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Burundi AA Single Serve

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Burundi AA Kirimiro Coffee in Single-Serve Pods

Freshly Roasted Gourmet Coffee With Spiced Clove Flavors and a Nutty Finish in Single Serve Coffee Pods



*Available in 12pks and 24packs

• One of the finest high-altitude Burundi coffees around

• A medium-light roasted gourmet coffee prepared fresh the day you order

• Flavors of spiced clove with a sweet nutty finish in every sip

• Responsibly sourced from a tiny country surrounded by rolling hills 

• Here, coffee is a primary cash crop of locals that supports farmers

• Arabica coffee grown using sustainable mountain agriculture methods 

 • Works with most K-cup coffee brewers including Keurig 2.0 machines

• A smooth cup of coffee with rich undertones from every pod


Premium Freshly Roasted Gourmet Burundi AA Grade Gourmet Coffee 

Travel the wide world of gourmet coffee one sip at a time! If you have been searching for a superior medium-light roasted gourmet brew, look no further than this Burundi AA Kirimiro Coffee. This is the ideal choice for those seeking an exotic coffee experience. As one of the finest high-altitude Burundi coffees around, each cup displays hints of bright spiced clove and a sweet finish. Also called the "Land of a Thousand Hills," this brew is sourced from a tiny country surrounded by Tanzania, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Here, coffee is a primary cash crop and the farmers have mastered the art of sustainable mountain agriculture. These farmers understand and respect the delicate balance of their environment and only grow the finest Arabica coffee. With a heavy mouthfeel, flavors of lemon, nutty nuances, and delicate hints of spiced clove, this medium-light roasted gourmet coffee is something you've never tried before! We know you'll love it as soon as you take that very first sip. 


A Range of Premium Fresh-Roasted Gourmet Single-Serve Pods to Choose From

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At One Great Coffee, we sell a wonderful variety of gourmet single-origin brews! In fact, we have one of the widest online gourmet coffee shop selections around! With superior customer service and a range of flavors to choose from, we're sure that you can find the perfect gourmet coffee or flavored brew for you! Single-serve pod options include Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee, Colombia Supremo La Valle Verde Coffee, Panama Bouquet Coffee, and more! Or, you can browse through over 130 flavored brews! Our new line of Single Serve coffees can be used in any Keurig coffee maker or K-cup-friendly brewing machine. Imagine, your favorite One Great Coffee's single-serve coffees freshly roasted to order and packed in convenient single-serve coffee pods! Just like all our coffee, we roast and grind your coffees and fill the single-serve pods the same day we ship them so you are guaranteed to have the freshest coffee possible. So, you can taste every delectable gourmet note effortlessly with minimal prep time! 


Enjoy Signature Clove Notes, Lemon Nuances, and Rich Nutty Tones in Each Cup of Signature Burundi AA Kirimiro Coffee! 


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Steven Thomas
Burundi AA Single Serve, 12PK

Great fruity finish. I would definitely try this again.

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