Caramel Flavored Coffee

While many gourmet coffee lovers enjoy their coffee black, there are several people who enjoy the taste and aroma of flavored coffees. Some prefer their coffee to have a hint of vanilla, some the smooth touch of chocolate or mocha, while others look forward to the taste and flavor of savory caramel. Caramel - along with vanilla and mocha - continues to rank in among the favorites of our customers. With everything from the sweet and salty Salted Caramel to the unique and savory Caramel Apple, we're sure you'll find something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Remember what it's like to wake up to the smell of freshly-baked cinnamon rolls?
    Get yourself a batch of our Caramel Pecan Roll flavored coffee and enjoy a signature dessert sensation with every sip. Looking for something a little more classic? Try our French Caramel, which evokes an ambiance of decadence. These coffees create the sophisticated feel that only premium coffee could conjure up. Whether you're looking for something sweet or something classic, we've got the best caramel flavored coffees for everyone! Satisfy all your sweet and caramel cravings with decaf caramel coffee as well. You can even choose your preferred grind level! Grind styles include either ground, French press, or whole bean. Each small batch is roasted fresh to order!
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