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El Salvador Finca Montes Urales Coffee

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El Salvador Finca Montes Urales Coffee

Savor this delicious gourmet coffee from a Monte Urales varietal direct trade farm!

About this El Salvador Finca Montes Urales coffee:

• Deliciously robust South American gourmet coffee

• Single-origin direct trade farm Monte Urales varietal beans

• Some of the purest local coffee available

• Grown in rich volcanic loam soil 

• Dark full-flavored brew with brown sugar evident notes

• Choose from either drip grind French press, whole bean, or espresso

• Available in 16oz or 8oz bag sizes


Fresh Roasted El Salvador Finca Montes Urales Coffee

If you have been searching for delicious gourmet coffee with rich undertones, smooth top notes, and a dark full-flavored profile like no other, look no further than this El Salvador Finca Montes Urales coffee. Carefully cultivated on a direct trade farm in El Salvador, these delicious gourmet coffee beans provide an exceptional brew!

Fruity Top Notes and Brown Sugar Evident Undertones

Full flavored and fruity, you're sure to lose yourself in the sweet notes of cherry, raspberry, chocolate, and brown sugar evident in this excellent brew. Indeed, this delicious gourmet coffee has a delightfully smooth finish that will leave you wanting more!

Direct Trade Farm El Salvador Finca Montes Urales

One Great Coffee's El Salvador Finca Montes Urales Coffee is grown high in the mountains of El Salvador. It comes to us fresh as a Direct Trade, micro-lot, El Salvador Finca Montes Urales product. Grown on a family farm in volcanic soils at altitudes between 4,500 and 5,300 feet above sea level, this delicious gourmet coffee is full of complex flavors! 

Some of the Purest Local Coffee from El Salvador Finca Montes Urales

The beans from this Finca Montes Urales direct trade farm are hand-harvested before being sorted, washed, and dried in the sun on raised beds. As a direct trade farm, the farmers, their families, and the community benefit directly from the sale of these coffee beans. As a micro-lot, this coffee crop comes from a very small area, meaning that the flavor isn't mixed with other coffees from the rest of the country. It's the purest local coffee you can get without visiting the farm yourself! It is truly farm-to-cup for wholesome goodness in every drop. 

Choose From Bean Drip Grind French Press or Whole Beans 

Whether you love bean drip grind french press, whole bean, or ground coffee, we offer something for everyone. Our El Salvador Finca Montes Urales direct trade farm coffee comes in bean drip grind French press variants that are amazing for crafting decadent cold brew beverages. Furthermore, the drip grind French press style lets you experience the decadent oils and sweetness of this brown sugar evident brew. Or, for pulling rich espresso shots with a velvety crema, order these Finca Monte Urales varietal coffee beans whole! You’ll love the shimmering oils and signature aromas in each freshly roasted bag. 

Our El Salvador Finca Montes Urales Coffee Comes in Two Bag Sizes

Additionally, you can purchase our El Salvador Finca Montes Urales beans in either 8oz or 16oz bag sizes. So, whether you already crave this brew or just want to give Monte Urales varietal beans a taste, we've got you covered. You're sure to love the unique brown sugar evident flavors!

Enjoy the purest local coffee for yourself by ordering your own bag of this El Salvador Finca Montes Urales Direct Trade Coffee today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Shawn P
Super Smooth

This coffee is one of the smoothest out there with almost no bitterness even when brewed black and strong. It is also a great entry point for newbies who say they don't like the taste of coffee.

Scott Trusty
Another Good Cup

I loved the aroma while grinding this coffee.

Nikhil Rao

India Mysore Gold Nugget Coffee

Family favorite!

This is our family's favorite coffee from One Great Coffee!

one of the best coffees I've ever enjoyed

perfect balance of boldness with light acidity.

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