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Raspberry Flavored Tea

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Raspberry Flavored Tea

Delicious and Refreshing Raspberry Tea Made with Real Raspberry Leaves and Calendula Petals

About This Fresh & Flavorful Tea:

  • Loaded with nutrients and antioxidants
  • Made with premium ingredients
  • Shipped fast for ideal freshness in every bag
  • A high-quality option for any gourmet tea lover
  • Enjoy the delicious aroma of real raspberry leaves
  • Made using authentic fresh loose-leaf Chinese black tea
  • Choose from two loose-leaf bag sizes
  • Low fat with only two calories per cup
  • Loose leaf tea is more versatile than regular tea bags


You see it everywhere...raspberry lotion, raspberry oils, raspberry candles…who doesn’t love the scent of raspberry? Now you can enjoy the aroma as well as the taste of raspberry-flavored tea. No need to reach for that calorie-filled raspberry dessert, only 2 little calories are in this delicious raspberry-enhanced beverage. Our Raspberry gourmet tea makes an exceptional dessert tea or iced tea.

A Delicious Raspberry Iced Tea Recipe to Try with This Flavored Tea Blend

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To create sweet raspberry iced tea, we recommend using a simple syrup with your own vibrant blend of raspberry juice to add sweetness. Or, use a pre-made syrup like Torani Raspberry Syrup, which comes in a large glass bottle and has sugar included. Mix one tablespoon of syrup per cup of water for the perfect balance of sweetness. If you prefer the flavor of unsweetened raspberries in your tea, just brew cups of this tea as is. The ripe refreshing flavor of unsweetened raspberries comes through clearly in the Ingredients of this tea.

Premium Ingredients Make the Best Tea

Speaking of ingredients, our raspberry tea uses some of the finest. Chinese black tea sets the stage in cups of this fresh tea. Then, we then enhance the recipe with a glorious bouquet of raspberry and calendula petals to bring you unforgettable flavors. Unlike regular tea bags, this loose leaf raspberry tea can be brewed for customized cups, pots, or pitchers of goodness. 

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Do you love herbal blends, fruity teas, or international tea leaves? We have a range of bold teas to tantalize your senses. Enhance any occasion with our gourmet tea and take your beverage brewing game to new levels. Our selection is vast with many types of tea for every palette! Whether you like green tea, black tea, or herbal tea, we have something delicious for all kinds of tea drinkers. Browse our vast tea selection to find your perfect match today.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sandy Mitchell
Morning tea

I have turned a new coffee maker into a tea maker. So every morning I push the start button and brew my pot of the day, although it’s gone long before noon. I enjoy all the flavored teas and raspberry has always been one of my favorites. It has a very distinctive fresh raspberry taste. Can hardly wait to try more flavors.

Sandy Mitchell
Wonderful Passion fruit

I mostly drink fruit flavored black teas. I found this Passion fruit and am very happy. I was ready for something different from my other teas I drink and this company has wonderful flavors. The problem is I now don’t go to coffee shops to get a cup of tea. Why buy something that is not as good as what I have home.

Sandy Mitchell
Truly pineapple

I can never find a pineapple tea that has this much flavor. Now it is one of my favorite morning teas. I make a pot and enjoy it. Don’t laugh but besides a little sweetener, I sometimes add a splash of heavy cream. It just gives it a mellow taste, really nice, try it.

Sandy Mitchell
Really good!

I never buy orange tea because they always pair with spice and that’s not what I want. This tangerine tea is just the flavor of orange. I always use a little sweetener to bring out the flavor. Really good tea, so glad I found this tea company with the title coffee company.

ebony j
love it

If you are one who love lemon then this is the tea for you. I flavor all my tea with lemon so this tea was right up my alley. This tea is so flavorful and is now on my list for re-order. I absolutely put this tea on my top 5 list of all time and I order many teas from different companies. I recommend it and give it a 5+ for lemon flavor.

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