What is a pistachio cream cold brew?

All About Pistachio Cream Cold Brew Coffee Drinks 

Wondering what a pistachio cream cold brew coffee is? This complete guide goes over it all and includes a tasty copycat recipe, too!

Ever thought about trying pistachio coffee? For many people, nutty flavors in coffee can be a real treat. After all, the almond flavors in amaretto and the toasted notes in hazelnut do an amazing job of imparting rich, smooth nuances to coffee. So how is pistachio coffee? Well, it can be great, as long as you have the ideal flavor balance. (This pistachio-flavored coffee available for sale online, for instance, is a great example of balanced nuances.) Pistachio has nutty, sweet, nougat-like flavors that can wonderfully complement a range of brews! 

The latest pistachio coffee craze is proof of this. But with all of this pistachio goodness, we find ourselves asking, what is this newest pistachio cream cold brew, and are these drinks any good?

Below, we will answer all of your pistachio cream cold brew questions so you can decide whether this unique coffee drink is right for you! We will also give you a delicious Starbucks pistachio cream cold brew dupe recipe so that you can make the best copycat coffee from home and save money. 


What is a pistachio cream cold brew?

Many coffee shops are now offering pistachio cream cold brew beverages. The large coffee chain Starbucks, for instance, has just released a signature cold brew coffee sweetened with vanilla syrup, topped with pistachio cream cold foam, and accentuated by brown butter sprinkles. This delicious, albeit pricey, drink is admittedly pretty tasty. However, it is also easy to make your own version at home with fresh homemade cold brew coffee and less than 6 ingredients! (We will tell you how below.) 


Is the pistachio cream cold brew sweet?

Yes, this cold brew coffee drink is slightly sweet. If you get one at a chain like Starbucks, the cold brew coffee itself is only lightly sweetened with vanilla syrup. However, the creamy cold foam on top is heavy and rich in sweetness. Also, the vanilla syrup in the coffee portion can be lightly sweet or heavily sweet, depending on how many pumps are added. If you want your pistachio cream cold brew extra sweet, ask for an additional pump or two of vanilla syrup. 


What does pistachio cream cold foam taste like?

Many people say that this cold brew coffee beverage has the perfect balance of sweetness, creaminess, and bitterness. The hints of bitterness come from the cold brew coffee itself. Then, the thick velvety cold foam cream on top adds savory sweetness. There isn't a ton of pistachio flavor, only a delicately mellow and nutty taste in the cold foam topping. If you want a more distinctive nutty taste, use almond, hazelnut, or pistachio-flavored coffee grounds like these! Many people also like to top this drink with bits of crumbled-up salted caramel, brown sugar, or toasted pistachio pieces. This adds some interesting texture to the whole thing.  


What is pistachio cream Starbucks drink?

At Starbucks, the pistachio cream cold foam drink is made using cold brew coffee topped with thick pistachio-flavored cold cream foam. The result is a creamy and balanced drink that is slightly sweet. The sweetness mainly comes from the decadent creamy foam. This drink has a wide lid so that you can sip on the foam and the coffee at the same time. If you make it at home, you can add as much cold foam as you want and sip from a glass to beautifully blend the cold brew coffee and the sweet foam in your mouth.


How to make cold brew pistachio sweet cream cold foam yourself?

This beverage is fairly simple to copy with easy ingredients at home! In fact, we have an entire guide that can tell you how to make your own sweet cream cold foam at home. Below we have also included a simple copycat pistachio sweet cream cold foam recipe. 


Copycat / Dupe Pistachio Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew Recipe

Pistachio Cream Cold Brew Coffee Recipe Ingredients: 

• Glass bottle and strainer for making at-home cold brew (It is easiest to make your cold brew coffee the day before. You can buy a kit or just use a strainer and a glass bottle with a lid.)

• Ground coffee (This kind is perfect and lets you get pistachio flavor without the calories) 

• Pistachio simple syrup (Like this one)

• Heavy whipping cream (Any kind you prefer, it adds thick creaminess.)

• Dairy-free heavy whipping cream (This is for thickening your cold foam, so it mimics the kind you'd get at a coffee shop - here's an example)

• Hard caramel candy (for crushed topping; here's a good candy example to use.)

• Milk frother or whisk (We like this one, it's a cold foam game changer.)


Instructions for Making the Sweet Pistachio Cream Cold Foam: 

To make pistachio cold foam at home, we recommend mixing one part regular heavy whipping cream, one part dairy-free heavy whipping cream (sold at most grocery stores), and one part pistachio-flavored simple syrup, in a glass. Then, use a handheld milk frother to blend it. Start whipping it all together in a glass with the frother until the desired level of creamy thickness is achieved. You can also add powdered sugar for sweetness if you want. That’s basically it! Cold foam complete.

Instructions for Pistachio Cold Brew Coffee: 

To make yummy, fresh at-home cold-brew coffee, simply use this delicious pistachio-flavored coffee and our at-home cold-brew recipe. You will want to prepare your cold-brew coffee the day before so it can steep in your fridge overnight for at least 12 hours. This makes good coffee that’s smooth and of the right strength. Strain any stray coffee grounds out of your cold brew, and you're all set!  

Putting it All Together: 

Poor your fresh cold brew coffee into a glass. Then, you can sweeten your cold brew coffee with a little bit of vanilla simple syrup if you desire. After your coffee is sweetened lightly or to taste, add your pistachio cream cold foam on top. You pour a small layer of foam or a thick layer; it is up to you! The picture above has a very thin layer of cold foam, but you can layer on the sweetened foam how you like it!

To finish it all off, you can top this drink with a little bit of brown sugar or crushed-up salted caramel candy pieces. Voila! you have just made a dupe pistachio cream cold foam copycat recipe at home. Enjoy!


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