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Clove Flavored Tea

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Clove Flavored Tea

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About This Gourmet Flavored Tea:

  • Made with premium clove and spiced essences
  • A great breakfast or after-dinner option
  • Rich taste with smooth bright clove flavor nuances
  • Loaded with nutrients and antioxidants
  • Shipped fast for ideal freshness in every bag
  • Choose from two sizes
  • Clove can support function in various bodily systems
  • A high-quality option for any gourmet tea lover
  • Soothing aromatic tea

Some of the Best Loose Leaf Tea for Those who Enjoy Cloves

Found in herbal shops around the world and sold as aromatherapy, clove-flavored tea is sure to arouse your senses. This tea is free of harmful additives or artificial flavors. Instead, it uses Ayurvedic warming spices and cloves for the perfect amount of hot spice. Easily one of the best loose leaf teas around, it makes a wonderful choice for the holiday season as well. 

Indulge your senses or improve your overall health. People have been adding a tablespoon of whole cloves to pots of black tea for centuries. Now, you can easily have the perfect tea by simply adding a cup of water. For added health benefits, place ginger in with the loose-leaf tea before adding a cup of water! No matter how you enjoy this tea, know that cloves have a long history of use in the health and aromatherapy worlds. To be sure, each warmed pot is sure to please your senses.

Clove's distinctive sweet and spicy aroma graces the black Chinese tea perfectly. Rich and flavorful, the bold clove aroma will naturally encourage you to take some deep breaths while sipping your tea. Clove is a scent popular all around the world and our collection of flavored teas wouldn’t be complete without it.

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We invite you to check out many different varieties of tea, fit for even the most selective tea drinkers! Whether you want that sweet black currant taste, luxury black tea, the essence of fresh blackberries, or something else, we are always updating our inventory. So, keep checking back! With fresh tea and the finest gourmet ingredients in every bag, you can wake up or wind down knowing that you are sipping on excellence. We have the ideal fine cup of tea for anyone with many caffeine content levels. Browse our vast tea selection to find the tea that is perfect for you! Make sure to take advantage of the money-saving opportunity with our wholesale-sized 2lb bags! Same quality for a fraction of the cost, one cup and you're going to wish you had more!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Larry Y.
Love This Flavor

I discovered this flavor many years ago and plan on drinking it for a long time to come. One of my special treats when it's turn comes up on my tea rotation!

Robert R.
got this + 2 other teas blended them all together for a excellent hot drink

told my Mom about your site & she went nuts with the selections of teas & coffees

Clear W.

This tea is perfect. It is just as potent as I would want it to be, and it is so very tasty.

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