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India Malabar Monsooned Voyage Coffee

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India Malabar Monsooned Voyage Coffee

Enjoy The Soft Flavors of Earthen Tones in this Distinctive Tasting Coffee


• A gentle and soft earthy brew with velvety smooth undertones

• Unique fermented flavors with a creamy mouthfeel and Earthen, woody nuances

• A medium-body balanced brew from Arabica varietal coffee beans

• Wet-processed to perfection for low acidity and gourmet superiority

• Uses the highest quality 100% India Monsooned Malabar coffee beans

• This is some of the most unique top-grade Arabica coffee with low acidity

• Freshly medium roasted and packaged in a heat-sealed valve bag on the day of shipping

• Choose from Whole bean, Drip grind, French press, or Espresso grinds 

• Select from 8-ounce and 16-ounce bag sizes

Enjoy the Uniquely Sweet Earthy Flavors of these Wet Processed Coffee Beans 

Here at One Great Coffee, we offer a large selection of gourmet coffee beans from climates and regions all over the world! Our large selection of gourmet coffee beans would not be complete without the soft flavors of earthen tones found in this India Malabar Monsooned Voyage Coffee! Since the 1600s, these coffee beans have been enjoyed worldwide. With an earthy fermented flavor, they’re like nothing else on earth!  

The Fascinating Origins of this Voyage Themed Indian Malabar Coffee

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Originally, these Indian Malabar coffee beans were transported in damp cargo holds on ships that had to cross wide expanses of open ocean. Throughout the long sea voyages, these coffee beans would slowly ferment in the damp dark conditions of the cargo hold. When they arrived in Europe, they would be transformed through fermentation with a slightly golden yellow color. The Europeans didn't know the difference between fresh and fermented coffee beans and became fond of the slightly sweet fermented earthy flavor profile!

Authentic Monsoon Season Coffee Like No Other

Today, these beans are no longer fermented in damp cargo holds. Instead, these coffee beans are harvested during India’s 16-week monsoon season. Then, they are slowly wet-processed to recreate that distinctly fermented flavor. In these damp conditions, the coffee is able to mature and change in ways that it never could under drier climate conditions. The result is an extraordinarily smooth and delicately sweet flavor with a slightly golden color! When brewed, these coffee beans create a gentle tanginess with a mellow flavor and unforgettable aroma. 

Various Grind and Size Options and Over Other 130 Other Coffees to Try

Order these delicious coffee beans and experience gourmet superiority in person! We offer this coffee in two different heat-sealed valve bag sizes. You can also choose your preferred grind style including ground, French press, and whole bean. We also offer over 130 other smooth gourmet coffee flavors for you to try! With every fresh-roasted order, you will enjoy the perfect cup of coffee with as little acidity as possible. Our coffee is some of the freshest and smoothest around! If you love this brew, check out our Indian Mysore or single-origin coffees! At our gourmet coffee company, we have something for everyone to adore. 

Delight Your Senses with the Delicately Sweet Fermented Earthy Flavors of these Gourmet Indian Malabar Coffee Beans!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Shawn P
Super Smooth

This coffee is one of the smoothest out there with almost no bitterness even when brewed black and strong. It is also a great entry point for newbies who say they don't like the taste of coffee.

Scott Trusty
Another Good Cup

I loved the aroma while grinding this coffee.

Nikhil Rao

India Mysore Gold Nugget Coffee

Family favorite!

This is our family's favorite coffee from One Great Coffee!

one of the best coffees I've ever enjoyed

perfect balance of boldness with light acidity.

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