Why Is Coffee Called Joe?

Why Is Coffee Called Joe? Here's What to Know!

If you're like us, coffee is an essential part of your daily grind. In fact, you may go so far as to consider coffee something like a friend. However, no matter how close you are with your coffee, we doubt you've actually named it. Not to worry, it seems that someone already gave it a name for you! We're talking of course about calling coffee a “cup of joe.” 

But where did this name come from? Why was coffee called Joe and how did the name stick so permanently? Below, we'll go over this little tidbit of coffee trivia so that you will never have to wonder again. 

Why was coffee called Joe and how did the name stick? 

So exactly why is coffee called Joe? Well, there are a few theories about this interesting colloquialism. The leading theories include a secretary in the Navy, a few slang terms, and the familiarity of the beverage itself. 

The Navy Theory

The Navy Theory goes like this. In 1913, a man named Joseph Daniels was appointed as the secretary of the US Naval Forces by President Woodrow Wilson. Secretary Joseph issued a general order that prohibited the consumption of alcohol aboard all Naval vessels. This was known as General Order 99

Afterward, the strongest drink that sailors were allowed to consume was coffee. Since these naval officers were now sober and, let’s be honest, pretty disgruntled, they began calling coffee a “cup of Joe” in remembrance of Joseph Daniels. Getting between a sailor and his bottle of rum is not the best way to endear yourself to the public! 

The Familiarity of Coffee

The next theory has to do with coffee being the drink of the everyday man. The average man, as you likely know, is commonly called an average Joe. Coffee was so popular and necessary in daily life that it soon became known as a cup of joe. 

Slang Term Theory 

The third theory has to do with coffee being colloquially known as Java or Jamoke. Referring to coffee as Jamoke is likely where the mocha term originates. Referring to it as Java has to do with the Java region where coffee is so prevalent. Joe is just a slang way to shorten one of these words. 

A Lasting Love for Coffee

Although it's hard to tell where the phrase “cup of joe” really comes from, one thing is for sure: Everybody loves a fresh, rich, smooth, cup of coffee. If you're like us and you appreciate everything about delicious coffee, why not try some of the freshest, most carefully prepared, gourmet coffee for yourself? 

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