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Caramel Honey Flavored Coffee

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Caramel Honey Flavored Coffee

Pure Arabica Beans with Honey Butter Cream Flavors 


• Made with 100% Grade One Specialty Arabica Coffee Beans 

• A unique and premium coffee experience in every bag 

• Each batch of beans is prepared by our gourmet roasting experts

• Incredibly rich and mouth-watering brown sugar and sweet cream aroma

• Choose from regular or decaf coffee options 

• Comes in an 8 oz or full-size 16 oz sized fresh sealed valve bag

• Grind styles include either ground, French press, or whole bean 

• Authentic honey, artisan oils, and extracts are blended into each small batch by hand 

•Each 2-calorie cup of Caramel Honey coffee is rich in flavor

• A great choice for black coffee drinkers or those who enjoy a splash of cream 

 • This coffee features undertones of natural honey with buttery caramel cream 

Naturally Sweet and Savory Caramel and Honey Essences

This honey caramel flavor is a scrumptiously sweet brew. The irresistible taste of caramel is believed to have originally been made of honey, fruit, and nuts by the Chinese and Arabs. Pleasantly sweet, silky caramel combined with just the syrupy aroma of Vermont maple makes for a mouth-watering cup of coffee.

Delight Your Senses with Sweet Honey Butter Cream Essences

With a rich scent and indulgent nuances of honey, cream, and butter, this medium roast caramel coffee is a wonderful choice for anyone’s morning caffeine routine! Imagine rich praline flavors with a drizzle of fresh organic honey! That's what this brew is like. Whether you enjoy black coffee, hot creamy coffee with half and half, or delicious iced coffee, this is an awesome brew to try! In fact, black coffee enthusiasts will love how creamy this brew naturally is! Really, for daily black coffee drinkers, this is one of the best brews around. However, if you prefer to dilute your black coffee with whole milk, almond milk, or half and half, this brew becomes a decadent delight! All kinds of added cream work to naturally enhance the honey taste in this creamy brew. Moreover, with pure Arabica coffee beans, you will enjoy superiority down to the last drop! 


A Buttery Rich Brew with Just the Right Amount of Vermont Maple Flavored Honey 

Mild flavored Vermont honey is mainly produced from wildflowers along with the help of Vermont Bees. Now you can savor that same sweetness with our Caramel Honey flavored coffee. Nothing pleases your senses more than the warm cozy taste of candied flavored caramel with a touch of honey. Perfect for any time of the day or night. A heat-sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee which will be fresh roasted the day it ships. Enjoy your caramel honey break every day!

There's Always Something to Love From One Great Coffee

Whether you're a new customer or have come back for more, you'll always find delicious flavors here at One Great Coffee! We treat each new customer and returning coffee enthusiast with the same excellent service and care. If you enjoy the flavorful taste of this gourmet flavor, we have many other delicious honey caramel flavor profiles to try! First of all, we have a Honey Nut Praline coffee with a rich honey caramel flavor! We also offer a delicious Caramel Pecan Roll dessert blend. With over 130 coffee flavors to check out, it’s easy to find something to suit any sweet tooth! 


Get Sweet Satisfaction Down to The Last Drop with Creamy Caramel and Rich Vermont Wildflower Honey Essences in Every Cup! 


*Allergen notice: These flavored coffee beans may contain nut oils or extracts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
The best!

For me the salted caramel is tops. It also gives a great aroma that I can smell on the second floor.

Lori Cree
Great Flavor

We have been looking for a salty carmel flavor we like and this was really good. We found our new salty carmel.


I love anything with caramel and the salted caramel satisfies my cravings with no calories

This coffee is so good...

I am willing to pay the cost to ship it!
I have been brewing it in my French press, chill it, and enjoy it cold, since the summer has been so hot. As a special treat, I add whipped cream and caramel syrup drizzle. It is delicious hot as well!

Caramel Honey

So tasty! Two of my favorite notes. I love this with French vanilla creamer!

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