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Apricot Cream Flavored Coffee

Flavor Notes: Creamy Apricot Cream

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Apricot Cream Flavored Coffee

Good Tasting Coffee With A Creamy And Succulent Apricot Flavor Infusion


• Real apricot essences are blended by hand in each small batch

• Made with 100% Grade One Specialty Arabica Beans

 • Creamy Flavor of Apricot Cream

• Prepared fresh to order the day it ships

• Roasted to perfection by expert artisans

• Low in calories and carbohydrates, rich in antioxidants 

• A creamy low acidity brew with a smooth apricot and orange flavor profile

• Choose from either a regular or decaf option in three grinds 

• Available in 8oz sample size or full-size 16oz heat-sealed valve bag options

• Ground, French press, or whole bean options available to choose from

• Shipped right away for the freshest coffee possible


Treat Yourself to The Tangy Creamy Taste of Spring Time 

Indulge in a springtime treat with one of the most deliciously wholesome and flavorful Apricot Cream coffees of all time. Made with the essence of sun-ripened apricot, this 100% Arabica bean brew has a rich, sweet, smooth, and creamy flavor that will make your mouth water. Imagine Peach Cobbler with a subtle orange flavor that is enhanced with the mouth-watering taste of an apricot. Known as “the Nectar of the Gods” by the Greeks and Romans, the apricot has always been considered one of the sweetest and most delicious fruits out there. Take your taste buds on a warm Mediterranean adventure with this heavenly flavored coffee as you dive into a pool of delicate cream brightened by the ​fruity flavors of apricots!


Great-Tasting and Good For You

If you like your daily brew to have a touch of sweetness, especially without the calories, this Apricot Cream flavored brew could be your diet's saving grace. You can indulge in a perfectly thick, succulent apricot flavor that has hints of delectably luscious vanilla and thick cream without ruining your diet! Plus, the apricot is known to offer many health benefits. In fact, did you know that inside of each apricot pit is a seedlike kernel resembling an almond? This kernel is rich in vitamin E and has a strong coconut creme aroma. We use these essences and other complex infusions from juicy apricots to ensure that every sip will offer you a creamy apricot treat.


Indulge in Some of One Great Coffee's Products with Similar Profiles

 If this sounds like an amazing option or if you already love this flavored brew, you'll adore some of our similar coffees! First of all, we offer a fresh Peach Cobbler brew with creamy notes of juicy peaches and cream! We also have many fruity and creamy dessert blends that you will love. Click the links to see them all! These fresh brews come in heat-sealed valve bags to ensure the freshest grind possible! We prepare and roast all Fair Trade Arabica beans the day you place your order as well. Never settle for plain ground coffee again! Instead, treat yourself to gourmet bliss every day! All of One Great Coffee's products are made with the highest standards of care and quality.


Dive Into A Pool Of Delicate Cream With Tart Apricot Essences For An Indulgent Experience Like No Other!


*Allergen notice: This flavored brew may contain nut oils or extracts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Colleen Hunt
Out of this world

My husband lives for the apricot cream flavor, especially decaf. The scent when brewing is heavenly.

Terry Whittlef
Peach Cobbler

Can really taste the Peach. Great aroma!

James Skinner
Nice apricot flavor

Nice apricot flavor, would buy this one again.

Pat Nelson
Summer in a cup!

The Apricot cream coffee was delicious. It has a nice aroma and is very favorable to drink! It is delicious hot or cold!

Mark G
Peach Cobbler

Smells great when brewing. I like it hot or in ice.

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