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Cinnamon Viennese Flavored Coffee

Flavor Notes: Gourmet Cinnamon Powder; Cinnamon Oil

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Cinnamon Viennese Flavored Coffee

Fine Coffee With The Gourmet Cinnamon Powder And Authentic Cinnamon Oil 


• This brew implements a special blend of fine spices

• Crafted by hand to represent the taste of true Viennese coffee culture

• Incredibly rich and bold coffee flavor with signature spices in every sip 

• Our delicious flavored coffee creates a cozy atmosphere

• Each small batch is roasted fresh to order before shipping 

• Satisfy your sweet tooth with a low-calorie cup of rich flavorful coffee 

• Made with the 100% Grade One High-Quality Arabica Beans

• Choose from regular or decaf options for any time of the day 

• Available in 8 oz full-size 16 oz heat-sealed valve bag sizes

• Grind styles include either ground, French press, or whole bean

 • A heat-sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee

A Decadent Cinnamon Coffee Brew Made with Premium Ingredients 

This flavored coffee is a Viennese specialty! We recreated the full-bodied flavors of darkly roasted Viennese coffee, except we have removed the bitterness. With flavors of rich chocolate, cream, and cinnamon stick pieces, this flavored coffee has a special taste reminiscent of Viennese coffee. Enjoy the savory flavor of this coffee on a lazy day. With this brew, it is easy to imagine yourself relaxing in an outdoor café but with the exception of larger furniture and the comfortable atmosphere of your own living room! The rich cinnamon essences are sure to make you feel pampered. After all, the sweet spiciness of the cinnamon oils we use pair beautifully with the rich natural nuances found in decadent Arabica beans. Treat yourself on the weekends, during busy weekdays, or any time!

Delicious Coffee Fresh Roasted to Order

Not only are our premium coffee blends made with the highest quality Arabica coffee beans around, but we also freshly roast this cinnamon coffee in small batches on the day your order ships. In addition to this, we offer a quality coffee option for every coffee lover. For those who prefer whole bean coffee, simply select the whole bean option! We also offer this coffee in either ground or French Press variations. Furthermore, you can choose from regular or decaf coffees! That way, no matter what you're in the mood for, you can find your exact style of high-quality flavored coffee. 

We Have Over 130 Signature Gourmet Flavored Coffees to Choose From

Here at One Great Coffee, we have something for everyone to love! Delight your senses with the flavors found in any of our 15+ Cinnamon Coffee options. If you're in the mood for cinnamon sugar cookies, you may also want to try our top-rated Cookiedoodle Coffee! No matter what you've been looking for, we probably have something that's right up your alley. So, don't settle for less. After all, life is too short to drink subpar coffee. Since we are always offering new flavors, keep checking back to find Exciting News about our latest brews! Experience the quality and superiority of our delicious fresh roasted coffee in the first person! 

Transport Your Senses To A Viennese Outdoor Outdoor Café While Still Enjoying The Comforts Of Home With Rich Cinnamon Coffee Flavors!


*Allergen notice: These flavored coffee beans may contain nut oils or extracts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
James Skinner
Nice Blueberry flavor

Nice Blueberry flavor, would definitely buy again.

richard gudgel
Very very good mix of flavors

This is an exceptional flavored coffee. The mix of cinnamon and sweet potato works great. Highly recommended!

micheal pasko
blue beery cinnamon

great smell and taste .

Amy Lambert
Sweet potato coffee!

I had to try this...who ever thought to combine these tastes in coffee was brilliant.

We drink coffee all day and this flavor on ice is yummy.

V Aversano
Great flavor

We ordered last year and fell in love with this flavor. We want to keep some on hand all year.

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