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Indonesian Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee

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Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee

Superior Single Origin Coffee Made With Pure Sulawesi Toraja Coffee Beans


About this Rare Coffee Grown in the Sulawesi Toraja Region:

• Distinctive Aroma and Unforgettable Flavor

• Rich High-Grown Toraja BlendCoffee

• Genuine Indonesian Sulawesi Coffee Beans

• Earthy Notes and Ripe Fruity Undertones

• Dark Chocolate Profile

• Velvety Mouthfeel

• Freshly Roasted in Small Batches

• Choose From Four Grind Styles

• 16oz and 8oz Bag Sizes Available


Premium Indonesian Sulawesi Single Origin Coffee

Indonesian coffees are renowned for their velvety mouthfeel, unforgettable flavors, and rich earthy undertones! These coffee cherries are grown in rich volcanic soil amongst various native chilies and other Indonesian spice plants. On top of that, Toraja coffee comes from the multidimensional and complex Sulawesi coffee trees. Flavorful and complex Toraja Sulawesi coffee is grown in the southeastern highlands of the Sulawesi region of Indonesia. Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee is a full-bodied, heavy body, medium-light roasted coffee. You'll notice hints of cinnamon and spice accentuating the aftertaste, coupled with the light acidity and smoothness like no other!

Rich and Hard to Replicate Heavy Body Sulawesi Coffee Taste

Our authentic Toraja region Sulawesi beans are distinguished by their robust flavors and full-bodied profile. Additionally, heavy body Sulawesi coffee is masterfully balanced with ripe fruity mid-notes and gently lingering dark chocolate tones. This Sulawesi coffee also has a vibrant yet earthy flavor and is less acidic than Java Arabica coffee. In each cup, you’ll detect deep and brooding sweetness with signature spice notes. These Sulawesi beans are carefully roasted fresh to enhance their richness and flavor properties! Many choose to brew Sulawesi coffee for its unmistakable properties, rich oils, low acidity, and distinctive aromas. This is the perfect Sulawesi coffee for those who love genuine Java beans but crave something more complex tasting with less acidity.

Rare Coffee Grown in the Toraja Region Near Java

In the 1600s, coffee was introduced to the Java island of Indonesia by Dutch settlers who smuggled it from Yemen. Today, Indonesian Sulawesi Coffee beans are carefully cultivated by farmers in north Toraja and on the island of Sulawesi at high altitudes. This produces superior qualities that only Sulawesi Coffee beans can boast. In addition to this, the high-grown cultivation method allows the Sulawesi beans to reach maturity at a slower rate. This enhances the flavor, consistency, and natural oil yield. By the way, Toraja coffee is also sometimes known as Celebes coffee, since the former name of the island of Sulawesi was Celebes.

This Rare Coffee Grown in the Heart Indonesia is a Customer Favorite

Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee at One Great Coffee. Indulge in a customer favorite, our Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee! Grown in the heart of the Indonesian island chain, Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee has several of the characteristics of Sumatran coffees; however, it's a completely different and unique experience that must be tried! Sulawesi coffee is a direct descendant of Arabica coffee varietals found in Yemen, so it has that same exotic flavor that's loved by so many all over the world!

Try One Great Coffee's Sulawesi Gourmet Single Origin Coffee Now

At One Great Coffee, this Gourmet Sulawesi Coffee is freshly roasted in small batches! Plus, you can choose from either compact 8oz or large 16oz bag sizes. With French Roast, Espresso, Ground, and Whole Bean grind variants available, you can easily brew Sulawesi coffee to your exact specifications. Experience the delicate acidity and rich full-body smoothness of this single-origin coffee by ordering it here today!

Try this Single Origin Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee today; it's fresh-roasted just for you!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

I prefer mild, smooth, flavorful coffee. This is it. Coffee is one of my absolutely favorite flavors. This has it. And it lets you have other flavors with it, and still stands out comfortably.

Martin Medearis
Just like the little coffee shop down the street

Full of flavor but low in acidity! I use a stove top espresso maker to brew my morning go juice!! The little older couple years ago used to stock the whole beans... I was sad when they retired and closed the shop...Glad I've found you now..

Thomas Glynn
Smooth and delicious

Sulawesi is a coffee with very low acidity. And it is delicious. Perfectly ground.

Hi Thomas, thank you so much for this review!

Arwynn Field

Sulawesi has been a family favorite for years. This did not fail to impress! We do pour over style, and you really have to know how to do it correctly to get the full expiring, but it is so with it!

Joyce Machala
Our favorite Coffee

What a refined but flavorful coffee. Close to what we drank in the Toraja area of Sulawesi and we don't have to walk 3 miles to the market!

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