Colombia Supremo La Valle Verde Fresh Colombian Coffee

Colombia Supremo 'La Valle Verde' Coffee

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Colombia Supremo La Valle Verde Coffee

Pure Certified Colombian coffee federation Single Origin Supremo La Valle Coffee

About these Gourmet Columbian 'La Valle Verde Beans

• Expertly Cultivated by Local Colombian Coffee Farmers

• Decaf and Regular Coffee Available

• Freshly Roasted in Small Batches

• Choose from Various Grind Styles

• This Colombian Coffee Offers Rich Coffee Flavors

• Strong Pure Aroma, Pure Single-Origin Valle Verde Coffee

• Preferred by Colombian coffee farmers

• 16oz and 8oz Bag Sizes


Pure Gourmet Arabica Columbian La Valle Verde Coffee Beans

This high-quality Colombian La Valle Verde coffee uses only the finest Supremo 'La Valle Verde coffee beans. Supremo 'La Valle beans are larger than many other types of Arabica coffee beans and provide a distinctive flavor that's naturally sweet. Grown in the rich and fertile soil of the Central Valley of Columbia, these Supremo 'la Valle Arabica beans are then gently wet-processed. As such, they have a smooth and balanced body, flavor, and approved by the Colombian coffee federation. With delicate citrus notes, balanced brightness, and creamy consistency, this is a wonderful coffee to enjoy every day.

Over 75 Years of Quality CCF Coffee Production

For three-quarters of a century, the Colombian Coffee Federation (CCF) has been carefully monitoring the cultivation of some of the most delicious coffee beans in the entire world! By supporting over half a million locally-based Colombian coffee farmers, various rich Colombian coffee bean blends are competitively produced each year. This leads to an array of Columbian coffees with distinctive flavors and superior quality!

Rich Supremo 'La Valle Coffee Flavors

This coffee offers mild acidity, sweet robust undertones, signature aromas, and a crisp flavor profile! Indeed, this coffee can be used to brew a superior cup of coffee or espresso shot that is sure to leave you feeling satisfied! After all, there's a reason that South American Arabica coffee beans are some of the most popular in the world, preferred by Colombian coffee farmers. All in all, if you've been searching for a delightfully rich and satisfying combination of premium single-origin Colombian Arabica coffee beans, this is a fantastic option to try. Plus, it's endorsed by the Colombian coffee federation!

How is this coffee Colombia Supremo 'La Valle Coffee different from Antigua Guatemala Coffee?

Colombia Supremo La Valle Verde coffee beans differ from Antigua Guatemala beans in a few ways. While both coffees offer a smoothly balanced body and a clean-tasting cup free of additives with rich coffee flavors, they are sourced from different regions. Colombia Supremo La Valle Verde coffee is hand-harvested and immediately processed by Colombian coffee farmers using a washing method that removes the pulp and skin from the bean while the fruit is still fresh. The beans are then soaked to loosen the excess pulp and washed again. Next, since Colombia produces rich Valle Verde coffee under the Colombian Coffee Federation. The CCF constantly monitors the coffee production standards of the region. Since the CCF constantly monitors the coffee process, Supremo is destined to become exceptional. Also, Colombian coffee offers a smoothly balanced body with Arabica beans that create a sultry and rich profile. These Arabica beans are wonderful for those seeking a clean-tasting cup free of harshness with natural oils and rich coffee flavors.

This Colombian Coffee Offers Superiority Down to the Last Drop!

Our coffee comes from a coffee farm that has been part of the Colombian Coffee Federation for over 75 years. The has been one of the world's most successful organizations that supports more than half a million Colombian coffee farmers. This is one reason why Colombia produces rich, gourmet coffee that is the highest grade and quality. These Arabica beans provide a clean-tasting cup free of overly bright or burnt flavors with a smoothly balanced body!

Colombia Produces Rich High-Quality Coffee

From the Central Valley of Colombia, these wet-processed Arabica beans provide a smoothly balanced body with acidic brightness, filling your cup with rich coffee flavors that are lightly sweet. With excellent balance, this Colombian coffee offers a clean-tasting cup free of defects.

Our Colombia Supremo La Valle Coffee is Freshly Roasted in Small Batches

At One Great Coffee, this expertly roasted Colombia Supremo La Valle Verde Coffee comes freshly packaged in either 16oz or 8oz quantities. Moreover, you Can choose from either regular or decaf variants. This superior single-origin gourmet Columbian coffee is available in various grinds as well. Choose from Ground, French Press, Whole Bean, or Espresso styles. Every small batch of this premium La Valle Verde coffee is freshly roasted for the highest levels of quality and satisfaction!

Support Columbian Coffee Farmers by Drinking Delicious Coffee With a Smoothly Balanced Body!

Customer Comment: After our trip to Mexico I'm coffee spoiled. After reading reviews I purchased four varieties of coffee and this is the only one I've tried so far. It's good. No bitterness. Better than anything we can get at the grocery store here. 

Customer Reviews

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Columbian coffee

I love this coffee. And it was roasted as we like. Will order again.

Columbian Coffee

My Family loves this Columbian Coffee. I'll have to order more!

Great Coffee

The aroma and taste is what I look forward to each morning.

Myra D

I would recommend this coffee to anyone that likes a bolder tasting coffee.

Superb Coffee

We love this coffee, great price and quality

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