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Banana Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

Flavor Notes: Sweet Bananas and Hazelnuts

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Banana Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

A Bold And Smooth Arabica Brew Infused With The Creamy Taste Of Sweet Bananas And The Nutty Flavor Of Hazelnuts


• A delightfully creamy and smooth brew with hints of sweet ripe banana and hazelnut

• Low in calories but rich in flavors and oils

• Fresh roasted to perfection on the day your order ships

• Infused with banana and hazelnut essences by hand while beans are warm

• Available in 8oz sample size or full-size 16oz heat-sealed valve bags

• Made with 100% Premium Specialty Grade One coffee beans

• Select your preferred grind option in decaf or regular variants

• We offer over 130 premium gourmet flavored coffee options


Smooth Flavored Coffee with Rich Creamy Bananas, Hazelnut Essence, and a Warm Donut Shop Aroma

If you love smooth coffee that is low in acidity but rich in decadent flavor, then you are going to go bananas for this brew! As one of our best selling coffees, each sip offers a burst of banana flavor with the gentle essence of hazelnut extract. Indeed, the creamy taste of sweet bananas and the nutty nuances of hazelnuts pair perfectly with the bold rich taste of our premium Arabica coffee beans! The aroma of this coffee is warm and inviting as well! It will fill your home with donut shop scents that are sure to draw your entire family out of bed. This brew will brighten up your week days or weekends effortlessly! Coffee masters and DIY baristas alike are sure to love this delicious brew!


Choose from Decaf or Regular Options in Many Grinds

We offer this popular brew in a range of styles so that you can enjoy better coffee versatility any time! In three fresh grinds, you can savor the taste of creamy sweet Bananas in iced coffee, drip grind brews, French press beverages, and more! Wake up with our regular caffeinated perky brew of cream and sweet ripe bananas or relax in the afternoon with our decaf coffee. Either way, this is an amazing choice for everyday coffee brewers! Every single one of our small batches implements premium specialty coffee beans with extracted essences and infusions that highlight the full flavor of bananas. Then, we blend in a dash of hazelnut and a touch of cream for added smoothness down to the last drop.

Other Delicious One Great Coffee Flavors to Try

If you love sweet creamy banana flavors, we have a range of other delightful blends that are sure to envelop your senses and taste buds! To see a list of our delicious banana coffee options, simply follow this link! All of our premium flavored coffees are prepared by hand, freshly roasted, and shipped directly to your doorstep. Enjoy!

Pure Banana Bread Low Calorie Goodness

If you have been craving banana bread paleo solutions or are wanting banana bread flavors without all of the carbs, this coffee is the ideal solution! It is a banana bread low calorie choice for your cravings. You can keep those carbohydrate cravings at bay without any guilt! Plus, it gives you an energy boost. Trust us, this is a unique coffee flavor that you will not want to miss! 


Fill Your Home with Warm Banana Aromas and Delight Your Taste Buds with this Delicious Brew!

*Allergen notice: This flavored brew may contain nut oils or extracts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Patricia K
What’s not to Like

Hawaiian coffee and Hazelnut together is like a marriage made in heaven. Great aroma and taste. I have many different flavored coffees but this is one of my better selections.

R. Moore
Smells like the Holidays

Great tasting/smelling coffee! Just brew one pot of this coffee and your home will be filled with a smell of the holidays. It’s so great it’s almost addictive. One Great Coffee is one great company too! After getting half way through my 2nd of the original 3 lbs I initially purchased, I ordered 2 more lbs. can’t wait to review the Almond Toffee Crunch and the Irish Cream that are due to arrive in 2 more days. I fear I may not be able to go back to plain coffee given the quality and selection available through One Great Coffee.

Doreen G

I love the flavor. This I order regularly.

kris brooks

Has to be my favorite coffee EVER (banana hazelnut)

Stacey Smith

Just bought an electric coffee grinder for this coffee and I'm in heaven. Great aroma ams so smooth.

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