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Blueberry Cream Flavored Coffee

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Blueberry Cream Flavored Coffee

The Full Flavor Aroma Of Our Regular Coffees Is Enhanced With Vanilla Cream and Tangy Blueberries



  • Incredibly creamy and mouth-watering blueberry aroma 
  • Perfect for fans of blueberry waffles, crepes, or pancakes 
  • Made with 100% Grade One Specialty Arabica Beans 
  • Each small batch is roasted and infused fresh to order
  • Hand-blended with the finest coffee flavorings and blueberry essences
  • Low in calories and carbohydrates, rich in antioxidants 
  • Choose from regular or decaf Decaf Blueberry Cream coffee
  • Available in 8oz sample size or full-size 16oz vacuum sealed bags
  • Grind styles include either ground, French press, whole bean
  • One of our most popular flavored coffees 


It's Like Sweet, Gourmet Sunday Brunch in Your Coffee Cup!

If you have ever enjoyed a gourmet breakfast with crepes, berry syrup, and a dollop of whipped cream, you will appreciate the fine flavor of this Blueberry Cream coffee! It is reminiscent of a mountain summer breakfast at a fine cabin retreat. The blueberry flavors are mildly syrupy with sweet notes and a smooth finish! It's like having your favorite Sunday breakfast in a cup. Crepe, pancake, french toast, and waffle lovers who like using a range of gourmet syrups are going to love this special flavor.


Tangy Sweet and Smooth Blueberry Cream Coffee

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Have you been looking for a delicious Arabica brew to try? Add the taste of Summertime to your cup with the tangy-sweet flavor combination of blueberry essences and silky cream! Indeed, this enticing coffee blend is a delightfully fresh and sweet treat! As a matter of fact, this is one of our most popular coffees around! Inhale the mingled aromas of high-quality Arabica beans, old-fashioned vanilla cream, and fresh North Carolina mountain blueberries! By the time your pot is finished brewing, the smell of ripe blueberries will be wafting through your kitchen to tantalize your taste buds and make your mouth water. The tangy-sweet flavor combination of blueberries and cream will transport you to a place of calm tranquility. We compliment the finest high-grown Arabica coffee with the essence of wild blueberries and cream for a smooth silky flavor that is sure to please your senses. Crafted by experts using an artesian roast color meter, we then flavor the beans while they are still warm. It’s difficult to think of a more delectable springtime dessert coffee! You will not be disappointed by the sweet smooth flavor of this gourmet berry brew.


Premium Arabica Beans Enhance The Coffee's Flavor Profile

Growing coffee plants at high altitudes will cause development to slow down, resulting in ample time for the nuanced flavors of the coffee cherries to develop. For this reason, we choose only the finest quality, high-grown Arabica beans for our coffee brews. We want every cup of coffee to be a delight for the senses! Arabica beans are naturally sweet with hints of berry, which makes them the perfect coffee to enhance with the essence of fresh blueberries. It's a perfect flavored coffee with a lush, rich taste that is further enhanced by an infusion of creamy vanilla extracts and ripe mountain blueberries. Arabica coffee is highly prized for its robust taste and is considered one of the finest coffee choices around!


Choose from Regular or Decaf Blueberry Cream Coffee Options 

Fresh and sweet, this creamy blueberry coffee is the perfect treat for any time of day. Brew a cup first thing in the morning for a little spring in your step all day. Serve at brunch to the delight of your guests, or enjoy Decaf Blueberry Cream brews in the evening as an after-dinner treat. This creamy coffee blend is delectable enough to stand on its own and smooth enough to be the perfect complement to another dessert! It goes wonderfully with muffins, coffee cake, and more! This specialty blend is sure to become an instant favorite around your table. Plus, every bag is roasted fresh to order. In small batches, we roast each coffee order to keep the flavors consistent and smooth. We want the second bag of Blueberry Cream coffee you crack open to be just as wonderful as the first. And we want the fifteenth bag to be just as good too. Now in only the time it takes to 

Try Our Other Premium Arabica Blueberry Coffee Flavors

If you love the essence of wild blueberries, we have many other new flavors that you are sure to love as well! Simply check out our Blueberry Flavored Coffee Section! Our gourmet-flavored coffee uses only the highest quality coffee bean batches. In every brew, you will enjoy the best cup of coffee possible! We then compliment each brew with premium flavoring oils and blueberry essence for a smooth silky flavor that is sure to please your senses. What a great way to start or end the day!


Dive Into A Refreshing Pool Of Sweet Cream With Fresh Arabica Goodness And Tangy Tart Blueberry Essences! It's Like a Gourmet Breakfast on a Slow Sunday Morning. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Ron Sheppard

Great flavor

Melissa Mendolia
Blueberry here you are

Yes I love the flavored blueberry cream it not over powering but just the right amount of flavor and no artificial loves it!

Melissa Mendolia

Loved the blueberry coffee this has a nice flavor of blueberry and I like it in bean form because it has a different taste then ground.

Smells like fresh blueberries

Smells like fresh blueberries. Smooth to taste. We had a party and people were amazed how good it smelled.

Like grandma used to make

Blueberry Cream coffee is very aromatic and flavorful. Worth a regular rotation in the coffee lineup over time.

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