Whole or Ground? Difference and Storage of Coffee

Whole or Ground? Difference and Storage of Coffee and What Grind to Get 

Coffee Grind Level & Whole Bean VS Ground Storage FAQs 


Do you love fresh coffee beans? Are you trying to find the ideal way to store whole or ground coffee? Have you been wondering whether to get whole beans, ground beans, or something else? At One Great Coffee, we get it. True coffee lovers want their coffee beans to stay fresh and delicious! Moreover, you want to get the right grind for your daily caffeine routine. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to grind levels and coffee storage so you can get the freshest coffee time after time!


Skip the Hassle and Just Get the Freshest Coffee Roasted the Same Day Online

For the freshest whole beans, ground beans, gourmet brews, and flavored coffee, just place an order with us! We sell coffee that is roasted freshly and placed in vacuum-sealed packaging on the same day that your order is prepared and shipped! So, you won't have to worry about keeping your coffee fresh. It's already fresher than a brand new bag from your local store!

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What Is The Difference Between Pre-Ground and Whole Bean Coffee?

The big difference between pre-ground and whole bean coffee is its flavor, scent, and freshness. Pre-ground coffee is handy to have available, especially if it has been freshly roasted and ground recently. However, pre-ground coffee from the grocery store has usually been sitting there for quite a while. As such, you will notice distinctive flavor differences. The benefit of whole bean coffee is that it is fresher than pre-ground coffee, creating a distinct flavor and aroma difference. 


Whenever Possible, Fresh Roasted Coffee is Always the Way to Go 

With that in mind, the most important factor for the freshness of your coffee is how recently it has been roasted. It doesn’t matter what grind you use if your coffee has been roasted within the last 7 days. For this reason, all of the coffee beans that we sell are roasted on the same day that they are shipped to you. Consequently, when you order coffee here, you can choose any grind level. All of our coffee comes to you fresh and bursting with the smoothest flavors.


With our custom pre-ground coffees (available in Standard, French Press, and Espresso grind levels), we grind each batch of freshly roasted coffee beans right after they have been prepared by our roastmasters. Then, we package them in reflective heat-sealed valve bags so that they arrive at your doorstep as fresh as possible. 


In fact, the freshness and flavor difference is so distinct that many of our customers have commented on how smooth each delicious cup of coffee is. Just read our customer reviews and you will see that there truly is a difference between stale store-bought coffee and fresh-roasted coffee that has been shipped directly from the roaster. 


For Optimal Freshness, are Whole Beans or Ground Beans Better?

In most instances, for the best possible cup of coffee, you will want to go with whole beans. This is because ground coffee has a higher proportion of surface area. As such, it tends to go stale more quickly than whole coffee beans. So, if you have the equipment and time, it is best to freshly grind your whole coffee beans every time you make a pot or shot. Plus, a package of coffee in whole bean format will last slightly longer than pre-ground coffee. 


How to Grind Your Whole Coffee Beans?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of grinding your own beans? Not to worry! You can get a decent coffee grinder for less than $17. After you see the difference in the taste of your coffee, you will see why this extra step is worth it. Grinding your coffee beans fresh only takes about 30 seconds more than simply scooping your coffee from a pre-ground container. The optimal grind size for a pot of coffee is a coarse, gritty texture. For espresso, it is a finer, more powdery grind. 


What About Frozen Beans? Does the Freezer Really Work for Keeping Coffee Fresh? 

If you want to keep your coffee fresh for a long time, you can store it in the freezer. This is great if you have ordered your coffee in bulk and can’t drink it quickly. When you store your coffee in the freezer, be sure to store it unopened if possible.


When storing coffee in the freezer, it is best to put an unopened heat-sealed valve bag of coffee beans inside of another zip-lock bag to prevent freezer burn. Coffee can last an extra month in the freezer. To thaw frozen coffee, just let it sit on the counter at room temperature for about 45 minutes. 


However, frozen coffee still isn’t as good as fresh coffee. We would recommend ordering each batch fresh from us. That way, you get a great cup of coffee no matter what. Plus, our brews are fresher than what you can find at any possible store. This is because they are never stored in a warehouse or left to sit on a shelf. Instead, our fresh-roasted coffee goes out in the mail the same day we prep your order. 



Can I store Coffee in the Fridge? 

Please don’t store your coffee in the fridge. It is better to leave it on the counter than put it in a damp cold place like your fridge. A cool dry cabinet is a nice safe place to keep your coffee. The thing is, a refrigerator has other food items and condensation. These factors can impact the flavor of your coffee. Coffee can also absorb the flavors of the food in your fridge. Gross! The fridge absolutely will not extend the life of your coffee, but will actually make it go bad faster. If you live in an area with high humidity, keep your freshly opened coffee in a zip-lock bag. Then, you can store that bag on the countertop. 


What is the Best Way to Get Fresh Coffee at Home?

No matter how you store your coffee beans, for the best fresh coffee, you have to get freshly roasted bags. We have you covered there! At One Great Coffee, we sell fresh roasted gourmet single-origin and flavored coffees of all kinds. Plus, we sell sample-size 8-oz valve-sealed bags that are perfect for your weekday mornings. With these smaller bags, your coffee will usually stay fresh and delicious to the last scoop. With these delicious beans, you usually won’t have to worry about storage. You will probably finish your entire bag in less than a week! It’s that tasty. But if not, we recommend storing your coffee beans using the above methods. 

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