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Brazil Cerrado Coffee

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Brazil Cerrado Coffee

Enjoy pure Single-Origin Brazil Cerrado coffee beans!

Key aspects of this Brazilian coffee:

  • Premium single-origin Brazil Santos coffee
  • Sourced responsibility from the Cerrado region of Brazil
  • Harvested and freshly from 850-meter elevation growing areas and roasted in small batches
  • Processed consistently for dependably good yields 
  • Brazilian coffee with a good body and a creamy mouthfeel, nutty or caramel nuances
  • Available in whole, ground, and french press variants
  • Choose from 16oz or 8oz bag sizes

About This Pure Brazil Cerrado Gourmet Coffee

These Brazilian coffee beans are perfect for people who want clean, bold, full-bodied coffee with a creamy mouthfeel. Acquired from areas near the Santana Estate in the Cerrado region of Brazil, this coffee features earthy undertones and hints of chocolate. It does not linger on the palette unnecessarily. Instead, this brewed coffee produces a medium-body taste with a smooth finish and balanced flavor notes for a delicious effect. The well-balanced flavor can produce an enjoyable cup with delicately caramelly nuances and slightly nutty tones. Some also describe this coffee as a little bit chocolatey or malty, depending on the roast. The coffee-growing elevations in the Cerrado region of Brazil are about 850 meters high in elevation. In these large, flat, elevated growing areas, consistent coffee is produced in considerable quantities and harvested mechanically. As such, the consistency of the beans tends to be dependable for the same balanced acidity and creamy mouthfeel in every batch exported. 


The Ideal Environment to Grow Brazilian Coffee

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The humid climate of the Cerrado region in Brazil is a wonderful place to grow delicious and well-balanced coffee. Indeed, Brazil is one of the highest coffee-producing countries in the world. Despite the large amount of coffee that is produced in Brazil, more than 70% of the coffee farms here are less than 10 acres. Each farm or coffee plantation utilizes the harvesting processes needed to ensure the best yields. With that being said, all Brazilian coffee farms conform to the same coffee standards to ensure a high-quality product.


Mechanical Coffee Harvesting

Coffee can be harvested in many different ways. This Brazilian Cerrado coffee is usually mechanically harvested due to the relatively flat topography found in the Cerrado region. Mechanical harvesting helps to improve the quality and consistency of coffee beans and allows coffee farmers to harvest large quantities all at once. Coffee producers must begin their coffee bean harvests at the optimal pick times. Generally, coffee beans do not all ripen at once. Different coffee fruits tend to ripen over the course of one to four months. Because of this, coffee farmers must carefully time and schedule when mechanical harvesting will take place. Then, the harvested Cerrado coffee beans are inspected for consistency, quality, size, etc. 


Choose from Many Bag Sizes and Grind Styles

At One Great Coffee, our Brazilian Cerrado coffee comes in various whole-bean, ground, and French press variations. So, you can choose the coffee ground or bean style that suits your brewing needs! Plus, we freshly roast this Brazilian gourmet coffee in small batches on the day it ships to you. Fresh roasting allows each batch of beans to achieve an even more balanced consistency! It also means that you'll get only the best fresh gourmet beans delivered to you.


Indulge In the Nutty and Caramel Tones of Pure Brazil Cerrado Gourmet Coffee Beans or Grounds!


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Richard Moore
As awesome as the description states!

As advertised: this coffee rocks! Unbelievable flavor, I read the description and thought no way, but it’s true! Chocolatey and nutty! This is easily one of my favorites. Love it! Best French press coffee I’ve ever had.

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