Expert Tips: Secret Coffee Tricks For a Flat Stomach

Coffee Weight Loss Hack: Drinking Coffee to Burn More Calories

The fascinating benefits of coffee are becoming pretty well-known these days. With so many people regularly consuming coffee to power through the day, it makes sense that coffee facts are common knowledge. Well-known coffee life hacks include the fact that drinking black coffee is the healthiest way, that coffee is loaded with antioxidants, and that coffee can serve as a natural diuretic. But you already probably know all of this! 

Despite loads of common coffee knowledge becoming popular, there are still a few discoveries being made about this energizing drink that you don’t already know. So what intriguing coffee secrets are left and which coffee life hacks might you be missing out on? One of the most intriguing coffee secrets involves hacking your morning cup of joe to flatten your stomach. 

In and of itself, coffee can help boost your metabolic rate. This means coffee can lead to easier weight loss and a slimmer tummy. Plus, your brain definitely appreciates that kick of caffeine. Ultimately, black coffee can help aid in weight loss by giving you more energy, improving your focus, and helping you keep your appetite under control. But there’s more! 

Let’s discuss how you can take your black cup of coffee to the next level so that it will be even more effective in helping you lose weight! Below, we will tell you two secrets to improve your caffeine routine, burn more calories, and ultimately get that flat stomach you've been after. 

Secret Coffee Hack #1: Cinnamon in Coffee

We already have a whole entire blog about how great adding cinnamon to your coffee is. However, did you know that cinnamon also has certain properties that actually aid in weight loss? 

For one thing, cinnamon is naturally sweet. So, it gives a little bit of nuanced flavor to your coffee without the need for sugar. Better yet though, cinnamon also can boost thermogenesis in the body. Thermogenesis is the process of the human body burning up calories and producing heat. This means that cinnamon can help you burn fat! 

This Medical News article explains how it works. Some studies even suggest that ingesting cinnamon can be as effective as taking diet pills! So, instead of taking diet pills that make you feel nauseous or contain ingredients you aren't sure about, sprinkle some cinnamon in your morning coffee for a weight loss boost! It’s natural, it’s tasty, and with diet and exercise, it can be quite effective! 

Secret Coffee Hack #2: Coffee as a Pre-Workout Drink 

It can be hard to get the energy to go work out. However, diet and exercise are an incredibly important part of a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Pre-workout powders and workout drinks are marketed to help people get the gumption to work out and burn more calories. Unfortunately, these drinks and powders can be quite expensive. Not to mention, some of them can make you feel worse off than if you had not taken anything at all. So what can you do? Drink coffee! 

Having a cup of full caffeinated coffee about 15 minutes before working out can help you exercise longer and harder. If you aren't the type to hit the gym, simply drink a cup of coffee after lunch and head out for a 30-minute walk. 

Walking 30 minutes a day can revolutionize your health. Just 30 minutes of daily walking can strengthen your bones, reduce excess body fat, increase your cardiovascular fitness, boost your endurance, and help you build muscle power. Walking can even help you reduce the risk of developing conditions like type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis! With the energy boost from coffee, having that daily walk is easier than ever! 

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