Fiesta Fudge Coffee | Creamy Chocolate Mexican Liqueur Notes

Fiesta Fudge Flavored Coffee

Flavor Notes: Creamy Chocolate; Mexican liquor; Sweet Fudge

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Fiesta Fudge Flavored Coffee

An Infusion Of Creamy Chocolate With Undertones Of Mexican Liqueur And A Rich Coffee Taste  



• Enjoy essences of heady Mexican liqueur with the sweet flavor of fudge

• Rich fudge aroma blends wonderfully with our authentic Arabica bean coffee

• Made with the 100% Grade One Arabica Coffee Beans

• Choose from regular or decaf options for any time of the day 

• Available in either 8 oz sample size 16 oz full-size options

• French press, standard ground, or whole bean grind styles 

• Each small batch is roasted fresh to order just before shipping 

• Enjoy a calorie cup of coffee that’s rich in antioxidants and flavor

• Delicious flavors and decadent extracts are hand-blended with care

• A heat-sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee possible

• This is an excellent choice for fans of darker roast of flavors

Deliciously Spiced Chocolate Flavors with a Touch of Mexican Liquor 

Ai caramba! This thick, creamy fudge and Mexican Liqueur flavors make this Fiesta Fudge coffee complete! That's right! We like our customers to be indulgent and to have a little fun with their coffee. However, since there's no actual alcohol or saturated fat in our coffee, this guilty pleasure is actually...guiltless. Go ahead and indulge! Pump up some music, dance by the counter, and celebrate with this Fiesta Fudge flavored coffee! 


Premium Fresh-Roasted Hand-Blended Arabica Coffee Beans 

Make every day a fiesta as your favorite fudge flavors and Mexican Liqueur combine in a decadent coffee treat. This brew is sure to make any dream of rich homemade fudge come true. We also offer this flavor in a decaf coffee option and allow you to choose from three fresh grind styles. A heat-sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee. Every small custom batch is roasted fresh on the day it ships. Enjoy!


Other Great Flavors to Try

If this fresh fudge flavor sounds good to you, you may also enjoy any of our numerous Chocolate Flavored Coffee options. Or, if you like a hint of unique spice in your daily grind, try our Spicy Taco Coffee! At One Great Coffee, your options are virtually limitless. We have over 130 delicious flavored coffee options to consider! Hand blended and roasted the day they ship, our coffees are sure to make your daily caffeine routine a thing of beauty! 

Get the Party Started with Rich Fudge and Spiced Liqueur Flavors in Your Coffee Cup! 

*Allergen notice: These flavored coffee beans may contain nut oils or extracts.

** This is a Non-Alcoholic product made with flavoring oils, extracts, spices, and fresh Grade One Arabica coffee beans

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Edward Fritsch Koehl
"This coffee's good"

Whole Bean, medium-coarse grind, Pour Over,16:1 ratio. That's what my wife said this morning. A nice chocolate aroma with a flavor to match.

Dessert without the Guilt

Tastes like a warm brownie in a cup. I love the guiltless pleasure of the chocolate flavor and no calories. Such a treat! A definite favorite.

James T.

Tried this flavor for the first time last week. It was smooth and flavorful. Some chocolate flavored coffee we've tried from others has tasted somewhat bitter to us. Not Hot Fudge Brownie! It gave us a great cup of coffee!

Cassie Baumgardner
Great flavor

This hot fudge coffee is perfect for when I'm wanting something chocolate without all the added calories, it's definitely going to be a repeat buy for me.

Susan RoAne
Hot Fudge Brownie Coffee adds great flavor

I add chocolate brownie coffee beans to my French roast beans to add that special flavor. I’m not a good cook but I make GREAT coffee because of the chocolate flaored beans!

Hi Susan, thanks for the review! We have to try this ourselves; we are always experimenting!

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