-quality estate plantations located in two of the world's leading coffee production regions! Then, each smoothly balanced blend of full flavored coffee has been masterfully refined and prepared freshly by our professional Roastmasters. Therefore, in each undeniably distinctive cup, you will detect rich full bodied flavor notes with just the right amount of acidity. Moreover, this Connoisseur Estate Blend coffee features uniquely smooth undertones and a bright enticing aroma! Awaken your senses and delight your palate! This wonderfully balanced blend brews the perfect cup or shot of espresso time and time again.

Wonderfully Balanced Blend or African and Indonesian Coffee Beans

Our Connoisseur Estate blend coffee is made using a signature blend of African and Indonesian coffee beans. These coffee beans combine to create a smoothly balanced blend that will tantalize your taste buds! Full flavored coffee from Indonesia is known for showcasing a bright, smooth, and rich taste. Then, hearty full bodied African coffee beans are added to the mix. The result is a wonderfully balanced blend with delightfully distinctive flavors and a signature aroma!

This Balanced Blend Brews An Undeniably Distinctive Cup Every Time

From your first sip to the last drop, this is an undeniably distinctive cup of full flavored coffee. This smoothly balanced blend brews delightful drip coffee, espresso decaf coffee, full flavored espresso shots, and French press beverages! It can easily be used for cold brew drinks as well. That's why we offer it in four grind styles and both decaf and regular variations! For cold brew coffee, we recommend a coarse French press grind. For espresso shots, our regular or espresso decaf grinds are ideal. Then, for drip coffee, our fresh ground style is great. However, for the most undeniably distinctive cup of joe, we recommend this Connoisseur Estate Blend coffee in whole bean format. With freshly ground coffee beans, you will get a taste of some of the smoothest full flavored coffee around!

Choose from Regular or Decaf Connoisseur Estate Blend Coffee

We offer this coffee in a Regular or Decaf Connoisseur Estate blend. Our Decaf Connoisseur Estate blend coffee has the same rich full bodied flavor as our Regular blend but without all of the caffeine. You can also brew espresso decaf coffee with our whole bean or decaf espresso grinds! That way, there's something for every coffee connoisseur to crave.

Order Fresh Roasted Full Bodied Connoisseur Estate Blend Coffee Here

Freshly roasted when you place your order, this wonderfully balanced blend brews the perfect cup of Joe every time! Choose from four grind styles and two freshly roasted valve sealed bag sizes. We offer this is a compelling yet smoothly balanced blend in 16oz and 8oz bags. You can also choose from regular whole bean, decaf whole bean, regular ground, decaf ground, regular French press, decaf French press, regular espresso, or espresso decaf coffee! Truly, there's something for every coffee connoisseur to crave. Try it today and delight your senses!

True Coffee Aficionados Will Love the Taste of This Smooth and Wonderfully Balanced Blend!

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Traci Bennett
A bold and creamy coffee

These gourmet coffee beans have almost no bitterness but still somehow manage to have creamy flavors - it is amazing! I use these beans to pull espresso shots. I gave a bag to my father-in-law for fathers day and he went through the whole thing in a week! He described this coffee as being really smooth and it didn't give him heartburn. I agree, it is super smooth and somehow more refreshing than most other coffee. The coffee beans came fresh with a great smell and a lovely color. Very impressed.

Kenneth Lingenfelter
Another great coffee blend

This coffee has a great flavor. The coffee is very fresh. When I opened to package, you can smell the wonderful flavor.

Cecile Zwanziger
Great dark coffee

The After Dinner blend coffee is very very good!

Hi Cecile
Thanks so much for your kind review! Our After Dinner blend is becoming a customer favorite!

Bill Wright
Real French Roast

This is probably the French roast that other brands are trying to imitate. If you like to taste your coffee, this is it. I would call it a medium roast leaning toward dark. Great stuff!

Bill Wright
Freshest Coffee Ever

This has got to be the freshest coffee I have ever had. As soon as you open it, the aroma fills the room. I have tried other breakfast blends but this is my go to from now on.

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