Cold Brew Coffee Recipes: Make Cold Brew Vanilla Sweet Cream From Home

 Make Cold Brew Vanilla Sweet Cream from Home & More with This Ultimate Cold Brew Guide

Have you ever tried Starbucks vanilla sweet cream cold brew? If so, you probably can appreciate the way that the cold brew vanilla sweet cream perfectly complements chilled coffee. Or, maybe you prefer an autumn-inspired pumpkin spiced iced latte topped with sweet cream cold foam. Indeed, many of these creamy cold brew coffee drinks are hard to resist. However, these days, purchasing these kinds of beverages at Starbucks (or any other corporate coffee company) can get pretty expensive. Plus, many coffee connoisseurs agree that the espresso used at famous coffee chains is often of lesser quality than what they would prefer. 

What if you could make cold brew vanilla sweet cream drinks at home whenever you wanted to? Better yet, what if you could enjoy copycat versions of these delicious cold brew coffee recipes, but with higher-quality coffee or espresso? Well actually, you can. 

Below, we will give you an overview of how to make vanilla sweet cream cold brew at home. Then, we will show you an easy-to-make recipe for cold brew coffee in general. We'll even walk you through one of the simplest, tastiest, pumpkin spice latte cold brew recipes ever! That way, you can create delicious cold brew coffee drinks with vanilla sweet cream at home, whenever you feel like it. 

Use this guide to make a vanilla sweet cream nitro cold brew or craft a homemade cold brew pumpkin spice latte! However you decide to unleash your coffee creativity, these delicious at-home cold brew coffee tips are downright useful to have in your coffee brewing arsenal. 

A Bit About Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam 

Vanilla sweet cream cold foam became popular when Starbucks started using it to top cold brew coffee drinks. This sweet and creamy foam can be used to top a range of beverages and tends to blend well with other liquids due to its consistency. Unlike whipped cream, which floats on top of most beverages, vanilla sweet cream cold foam tends to dissolve downward, into a drink. This creates an enticing libation with a creamy taste and an exquisite look. 

What is Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam and Why is it Good? 

When it comes down to it, vanilla sweet cream cold foam is just thin, artisan whipped cream with a light, sweet flavor. This creamy topping is so great with coffee because it gently and artistically integrates with the darker-colored liquid below to create a misty, blooming effect in your glass. The result is quite enchanting! Plus, the sweet cream notes pair wonderfully with the mellow acidity of cold brew coffee. 


How to Make Cold Brew Vanilla Sweet Cream at Home

What You'll Need:

  • 4 tbsp of Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 2 tbsp of Vanilla Simple Syrup 
  • 2 tbsp of Milk 
  • Hand frothing tool or whisk 

How to Make Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam 

* This recipe makes enough vanilla sweet cream for one 16 oz cold brew coffee drink. To make more, simply double, triple, or quadruple the following recipe. We decided to explain how to make just enough vanilla sweet cream for one coffee beverage so that you can practice getting the consistency just right. Plus, you may want to adjust your viscosity as needed. After all, some people prefer their sweet cream thicker than others. After you have mastered this technique, you can make as much cold brew sweet cream foam as you want!

To make the kind of vanilla sweet cream cold foam used to top a delicious iced coffee drink or cold brew beverage, you will really only need three ingredients. First off, you are going to need heavy whipping cream. Then, you will need vanilla simple syrup. Finally, you will need some 2% milk. However, you can use whole milk if you prefer. Alternatively, if you don't happen to have any vanilla simple syrup on hand, you can mix 1 tbsp of honey with 5 drops of vanilla extract and about ⅓ tsp of water. You can even use Stevia or agave if you prefer. Just be sure to mix these thicker alternatives with a little bit of water (about 6 drops should do) to ensure things liquefy properly. 

In a small bowl, metal mixing pitcher, or cup, combine your ingredients. Using a frothing hand tool or whisk, mix everything together. If you are using a whisk, blend quickly. The goal is to create a sort of foamy, thin whipped cream by folding air into the mixture while also combining the ingredients. When the liquid thickens to your liking, you're done! Now, just pour this creamy foam on top of a glass of your favorite cold brew coffee and watch the magic happen. You can either add your vanilla sweet cream cold foam to your pre-made Nitro coffee or craft your own cold brews from home. (We will cover how to do that below. For an in-depth guide on cold brew vs iced coffee, click here.) This mixture works on iced coffee or pure cold brew coffee without ice. 


