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Sassafras Flavored Tea

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Sassafras Flavored Tea

Delicious Tea with Sassafras Flavor Similar to Old Fashioned Root Beer


About This Fresh and Inviting Tea:

  • Inviting flavor with sassafras flavoring 
  • Loaded with nutrients and antioxidants
  • Shipped fast for ideal freshness in every bag
  • A high-quality option for any gourmet tea lover
  • Made using authentic fresh loose leaf black tea of the highest quality 
  • Choose from two loose-leaf bag sizes
  • A warm and delicious scent with invigorating notes 
  • Makes a delicious iced tea warm morning brew with milk and honey


Our Sassafras flavored gourmet tea starts with a Chinese black tea gently scented with sassafras flavor and then blended with fragrant calendula petals. The best way to describe sassafras is to tell you that Sassafras is the origin of the root beer flavor! Fresh and inviting, this flavor is sure to captivate you! Serve with a splash of milk and honey, enjoy it poured over ice, or drink it straight! This tea is sure to make your taste buds tingle. 


Sassafras comes from the sassafras tree, a deciduous tree found in the eastern United States. Keep in mind that overconsumption of safrole (from sassafras roots) can lead to undesirable side effects. As such, we use natural flavors in our Sassafras tea to provide the same good old-fashioned flavors with none of the problematic consequences. Therefore, this is a nice tea for those who love root beer's flavor. In fact, commercial root beer and homemade root beer often use the same type of safrole-free flavoring!

This tea does not contain actual sassafras root. The use of sassafras/sassafras roots is prohibited due to FDA regulations. Instead, we use safe derivatives to achieve authentic sassafras flavor in this natural sassafras tea.


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Customer Reviews

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Melanie Bench
Sassafras Flavored Tea

I shared this tea as a gift for my family; it was a wonderful surprise as sassafras tea is not sold in retail stores.

Sassafras Tea & Back Porch Swing Memories

This delicious tea took me back to when I was a kid setting on the swing with my Great Grandma enjoying a cold glass of Sassafras tea on a Sunday afternoon! It has a floral bouquet but a taste of a birch beer soda pop. It's perfect hot or cold ! I missed this flavor so much but now when I want to wonder back to a simpler time I can just brew up a kettle, set back and enjoy.

Sassafrass Tea

My x had some sassafrass roots sent up from the South. It was delicious...haven't thought about it in years. I ordered the tea from you, and am very pleased. The infuser is also easy to use, and I am so pleased to have found you. Thank you.

Excellent Service, Very Fast shipping. Just like RootBeer.

A good Product for making Ice-Tea in a French Press. Strong Good Favor.

Very Tasty

Nice tea for any time of the day. 

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