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French Roast Coffee Single Serve

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French Roast Coffee Single Serve

A Signature Dark Roast Blend of Indonesian Arabica Coffee in Single-Serve Pods


*Available in 12pks and 24packs

  • Delicious Dark French Roast Coffee Blend
  • Bittersweet notes with full-bodied flavor 
  • Made with 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • A dark roast blend of French Indonesian coffee for lower acidity 
  • Freshly prepared and packaged in single-serve pods by our coffee roasters 
  • Always roasted the day your order ships for the best taste possible
  • Coffee pods are compatible with most Keurig and Keurig-type machines*

Delicious French Roast Coffee Blend

This special blend of Indonesian coffee beans is darkly roasted to create our delicious French Roast in each coffee pod. Our roastmaster has perfected a roast that enhances the boldness, yet reduces the acidity to give you a much more flavorful blend that doesn't seem bitter. This French Roast brews into a full-bodied cup with rich, almost smoky overtones and bittersweet chocolate-like nuances. Transport your taste buds to the small cafés of Paris when you brew our French Roast coffee blend!

All About Decadent Dark Roast Blend

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French roast beans are dark in color and decadent in flavor. The French roast style can be applied to various types of coffee beans. With this being said, dark roasts of Arabica coffee beans are usually preferred. Darkly roasted coffee is usually a deep brown with a shiny surface. The shiny surface of French Roast coffee beans comes from the rich oils that rise to the surface during the roasting process. Alternatively, medium roast coffee is light brown in color. Also, a medium roast will often not have the same oily sheen. As such, this darkly roasted coffee is rich, bold, and indulgent. Ground fresh right after roasting, we package it in single-serve pods for your convenience! For a low-acidity cup of coffee, dark roasts like this are best. This is because dark-roasted coffee prevents hydrochloric acids from building up. F or real good coffee that’s easy on the tummy, our dark-roasted French Roast Blend is ideal! 

An Indonesian Blend of French Roast Coffee Beans

Indonesia is the perfect growing region for bold and flavorful coffee beans. In the rich local soils, these French Roast coffee beans are carefully tended and harvested at the peak of perfection. As such, each batch of decadent French Roast coffee beans implements a signature flavor with decadent aromatic properties for superiority down to the last drop. We prepare it fresh and ship it right to you!


Transport Your Taste Buds To The Small Cafés Of Paris When You Brew Our French Roast Coffee in Single-Serve Pods!


All our One Great Coffee's single-serve coffee pods are compatible with most* Keurig and Keurig-type machines including the Keurig 2.0.

*One Great Coffee's single-serve coffee pods are NOT compatible with the new Keurig K-Supreme brewing system. Please use only with the Keurig Classic or Keurig 2.0 and compatible systems.


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Yummy and convenient

This has a bold, smooth taste that is definitely worth a try.

No bitterness

Good coffee with no bitterness

Great Taste

Great taste and a do over

Good Coffee

Good coffee with no bitterness

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