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Baklava Flavored Coffee

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Baklava Flavored Coffee

Luxurious Baklava Flavored Coffee with Hints of Raw Honey and Genuine Pistachio Essences 


• A decadent creamy pastry brew with hints of honey and nuances of authentic pistachio

• Low in calories but rich in flavors and oils for guilt-free indulgence

• Fresh roasted to perfection by artisans on the day your order ships

• Warm coffee beans are infused with real honey and pistachio essences by hand

• Available in 8oz sample size or full-size 16oz heat-sealed valve bags

• Made with 100% Premium Specialty Grade One Arabica coffee beans

• Select your preferred grind option in decaf or regular variants

• We offer over 130 premium gourmet flavored coffee options

Indulge Your Taste Buds with this Delightful Dessert Brew

The famous Ottoman dessert of Baklava has been exalted for centuries! Now, you can enjoy the luxury of Baklava every morning as part of your daily coffee routine. Each sip of Baklava Flavored Coffee encapsulates the very essence of baklava! You will detect a syrupy essence of honey, smooth sweet pistachios, and toasted dessert pastry nuances in every drop. Indeed, if you are a flavored coffee person, this classic dessert brew is a must-try! Moreover, the rich aroma of this brew and the authentic toasted pistachio flavor will leave your mouth watering for more. 

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This Famous Pastry Dessert Has Been Enjoyed for Centuries

Baklava is a famous pastry dessert that implements fresh honey and rich pistachios in crisp toasted layers of decadent delightfulness. The Queen of Sheba was so fond of the pistachio flavor that she refused to export pistachios except for very limited quantities. Moreover, Emperor Vitellius would finish each meal by packing his mouth full of nuts. As such, Baklava was once considered to be a rare delicacy! In fact, Mid-19th century Turkish people baked this delicate pastry only on special occasions. Today, you can enjoy the taste of Baklava every day in this delicious Baklava-flavored coffee! This brew is ideal for those who like to treat themselves to a little luxury. It’s low in calories, but rich in flavor! 

Pamper Yourself Every Day with a Royally Sweet Coffee Treat

Now you can treat yourself like royalty and sample our Baklava flavored coffee day or night. This Middle Eastern classic flavored coffee combines the smooth taste of honey with maple walnut and of course, the pure joy of pistachio. You don't have to be an heiress to enjoy the luxury of Baklava Flavored coffee; we have it right here waiting for you. For the freshest coffee possible, we roast each small batch of flavored coffee the day that it ships. Then, we package it in a sealed valve bag with 1-way air valves for the best flavor and aroma! This brew comes in a regular or decaf variety. You can also choose from whole, ground, or French press grinds.

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This Coffee Classic Combines Honey and The Tasty Flavor Of Pistachio Nuts For Luxurious Indulgence in Each Sip!

*Allergen notice: This product contains nuts and nut oils.


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lisa arnhold

Just the right amount of sweetness. Flavor is great! Smelled wonderful while brewing and tasted even better

Hi there! Thank you for your kind words about our Chocolate Irish Cream Flavored Coffee. We're thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the perfect balance of sweetness and great flavor. And we agree, the aroma while brewing is simply delightful. We hope you continue to enjoy our coffee. Happy sipping! Mike

Margaret Fields
Baked Alaska

This coffee is very flavorful!


Very good coffee. It smells amazing, is so smooth and has a great, balanced flavor would definitely recommend.

Hi there! We're so glad to hear that you enjoyed our Angel Face Flavored Coffee. It's always a pleasure to hear positive feedback from our customers. Thank you for recommending it and happy sipping! ☕️

William Verble
Dark Chocolate Coffee

Great tasting coffee

Thank you for leaving a review for our Dark Chocolate Flavored Coffee! We're thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the taste of our coffee. We hope you continue to enjoy it in the future. Thank you for choosing our product!

Elizabeth Johnson

This coffee is very smooth to the to the tongue, but I couldn't pick up on the Irish Creme flavor. still, I will order again at a later time.

Hi there! Thank you for your feedback on our Chocolate Irish Cream Flavored Coffee. We're happy to hear that you enjoyed the smoothness of the coffee. We apologize if the Irish Creme flavor wasn't as prominent as you had hoped, but we appreciate your willingness to give it another try in the future. On your next order, in the special notes section to add extra flavor at no additional cost.

Thank you for choosing our product, and we hope to continue providing you with delicious coffee options. Have a great day!

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