Honduras Coffee Collection

    Honduras has dedicated 20% of its suitable landmass to producing coffee, which is high-grown above 4,500 feet in the mountainous region. Honduras has been given the strictly high-grown label, which means that coffee from this region is much denser and full of rich flavor.

    This gourmet coffee is mild with subtle undertones of nuts and honey, making it's light, sweet taste and smooth texture a favorite among coffee-lovers everywhere. Because gourmet coffee from Honduras is roasted with beans that are more dense and flavorful, every sip is truly sensational
    2 products

    2 products

    Honduras 'Silver Hills' Coffee is cultivated and imported directly from Central America as one of the best coffees of the region, and it's one of the most popular here at One Great Coffee. The rich soils in which this coffee is produced provides a great environment for the growth, cultivation, and harvesting of these gourmet coffee beans.

    If you're a coffee lover who's looking for a taste that's like no other, then look no further than gourmet coffee that's grown and produced within the bountiful hills of Honduras! We're sure you won't be disappointed!