Using Heavy Cream in Coffee: The Ultimate Guide

Wondering Whether to Use Heavy Whipping Cream in Your Coffee? Here's What to Know!

Have you ever tried using heavy cream in your coffee? Most coffee lovers have tried an array of different types of dairy in their daily brew. Whole milk, coconut milk, almond milk, and half and half, are all popular options used to cut through the bitterness of coffee and give it a rich, smooth, creamy consistency. But what about heavy cream? In this guide, we will explore whether using heavy whipping cream in your coffee might be a great new way to make it taste exceptional! 

First Things First: What is Heavy Whipping Cream? 

Heavy whipping cream, sometimes just called heavy cream, is a dairy product made from the thickest part of milk that rises to the top of the liquid during processing. This type of thick cream contains 36% to 40% fat and is the thickest part of cow’s milk. Rich, thick, and easy to froth, heavy whipping cream is used to make whipped cream, certain kinds of breve coffee drinks, and an array of other beverages. 

Heavy Whipping Cream Facts

- Commonly used in desserts and baking, heavy whipping cream is often pasteurized, homogenized, or ultra-pasteurized.

- When frothed, this thick cream doubles in volume helping it form stiff peaks. It's different from half and half, as it has more cream and fat.

- Interestingly enough, a substitute for heavy whipping cream can be made by combining half and half and butter in a pinch. 

- Heavy whipping cream will always contain at least 36% milk fat, but the amount of fat your specific type of heavy whipping cream has will usually depend on its brand.

All in all, heavy whipping cream is thick, rich, full of fat content, and great for making drinks or recipes creamier and more decadent. 

But can you use heavy whipping cream instead of creamer in your coffee? 

Yes, You Can Definitely Use Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee!

Can you use heavy whipping in your coffee? Definitely!

Adding heavy whipping cream to your coffee will cut through any bitterness and astringency to produce a velvety mouthfeel and a creamier taste. You can use heavy cream instead of creamer, and since it's a natural product, it will have fewer chemicals and preservatives, making it an arguably better choice. 

How to use heavy whipping cream in coffee? 

The easiest way to use heavy whipping cream in coffee is to simply stir in about a tablespoon per cup of freshly brewed, hot black coffee. You can add more heavy whipping cream than this, but adding about a tablespoon at a time is a good starting point so that you can achieve your desired consistency, creaminess, and flavor. 

How does heavy whipping cream coffee taste?

Heavy whipping cream coffee is thicker and smoother than regular coffee, and has a distinctively creamy taste. It will be light in color and less bitter than black coffee. It's similar to coffee with creamer, but the consistency is often creamier and richer. Heavy whipping cream also does a great job of preserving the flavor of coffee and all of its subtle nuances, while simultaneously cutting through bitterness. 

Heavy Cream Coffee: FAQs

Now, let's go over some frequently asked questions on heavy whipping cream coffee, how to make it, and why it could be a good option if you're looking for something simple, smooth, and decadent.  

Heavy Cream vs. Half and Half

Many people confuse heavy whipping cream and half and half. This makes sense, as both are popular dairy cream products that usually come in cartons and can easily be added to coffee drinks. Although heavy whipping cream and half and half are both creamy dairy liquids, they have some significant differences. Mainly, in their fat content and viscocity. Knowing the difference can help you more easily craft the perfect cup of java!

About Heavy Cream 

Although heavy whipping cream and half & half have many similar uses, these are distinctly different milk products. Heavy whipping cream is also known as just heavy cream. This is a thick cream that is high in fat and rises to the top of fresh milk, after which it is skimmed off during manufacturing. Many dairy producers speed up the process of gathering heavy whipping cream by using tools called separators. 

Heavy cream is graded according to the amount of fat that it contains. Most counties in the United States have designated standards that define heavy whipping cream and grade it. Although dairy cream is typically the main ingredient found in heavy whipping cream, sometimes heavy whipping cream also contains a type of gum to thicken and improve its consistency. 

About Half & Half 

In comparison, half and half is a dairy product made by combining equal parts whole milk and cream. As such, it's thinner than heavy whipping cream and has a lower fat content, usually of 10 to 18% milk fat. Half and half has a light and delicate mouthfeel. There are also fat-free varieties of half and half, whereas there aren't any fat-free versions of heavy whipping cream.

