Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain Fair Trade, Indonesian Coffee

Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain Fair Trade Coffee

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Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain Fair Trade Coffee

High-Grown Certified Organic Fair Trade Coffee From the Sumatra Mandheling Region 


• Fresh medium to dark roast Indonesian Arabica coffee beans 

• Organic Fair Trade coffee that supports local farmers

• High-grown coffee that produces rich bold flavors

• Smooth and velvety texture with syrupy attributes

• Available in both 16oz or 8oz bag sizes

• Choose from either French press, whole bean, ground, or espresso grinds

Deliciously Smooth Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain Coffee Beans

If you love high-grown coffee, organic goodness, fair trade cultivation, and deliciously rich flavors, this Sumatra Gayo Mountain brew might be for you! Carefully tended to by local Sumatran farmers, our Organic Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain' coffee is grown at high altitudes and handled in accordance with strict regulations and practices. Cultivated, harvested, and naturally processed without the use of chemicals or pesticides, this smooth-tasting coffee produces a clean cup that is full-bodied and has a deep, rich flavor. Moreover, we prepare each small batch to a medium dark roast state. This produces an organic cup of coffee that is free of unpleasant or bitter notes. In addition to this, you can feel good with each brew since the surrounding community and the farmers who grow this organic coffee benefit directly from its production! Also, this particular Sumatra Mandheling coffee is high-grown slowly to develop its inherent flavors, minerals, oils, and aromatic properties. Genuinely Certified Organic and Fair Trade, this is an exceptional gourmet coffee for anyone to fall in love with! 

WIth a delicious Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain Flavor profile, this Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain brew offers earthy tones with pronounced aromatic properties and exotic, delicately fruity undertones. Moreover, this coffee is complex but sturdy, with a distinctly pronounced but not overbearing body. You’ll also enjoy its smooth velvety mouthfeel!

Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain Growing Region and Cultivation 

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This pure Organic Fair Trade coffee is carefully cultivated in the Gayo Mountain region of Sumatra. One of the finest regions in the world for the cultivation of Arabica beans, this Certified Organic Fair Trade coffee is expertly tended by local organic Fair Trade coffee farmers. At high elevations, the coffee trees are able to mature slowly the way that nature intended. These coffee beans are always free of pesticides and unnatural additives as well. When the green coffee cherries are harvested, they are washed and sundried before being dry packaged and shipped to the United States. When they arrive, we roast them fresh to order!

Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain and Indonesian Coffee History 

Coffee cultivation was first introduced to the Indonesian islands by Dutch settlers in the mid-seventeenth century. Indeed, these Indonesian coffee plantations are some of the oldest in the world! In 1877, many Indonesian coffee plantations were decimated by a form of root disease among the Arabica coffee trees. Most new coffee plants had to be imported from Africa and were primarily of the hardy Robusta species. Today, many Indonesian coffee plantations still mainly produce Robusta beans. These Robusta beans are exported to the United States and around the world. However, about 15% of Indonesian coffee plantations still grow pure Arabica beans for exportation to the United States. The best growing regions for Arabica coffee beans include the islands of Sumatra, the Sumatra Mandheling mountains, Sulawesi, Java, Flores, and Bali. As such, organic Sumatra Gayo mountain Indonesian Arabica beans are some of the rarest in the world! Traditionally, organic Sumatra Gayo mountain coffee beans are strong and complexly flavored with syrupy notes and balanced acidity.

Fresh Medium Dark Roast Coffee 

Here at One Great Coffee, we delicately medium dark roast each small batch of pure organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain coffee beans to perfection. As with many Sumatra Mandheling coffee variants, a medium or dark roast naturally brings out the inherent oils and flavors. Additionally, dark roast Sumatra Mandheling coffee is lower in acidity and thus, smoother and gentler than lightly roasted coffee. 

The Importance of Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Our superior Sumatra Gayo mountain brew is a genuine Certified Organic Fair Trade coffee! Local coffee farmers benefit directly from these Fair Trade coffee growth and exportation practices. In fact, the revenue that is generated from this Fair Trade coffee is used to develop the community and empower the people by providing for their educational needs!

Order Sumatra Gayo Mountain Organic Fair Trade Coffee Now 

If you are ready to taste the superior dark roast flavors and excellent balanced notes of this Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain’ coffee for yourself, it’s easy to order it right here at One Great Coffee! We offer this brew in either French press, whole bean, ground, and espresso variants in both 8oz and 16oz quantities. Moreover, since each small batch is freshly roasted, you’ll experience the best quality and flavors possible! 

Treat Yourself to Pure Organic Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain’ Coffee!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Rich, Smooth Flavor Organic Coffee

This is one the smoothest richest Timor roast I have tasted. I have tried many different small roasting companies, but this blend of Timor has the best full bodied but balanced taste.

Gayle Wendel

This roast is so smooth and clean tasting. I have tried several different ways of brewing, and it tastes so good. Thank you

Black Satin: Smooth and Great Taste

I love Black Satin coffee grounds because of the smooth taste and lots of flavor. Smooth as satin!!

Elizabeth Houghton
Very Smooth Flavor

I finally found some smooth Nicaragua coffee for the first time in years. The flavor is mild and smooth without a bitter aftertaste. I live in the Pacific Northwest and it is difficult to find the Nicaraguan medium roast. They all love that burnt coffee taste of Starbucks.

Love your Timor coffee

I was bored of my morning coffee and asked friends for suggestions. One very discerning friend led me to your Timor coffee. Wonderful. I am a fan.

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