Easy Dairy-Free Cold Brew Vanilla Sweet Cream Recipe 

If you are trying to avoid dairy, Silk makes a heavy whipping cream alternative that can easily be sweetened with vanilla simple syrup and whipped into a creamy consistency. All you need to do is add 1 tablespoon of vanilla simple syrup to 3 tbsp of silk heavy whipping cream and whisk or shake vigorously. You can also add one teaspoon of your preferred sweetener and five drops of vanilla extract to the Silk cream alternative if you want to avoid using simple syrup. Then, use a whisk (or even a fork) and continuously whip everything together until plenty of air is mixed in. This quickly creates a thick whipped cream-like vanilla cold foam topping, sans the lactose. 

Dairy-Free Whipped Chocolate Cold Foam Topping 

If you want a delicious chocolate coffee topping, whisk 3 tablespoons of Silk heavy whipping cream with one tablespoon of Ovaltine. This makes a “brownie batter chocolate sweet cream foam” topping that’s downright sumptuous! 

Simplest Cold Brew Coffee Recipe 

Crafting cold brew coffee at home is easier than you might realize. The trick is getting the perfect cold brew ratio! Be aware, to make strong and flavorful cold brew coffee, you will need a lot of coffee grounds. For every 6 cups of water, expect to use at least one cup of coffee grounds. Many recipes call for 9 cups of water to one pound of coffee. However, you can make your cold brew coffee to the strength you prefer.

A regular grind is fine with cold brew, but a coarse (french press style) grind is preferable. That way, it can be more easily strained and steeped. And what about the best roast type for cold brew coffee? Well, a light roast is best. This is because the light roast flavors and acidity will complement the cold temperatures. Avoid dark roasts or fine grinds when making cold brews. Remember, coarse coffee, mellow body, light roast = cold brew perfection. If you like light mellow roasts, African Ethiopian coffee is ideal. To shop for delicious fresh roasted Ethiopian coffee in a coarse grind that’s perfect for cold brew, just click this link

Now, all you need to do to make cold brew coffee from home is combine your coffee grounds with cold water in an airtight container. A glass jar with a lid is preferable. It is best to use filtered water when making cold brews, as the taste of sink water is readily noticeable. This is especially true if your tap water happens to contain chlorine because those flavors are going to come through in your cold brew mixture. If you don't have filtered water, you might want to use bottled water for this process. 

After you've got your container, your light roast coarse coffee grounds, and your high-quality water, add your coffee grounds to the container. Then add half of your water. Allow everything to steep at room temperature for about 5 minutes. Then, add the second half of your water. Now, pop everything into your refrigerator and leave it for about 24 hours.

After you have let your coffee and water steep for at least 12 hours (but preferably 24 hours), it is time to strain out the coffee grounds. The easiest way to do this is to let your coffee grounds settle to the bottom of the container and then use a fine mesh sieve. However, if your coffee grounds are floating on top, that's fine. You simply need to strain them out by whatever means necessary. After straining pour your cold brew coffee into a separate container and seal it with a lid. This coffee will store in your fridge for a while, but we definitely recommend drinking it within three days for the best taste. You can watch this video to learn more about the cold brew ratio and make your own great cold brew coffee at home! 

At Home Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew with Vanilla Sweet Cream Foam 

Now that you know how to make cold brew coffee from home and you also are filled in on the process of crafting vanilla sweet cream cold foam, let us show you one of our favorite fall recipes. For this recipe, you are going to need the above ingredients listed for vanilla sweet cream cold foam. You are also going to need some pumpkin pie spice (which can be purchased here or at a grocery store).

Then, we highly recommend getting a bag of our fresh-roasted artisan-flavored Pumpkin Spice Coffee in a coarse French Press grind style.

Using this flavored autumnal pumpkin spice coffee, you will make a batch of cold brew coffee. Make the cold brew your preferred strength. Then, make vanilla sweet cream cold foam, but add about ⅓ tsp of the pumpkin pie spice before whipping or frothing it. In a glass, add cold brew coffee and a splash of milk. Finally, top your cold brew with the pumpkin spice cold brew vanilla sweet cream, and thank us later!

If you really aren’t worried about vanilla sweet cream cold brew calories, you can even add a little bit of caramel drizzle to the inside of your glass or on top.

To make this in a latte format, just add sweetened milk and espresso over ice. An at-home latte ratio of about 2 tbsps of vanilla simple syrup, one shot of espresso, and one cup of milk is ideal. Adjust as needed depending on how large of a latte you want. Remember, espresso is always best with milk, over ice, when making a cold latte.

Experiment with these ingredients as needed to craft your perfect fall coffee drink with pumpkin spice cold foam! 

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