Heavy Cream Health Benefits, Heavy Whipping Cream Nutrition, Heavy Cream Calories, and Other Considerations

So are there any health benefits to heavy whipping cream? Well, that depends on your diet. Heavy whipping cream is very low in carbohydrates. A half cup of heavy whipping cream contains only 3 grams of carbohydrates. Half of a cup of heavy whipping cream also contains 113 mg of potassium, 58% of your daily vitamin A intake, and 10% of your vitamin D intake. 

What is heavy whipping cream nutrition like?

Since heavy whipping cream is a full-fat dairy product, it has more fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K, and vitamin E. Your body can more easily absorb fat-soluble vitamins of this kind. 

For people following a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet (like Keto or Atkins), heavy whipping cream can be a great way to absorb extra nutrition and boost your energy. However, if you have heart problems, the American Heart Association recommends that you get no more than five or six percent of your daily calories from saturated fats. Not to mention, half of a cup of heavy whipping cream contains a whopping 408 calories!

So, bear this in mind when consuming lots of heavy cream products. Still, 1 tbsp of heavy whipping cream contains about 60 calories which is usually considered a reasonable amount to add to your coffee. 

Tips for Using Heavy Cream in Coffee

If you want your coffee to be thicker, richer, and have a more velvety mouthfeel, heavy whipping cream can be a great ingredient to add. Heavy cream is particularly good in a dark roast brew! However, compared with milk, many feel that it is better to use heavy cream as your dairy of choice with a light roast too, since the oils actually enhance the flavors found naturally in coffee bean oils.

Heavy Cream Has a More Oily Consistency Than Milk

Since heavy whipping cream is also fattier than other types of dairy milk, it blends more easily with the inherent oils of coffee in a cup of Joe. This means that it will mix nicely into your hot coffee and create a very smooth mouthfeel! Bearing this in mind, all that fat content means that heat is an essential part of adding heavy cream to coffee and integrating everything smoothly. For this reason, adding it to iced coffee can be tricky, and will require more blending. 

With Heavy Cream in Coffee, a Little Goes a Long Way

Also, remember not to use heavy whipping cream in the same way that you would use milk in your coffee. When it comes to using heavy whipping cream in a cup of black coffee, a little bit goes a long way! 

How to add heavy cream to cold coffee or make heavy cream iced coffee? 

If you add straight heavy cream to cold coffee, the oils may not bind together as easily, creating an unfavorable texture and some separation in your cup. So, if you are using heavy whipping cream in a cold brew drink or iced coffee, consider using a shaker or electric frothing tool to make sure that all ingredients, fats, and oils, bind together consistently. Then, you can get a wonderfully creamy flavor without any weird texture effects. 

Why use heavy whipping cream in coffee? 

Heavy whipping cream can be a great choice for people trying to limit their daily intake of carbohydrates. It also makes coffee taste incredibly rich and creamy because of its high-fat content. 

Heavy Cream vs. Coffee Creamer

So what about heavy cream vs. coffee creamer? Well, heavy whipping cream is arguably healthier than most shelf-stable coffee creamers, which often contain a lot of sugars, preservatives, seed oils, and other unnatural ingredients. While coffee creamer is often made by combining water, vegetable oils, flavors, and sugar, heavy whipping cream is not as highly processed. As a mostly pure animal product, it’s definitely a more natural option. If nothing else, it's a great way to enjoy coffee with simple and straightforward ingredients only.

Can You Make Atkins and Keto-Friendly Heavy Cream Coffee Drinks? 

Many people enjoy heavy whipping cream when they are following Atkins or a Ketosis diet. Heavy whipping cream is primarily made up of fat and has few carbohydrates, after all. So yes, you can use heavy whipping cream in your morning coffee if you are following a Keto diet or on Atkins. Just do your research and be sure to watch your carbohydrate intake carefully. If you are avoiding sugar and carbs, you might want to try a flavored coffee with heavy whipping cream, as this combo can be a real winner!


Final Verdict on Heavy Cream Coffee...

With its high-fat content and low carb nature, heavy whipping cream can be used to give you a significant energy boost in the morning, especially when combined with the caffeine of coffee. 

Moreover, when you use flavored coffee that does not contain any extra sugar (like these coffees) in conjunction with heavy cream, you can enjoy bold, flavorful, and creamy coffee drinks that are also low in carbohydrates! 

As such, if you've been craving a rich, creamy, and decadent morning boost without a bunch of chemicals from coffee creamer or carbs from sugar and added flavoring, heavy whipping cream coffee can be a match made in heaven!

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