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Organic Mexico Altura Tollan Coffee

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Organic Mexico Altura Tollan Coffee

Altura Tollan Light-medium Roast Coffee With Delicious Natural Flavor Notes 


• This is a smooth-tasting organic Mexico coffee

• You will enjoy a light-medium roast coffee with balanced acidity

• Coffee is available in 16oz or 8oz bag sizes

• Each Altura Tollan batch is roasted fresh when you place an order

• Mountain cloud coverage protects this coffee to encourage slow maturity

• These delicious Certified Organic Mexican beans grown in rich volcanic soils

• Choose from either French press, ground, espresso, or whole bean variations

• Grown using wholesome farming procedures 


This Certified Organic Mexican Coffee Flourishes in Your Cup

You'll love the flavors, texture, and aroma of this delicious organic Mexican coffee that has been grown in rich volcanic soils. Each batch of Mexican coffee brews a darkly colored cup with a silky mouthfeel and delicately sweet undertones. The local organic farmers work to encourage slow maturity in the coffee tree groves so that each hand-harvested batch of beans can develop how nature intended! The natural misty mountain cloud cover protects the coffee trees as the rich volcanic soils nourish their roots. The result is a rich cup of light-medium roast coffee with naturally bold and clean flavors. 


Dense Cloud Cover Protects the Certified Organic Mexican Coffee to Encourage Slow Maturity

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In the rich volcanic soils of the Ceocafen region, these coffee beans are high-grown so that the natural cloud cover protects them from the harsh rays of the sun. The way that the cloud cover protects these certified organic Mexican Altura Tollan coffee beans produces a microclimate effect. Here, the local farmers encourage slow maturity to ensure that the flavors and natural oils of the beans develop as nature intended. Coffee beans grown in rich volcanic soils are known for showcasing better flavors and bold mouth-watering aromas!  


High-Grown Coffee for Naturally Clean Organic Mexican Altura Tollan Flavors

These coffee beans are grown between 4 and 5 thousand feet above sea level and are harvested from November to March. They are fully washed and then sun-dried to prepare them for the February through July export season. This Certified organic Mexican coffee flourishes under these growth conditions. In each cup, clean and crisp flavors are easily detectable. 


Certified Organic Mexican Coffee Flourishes with Natural Growth Methods 

This Certified Organic Mexican coffee flourishes under natural farming practices. In fact, this Organic Altura Tollan coffee comes from the Ceocafen cooperative organization in Matagalpa, Jinotega, and the surrounding regions. This COOP focuses on producing the finest quality gourmet coffee using ecological farming practices, as well as improving the lives of its 2,600 active members through the region’s Fair-Trade Program. 


This Delicious Organic Mexican Coffee Brews the Perfect Cup 

If you have been in search of Mexican coffee brews with bold flavors, silky smoothness, and naturally clean flavors, you will find that this Certified organic Mexican coffee flourishes in your cup or espresso maker. Truly, this delicious organic Mexican coffee brews a clean and balanced cup of coffee every time! As a light-medium roast coffee, it has balanced acidity and superior-top notes, undertones, and flavors. 


Fresh Light-Medium Roast Mexican Altura Tollan Coffee Prepared to Order

When you order this coffee, we immediately roast each small batch. Then, we ship it right away to ensure excellence! That way, each delicious Mexican coffee brews beautifully and deeply in your cup. These beans come ready to release their natural essences and oils for your enjoyment! Choose from either French press, ground, whole bean, or espresso coffee variations. With our whole bean and espresso coffee grinds, you can access a dense crema and bright balanced flavors! 


Order Delicious Organic Mexico Altura Tollan Coffee Now

When the local organic Mexican Altura Tollan coffee farmers encourage slow maturity as the natural cloud cover protects their coffee trees, the resulting brew is truly something to behold. Are you ready to taste this light-medium roast coffee for yourself? If so, you can easily order it now! We roast each batch of beans the day we receive your order for superiority and excellence down to the last drop. Choose from many grind styles and either 8oz or 16oz bag sizes!

Experience the Excellence of Certified Organic Mexican Altura Tollan Coffee and Taste the MicroClimate Difference for Yourself!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Nikole Trimble
Great Espresso!

This is a great espresso! It is really smooth and there’s no bitter aftertaste. It’s bold but not harsh and has a really nice flavor! Highly recommend!

Kristen Merriam
Incredible coffe!

I look forward to this amazing coffee every morning!

Hi there!

Thank you for your kind words about our Organic Peru Andes Gold Coffee. We're thrilled to hear that it's become a staple in your morning routine. We take great pride in providing our customers with high-quality and delicious coffee. Thank you for your support and for being a part of our coffee community. Have a great day!

Peter Kosko Ocampo
Bold Flavor and Aroma, Smooth Taste

This coffee immediately had me going with the smell while brewing. It’s very bold, and makes one wonder if it will be too bitter. However, it is very smooth to drink while being bold tasting at the same time. I’m very impressed.


I was withholding my review until I heard something back from the company, but never received a reply. The coffee itself was well balanced and had really earthy notes up front. Out of the three bags I ordered, this bean was the most acidic and finished with brighter notes on the end. Overall a decent bean I wouldn't turn down. Unfortunately for me I had ordered an 8oz "expresso grind", but what I received was a 16oz, very inconsistent grind that was not capable of being used in any expresso machine. I even attempted to use it in a pressurized basket (which I keep on hand for lower quality grinds), but it just would not work. Unfortunately I was unable to use the coffee as I had intended and had to use it in my pour over. Very poor grinding and would not buy again for that reason!

A classic expresso with great flavor!

Of all three of the coffee bags I ordered, this one was one of the best as far as grind consistency and overall flavor. For anyone looking for an overall great cup of expresso, look no further!

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