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Organic Timor Fair Trade Coffee

Fair Trade Certified Cooperativa Cafe Timor Coffee Beans


• Genuine Fair Trade Certified Cooperativa Cafe Timor Organic Coffee

• Arabica beans with excellent body and brightness 

• Decadent flavors with mild dark chocolate hints

• Skillfully cultivated in the Indonesian East Timor Region

• Choose from either French press, whole bean, ground, or espresso variants

• Available in both 8oz and 16oz bag sizes

Fair Trade Certified Cooperativa Cafe Timor Organic Coffee

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If you have been craving delicate dark chocolate flavors, smooth undertones, and mildly sweet creamy top notes, this delicious organic coffee from East Timor might be for you! Carefully cultivated on small Fair Trade farms, this 100% pure Arabica coffee is also sometimes associated with Hibrido de Timor coffee. However, unlike Hibrido de Timor coffee, our organic beans are not hybrid. Instead, they are organically high-grown and carefully tended from seed to cup. Since the East Timor altitude is ideal for the growth and production of bold flavorful Arabica coffee beans, you will experience superiority in every cup of organic Timor coffee!

Cultivated on Small Farms in East Timor to Support Fair Trade

On the tiny island of Timor, over seven thousand farmers work on small farms to provide this delicious Organic Timor Coffee. The island is split in two, with Indonesia claiming the west side and East Timor, a small independent nation, inhabiting the rest. Gourmet coffee from Timor is unique because virtually all of the farmers grow organic coffee. However, since the coffee is grown on small farms, the farmers have banded together into 16 cooperatives and 494 small-scale farmer groups to improve their production capacity. This way, they can work together to operate the mills necessary to wet-process the small, flavorful, greenish-yellow Arabica coffee beans they produce. As such, each of these small farms is able to ensure superiority and quality in each selective batch of coffee beans. On top of that, since these small farms are Fair Trade Certified, the revenue from each harvest goes back into the community! So, when you purchase this Fair Trade brew, you are actually supporting small farms, local farmers, and their communities. Now that's a cup of Joe that you can feel good about drinking!

Slow-Grown at High East Timor Altitudes

Without question, the high East Timor altitudes let these coffee beans develop slowly the way that nature intended. Originally planted during the rainy season, the coffee beans are now harvested during the North American summer and exported during autumn. Therefore, all of this premium East Timor coffee is freshly imported. Additionally, this is superior shade-grown coffee from the Cooperativa Café Timor, established in 2000. Each cup has dark chocolate, spice, and herbal notes, with good acidity and an exceptional body. We know you'll love Organic Timor Fair Trade Coffee!

An East Timor Coffee with a Rich History 

The first premium coffee beans from East Timor were originally planted over 400 years ago by Portuguese colonists. However, after a coffee leaf rust epidemic, pure Arabica beans from East Timor were almost entirely wiped out in the area. Although the Arabica beans that were originally planted by Portuguese colonists were widely eliminated, a few selective strains survived. These coffee trees were carefully protected and still survive on some of the oldest East Timor plantations in the area! Aided by the high East Timor altitude, humid weather conditions, and shady local foliage, this Arabica coffee is like no other! 

About Today's East Timor Coffee Production 

Most coffee in East Timor is wet-processed. In rural households, the beans are roasted in a pan over an open fire before being pounded into powder. The powdered coffee is then placed in a cloth filter and boiling water is poured over it. In the capital city of Dili, on the other hand, mass-produced and instant coffees are gaining popularity. This, combined with young people’s lack of interest in becoming coffee farmers, presents a threat to East Timor’s coffee industry. Thankfully, young baristas are expressing interest and pride in high-quality Timorese coffee. Bean drip grinds and espresso beverages are once again becoming popular in the area. When you purchase these beans, you're helping to support the production and cultivation of Fair Trade East Timor coffee!

What is Hibrido De Timor Coffee?

Hibrido de Timor coffee is often grown in the Timor region of Indonesia and is an interspecific cross between Arabica coffee Robusta coffee species. It was created to be disease-resistant to leaf rust and other fungi. Hibrido de Timor coffee likely originated from a single Robusta parent plant in Indonesia. It has the disease resistance of Robusta coffee but flavor quality closer to that of Arabica. These characteristics have made it popular among coffee breeders, growers, and drinkers alike. Although Hibrido de Timor coffee is great for many reasons, our Timor Coffee is not a Hibrido De Timor hybrid. Instead, we offer pure Arabica beans from the Timor region. Pure East Timor Arabica beans are superior in flavor and consistency. Although pure Arabica beans are harder to grow, their profile and smooth acidity are often preferred over Robusta hybrids.

Order Organic Fair Trade East Timor Coffee Here 

Now, you can easily order Organic Timor Fair Trade Coffee at One Great Coffee! Not only do we offer this Fair Trade Certified Cooperativa Cafe Timor organic coffee in two bag sizes, but you can also choose from either French press, whole bean, ground, or espresso grind styles! Then, you can choose from 8oz or 16oz Organic Timor coffee quantities. Additionally, this organic coffee is roasted fresh in small batches to ensure superiority and excellence in every cup! Since we roast each small batch of coffee fresh, you’ll experience the rich and bright dark chocolate accents whether you brew bean drip grinds, espresso, French press, or cold brew coffee. Also, qualifying organic coffee orders may be eligible for free shipping. All in all, it's hard to top the taste or wholesomeness of this rare organic Arabica coffee grown in the lofty East Timor altitude regions. Savor the rich dark chocolate notes and smoothness of this Fair Trade Certified Cooperativa Cafe Timor organic coffee for yourself by ordering today!


Taste the Delicate Dark Chocolate Flavors and Rare Organic Arabica Superiority of this Fair Trade East Timor Coffee! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Robert Nichols
great morning coffee

Best coffee I have ever had

Michael Todd

Exactly what I ordered great service and a great cup of coffee

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review for our Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain Fair Trade Coffee. We are thrilled to hear that you received exactly what you ordered and that you had a great experience with our service. We hope every cup brings you happiness and satisfaction. Thanks again for choosing One Great Coffee. Happy sipping! -Mike

Stephen Brewer
Cheers for Timor

The Timor coffee makes a nice cup - mild, slightly sweet, and a great way to start the day.


I love ot but my husband said its weak

Shabtay Matalon
Excellent medium roast coffee

This coffee is excellent. I like the medium roast, not too bitter taste for both espresso and cappuccino. Shipment time to my home in California from the east coast of a week was longer than I desired, but the coffee tasted fresh for weeks and produces very nice espresso crema. I won't change it with any packed beans coffee in store sitting on the shelf, as with this coffee I know it was roasted close to order time. Keeping in air-tight container kept its freshness for many weeks.

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