Best Cold Brew Recipe: White Russian and Highlander Grogg

In the spirit of Summer, we thought you'd like to taste-test one of the best cold brew recipes ever. This fresh, non-alcoholic cold brew coffee is sure to refresh, rejuvenate, and re-energize your senses on a hot day! 

About Alcohol-Free This Highlander Grogg White Russian Cold Brew Flavored Coffee Recipe

This is an all-original recipe that has been taste-tested and approved by our coffee enthusiasts. After all, here at OneGreatCoffee, we don’t just sell delicious flavored coffees online, we indulge in them on the regular. As a matter of fact, that’s how we’ve come up with this delicious take on the classic White Russian coffee!

With smooth white chocolate notes, rich undertones of rum, and smooth notes of pure Arabica coffee, you can’t go wrong with this alcohol-free ice-cold coffee recipe. Best of all, you only need three ingredients and a little bit of patience to make it. 

What You Will Need: 

• This Highlander Grogg Flavored Coffee

• Cream, Half and Half, or Whole Milk (It’s your call) 

• Ghirardelli White Chocolate Powder (You can Buy it on Amazon or at Walmart


• A Glass Bottle with a Lid
• A Strainer or Sieve 

About Making the Cold Brew

The first step is to make your cold-brew coffee at home. Crafting cold brew at home is incredibly easy, and once you have the process down, you’ll probably be making your own cold brew coffee recipes for years to come. 


Here’s How to Make Easy At-Home Cold Brew to Use for This Recipe

Step 1: Add Coffee Grounds to an Empty Glass Bottle 

Add about 1/2 of a cup of ground coffee (we recommend flavored Highlander Grogg coffee from OneGreatCoffee.Com) to a 32 oz glass bottle. Use about the same amount as you would use to brew a pot of coffee. Or, follow a 1-part coffee to 5-part water ratio, depending on the size of your bottle.  

Note: You will add coffee grounds and water to your glass bottle. The ratio of coffee grounds to water for cold brew can vary based on what you like. To start off, we recommend going with either a 1 to 5 or 1 to 4 ratio, of one part coffee grounds to four or five parts water. That’s about ½ of a cup to ¾ of a cup of coffee grounds if you will be using a 32 oz bottle. 


Step 2: Add Cold Water, Put on the Lid, and Give it a Shake

Add cold water to the bottle. Fill it almost to the top, leaving about an inch of space for shaking. Put the lid on and give it a little shake to stir in those coffee grounds. 

Note: Add your coffee grounds to the bottle, and then fill the bottle the rest of the way up with cold water. We recommend using water from a filtered pitcher, bottled water, or purified water from your fridge. Tap water often contains chlorine, which can impact the overall taste of your cold brew. So, just avoid tap water if your tap water doesn’t taste great. 


Step 3: Steep in the Fridge for 16-24 Hours

Now, let your coffee steep, preferably overnight. 

Note: Once you’ve filled up your glass bottle, screw the lid on and place it in your fridge. This step takes the longest, as you will have to wait a day for the coffee to infuse into the water. If you are impatient, 16 hours is long enough to let everything steep. However, I like to wait the full 24 hours to get super bold coffee with plenty of richness. 

Step 4: Strain and Chill 

Last, strain out the coffee grounds with a filter sieve or strainer into another container. Then, pour the coffee back into the original bottle, to store it in the fridge with a lid. 

Note: After you’ve let your coffee steep, it’s time to strain it out. Just grab your strainer and pour the coffee into a separate container to strain out the grounds. You can toss the coffee grounds in the trash or use them for your plants! Pour the filtered cold brew back into its original glass bottle, put the lid back on, and stick it in your fridge. You now have a delicious bottle of amazing cold-brew coffee made at home for this recipe! (This cold brew lasts about a week in the fridge, by the way.) 


Why is Cold Brewing Coffee Better? Here's Why Bottling Process Matters...

Have you ever noticed that ice-cold coffee is delicious, piping hot coffee is delicious, but cold coffee left out on the counter is kind of, well there's no easy way to say it, disgusting? There's a scientific reason for this, and it has to do with the oils in coffee.

In fact, there are entire blogs (like this one) about the science of hot vs cold coffee. Cold brew coffee isn't just cold coffee brewed hot that has cooled off to room temperature. That would be gross, and there's no point in making a drink like that into a recipe.

Nope, the cold brewing and bottling process is a whole other thing, and it can be a GAME CHANGER! This fridge-steeping cold brew method can be scaled and adjusted for all kinds of applications.

Since all you need are coffee grounds (any of these coffees in a standard grind will work, although we recommend the Highlander Grogg flavor for this particular recipe), a strainer, and a glass bottle with a lid, the possibilities are endless.  


NOW: Here's How to Make A White Russian Cold Brew Coffee Drink at Home

Now it’s time to bring that cold brew coffee to life with this incredible alcohol-free iced-coffee cocktail. It takes less than 3 minutes to make, as long as you’ve got that fresh-flavored cold brew prepared! 

Step 1: Mix One Scoop of White Chocolate Powder with ½ Cup of Milk, Cream, or Half & Half 

Step 2: Pour Cold Brew Coffee into a Glass, Fill a Little Over Half of the way Full 

Step 3: Add a Scoop of Ice

Step 4: Gently top with the Mixture of Milk and White Chocolate Powder and Enjoy! (No need to stir! You want that stunning cascading effect. The drink naturally mixes as you sip it.)

Garnish Options: This drink can be garnished with brown sugar, cinnamon, or anything else you like! For a cold foam topping that can really enhance this drink recipe, click here!

Suggestions and Notes About This Cold Brew Drink Recipe

The inherent flavors of this drink come from the pre-flavored Highlander Grogg coffee while the creamy sweetness comes from the milk and white chocolate powder topping. You can play with the proportions until it suits your unique palette. 

Make Flavored Bottled Cold Brew at Home 

This coffee drink recipe can also be made without ice, in smaller bottles for on-the-go consumption. To make at-home bottled cold brew coffee, just get some glass bottles with lids and make this same drink proportioned to the size of each bottle. Chill the bottles in the fridge until you are ready to enjoy your delicious pre-made bottled cold brew on demand!

Non-Dairy Cold Brew at Home 

If you want to make a dairy-free alternative for this cold brew drink, you can also use coconut milk, almond milk, or your preferred non-dairy substitute. 


A World of Fresh Flavored Cold Brew Coffee Awaits

Our flavored coffees can be used to create an array of delicious cold brew drinks. Whether you want raspberry flavors, caramel flavors, chocolate flavors, butter pecan, or something wild like mint chocolate chip, we've got you covered. Simply use the cold brew coffee recipe/fridge steeping method we detailed above using the flavored coffee grounds of your choosing! 

Click here to see a range of top-rated pre-flavored grounds that can be used to make amazing flavored cold brew coffee with rich nuances and bold undertones. This is the perfect solution for those who want fresh, gourmet at-home cold brew in diverse flavors for a fraction of the price that upscale coffee shops charge!

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