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Black Velvet Cognac Flavored Coffee

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Black Velvet Cognac Flavored Coffee

Chocolatey Cognac Coffee With a Nutty Distinct Flavor 


• A delicious coffee roast with hand-blended flavors of rich chocolate cognac

• Made with 100% Grade One Specialty Arabica Coffee Beans 

• Each small batch is roasted fresh to order

• Real extracts and premium flavoring oils used 

• The freshest coffee roasted by artesian experts 

• Incredibly rich and mouth-watering aroma 

• Low in calories and carbohydrates, rich in antioxidants 

• Choose from regular or decaf options 

• Available in 8oz sample size or full-size 16oz heat-sealed valve bag

• Grind styles include either ground, French press, or whole bean

• We specialize in unique coffee flavors and offer over 130 flavored coffees


Delight Your Senses With Some of the Best Tasting Cognac Coffee with Black Velvet Chocolate Notes

If you have been looking for some of the best tasting coffee to wake up with every morning, this delicious brew is sure to make you grin! After all, nothing can compare to the specific wine-like cognac flavor and chocolatey notes of Black Velvet. When you open each freshly hand-blended sealed valve bag, you will detect nutty aromas and the scent of genuine brandy! Indeed, this exclusive kind of brandy makes for a great coffee with the best chocolate flavor tones. When you place your order, we prepare each small batch the day of shipping for the freshest roast possible. Black Velvet Cognac flavored coffee represents a strong, balanced union between coffee and flavor. We infuse only the finest coffee beans to make sure that each cup is extraordinary. Try some today! This is a non-alcoholic flavored coffee.


An Exclusive Blend of Quality Cognac Black Velvet Whiskey Flavors 

The taste of this treasured and timeless after-dinner liqueur is now combined with an essence of chocolate to bring you our select Black Velvet Cognac flavored coffee. Cognac has a very distinctive taste and is often imitated, but never duplicated. Europe now protects the integrity of its Cognac with an origin appellation. That means that the product is certified to possess certain qualities from the geographical location of its origin. There is a certain set of standards that must be met to ensure high-quality taste. Cognac must be produced from specific grapes and processed in a definitive way to carry the prestigious label "Cognac."


Sample Some of the Best Tasting Coffee Around

If you like this brew, then you will probably enjoy many of our other delicious flavors! At One Great Coffee, we have more than 130 flavors to choose from! For instance, if you like the full flavors of nuts and the unique essences of rum, try our Buttered Rum Coffee! We also offer an amazing Highlander Grogg brew as well as a wonderful Bourbon Whiskey flavor! 


Wake Up With An Excellent Cognac Black Velvet Whiskey Infusion in Fresh Coffee with Chocolate and Nut Undertones!


*Allergen notice: These flavored coffee beans may contain nut oils or extracts.

** This is a non-alcoholic coffee beverage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Jennifer Francini
Unmatched decadence

This is the coffee I brew on Christmas morning to give everyone a real treat. I drink it in rotation along with various other flavors daily. I adore the unique, rich and full bodied aroma. One great coffee is always gentle on my stomach and warms me up so nice that I’m ready to start any day here in frosty New England. Black velvet cognac coffee is rich and delicious. It smells fantastic. I always get lots of compliments when I serve it to guests.

Jennifer Francini
Bourbon and Truffles…together! My dreams have become reality!

This is my most favorite blend. It’s decadent and rich, full bodied and delicious. One great coffee company is the best flavored coffee company that I’ve found. They have so many flavors that all taste genuine and real. I never have stomach cramps from drinking it and I make sure to stock up so I never run out. Bourbon and chocolate go together perfectly. So happy to order.

Jennifer Francini
Best coffee ever

I adore bourbon flavored coffee and I used to buy it all up whenever I could find it but I wanted a steady supply. Finally I found one great coffee and their many bourbon coffee flavors. I have a very sensitive stomach and none of their blends have irritated me. I buy their coffee in bulk orders so I never run out. So happy to not have to hunt down my favorite flavor anymore in hopes that I won’t end up with cramps. Love this company!

Marie Kirschner
I love this coffee!

This is the smoothest of any flavored coffee I’ve tried. Very high grade beans. Smells delicious!

Flavor, flavor, flavor!

This is the best flavored coffee! Smooth, rich, and tasty, not bitter. The aroma that comes from the bag can’t be described. Love this flavor and will be buying more for myself and for gifts. We grind our beans so that further enhances the flavor. So good!

Hi MamaG,
Thank you so much for your awesome review for the Bourbon Truffle Coffee, it means a lot to us!


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