Top 5 New Christmas Flavor Coffees This Holiday Season

Our Top 5 Best Christmas Coffee Flavors: Unique Coffee to Warm You Up for the Holidays

The holidays are here, and you know what that means; the latest Christmas coffee flavors are coming out! It's time to fill your home with warm aromas, delicious flavors, and loads of festive holiday cheer. What better way to make the holidays special than with premium coffee, roasted fresh and ready to help you make new memories with your friends and family? That's why we sell a vast array of the most enticingly scented, premium-grade, mouth-watering coffees around. Check out our NEW Holiday Collection Coffee Flavors! These amazing coffees are perfect for this time of year! 

Since nothing compliments delicious holiday desserts better than a great cup of coffee, we wanted to walk you through some of our amazing signature coffee flavors for the holiday season! Our unparalleled coffees contain aromatic spices, balanced nuances, and distinctive flavor notes that will warm your heart and your coffee cup.  Let's go over them each one at a time to help you make up your mind! 

Premium Coffee from Our Roasters Straight to Your Address

Before we get into these coffee flavors, we just wanted to let you know that this coffee is the real deal. Here at One Great Coffee, we sell some of the tastiest unique coffee flavors that you will find anywhere. Not only is our coffee always incredibly fresh, but it is made with the finest Arabica coffee beans to give you a smooth, fragrant, and flavor-packed cup, time and time again. Best of all, we ship it directly from the roaster to you in a vacuum-sealed valve bag to make sure every flavor note is perfect. These coffees make amazing gifts as well, especially for the coffee drinkers in your life looking for something a cut above the rest.

Find Plenty of Online Coffee Options for Every Coffee Drinker

Whether you want signature blends, single-origin coffee, decaf brews, flavored coffee beans, or gourmet coffees, we've got you covered! See our premium, organic, and gourmet coffees by clicking here. We also sell fresh cup coffee pods that work in almost any single-serve coffee maker! If you want flavored coffee that isn't necessarily in our holiday collection, you can also see our full inventory of flavored coffees by clicking here. With that out of the way, let's go over the best Christmas coffee flavors so you can choose the perfect holiday coffees to serve your friends, family, and of course, yourself! 

Best Christmas Coffee Flavors: Holiday Flavored Coffee and Seasonal Brews You Won't Want to Miss

Without further Ado, here are some of the top coffee flavors to try if you like holiday blends! All of these flavored coffees have strong and distinctive aromas with easily discernible flavor notes that are sure to bring a smile to your face. 

1. Old-Fashioned Gingerbread Flavored Coffee for Christmas

Giongerbread Coffee Cookie Flavor
This delicious gingerbread-flavored coffee features premium Arabica coffee beans that have been enhanced with real old-fashioned gingerbread recipe flavor notes. With hints of warm gingerbread cookies, vanilla, and holiday spices, this coffee is a holiday delight! It is reminiscent of making gingerbread houses on Christmas with a cozy fire in the background and little candies on the countertop. Delight your taste buds with gingerbread cookie nuances anytime! With only two calories per cup, this fragrant gingerbread-scented and flavored coffee is sure to impress any holiday cookie fan. See it here!

2. Holiday Highlander Grog Christmas Coffee 

There is a reason that Highlander Grog coffee is a flavor favorite for cold days. If you enjoy the invigorating brandy, scotch, and cognac notes found in Highlander Grogg coffee, this delicious Holiday Grog is for you. It is reminiscent of cinnamon-spiced brandy with warm butterscotch rum flavors and cool cognac undertones to create a tantalizing coffee masterpiece. Best of all, an aroma of premium coffee, spices, and hints of scotch will waft through the home as you brew this blend to evoke feelings of holiday cheer. (This coffee is alcohol-free, and only contains the flavor nuances of these liqueurs, so you can drink it any time.) See it here

3. Linzer Torte Flavored Christmas Coffee

This amazing coffee implements an unparalleled blend of almond essences, French vanilla, raspberries, spices, and cream. It is like no other Christmas coffee that you have ever tried! Fans of European Christmas flavors and sweet treats should definitely give this delicious and unique Christmas coffee a taste. It’s creamy, classic, tangy, and fresh, all with berry jam pastry nuances that will tantalize your taste buds. See it here

4. Egg Nog Flavored Themed Seasonal Coffee

Made with holiday spices and eggnog extracts, this delicious coffee blend is perfect for people who love the signature holiday flavors of this unique creamy beverage. With blissful nuances of cream, brandy, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a smooth refreshing aftertaste, this eggnog-scented and flavored coffee is sure to hit the spot. See it here!

5. Cranberry Cream Flavored Holiday Coffee 

Although the combination of cranberries and cream may sound strange in your coffee pot, this delicious Christmas coffee is incredibly refreshing and tasty. The tangy notes of cranberry and vanilla cream nuances pair perfectly with the pure Arabica coffee beans. The result is a cup of coffee that is reminiscent of cranberry cream cookies, muffins, cream cheese bars, or pancakes. See it here!

Other Amazing Winter Spiced Brews, Holiday Coffees, and Seasonal Coffee Flavor Options

If you are looking for Thanksgiving flavors, you will find pumpkin spice blends, pecan pie-flavored coffee, maple infused coffees, and more at One Great Coffee! Or, check out signature holiday spice and Christmas cookie coffee flavors here. Pecan praline coffee is also featured in the Holiday Collection and is perfect for either Christmas or Thanksgiving! There are also nutmeg coffees, blackberry pie coffees, Autumn harvest spice coffees, and chestnut coffee flavors to investigate. Just navigate to the Holiday Flavored Coffee section of or click the links below to see it all. 


Drink in the Festive Cheer and Make the Holidays Better with One Great Coffee!

So there you have it! All of these delicious seasonal holiday coffees are unique and full of fresh roasted flavor. However, these are just a few popular options. There are so many other great holiday coffee bean flavors to check out! 

Whether you like notes of cinnamon, vanilla, peppermint, or Maple, we really do have an amazing coffee flavor for every holiday enthusiast! Place your order today, and don’t forget to sign up for discounts, deals, specials, and our Coffee Rewards program so that you can save more when buying quality coffee for yourself or as a gift. To start looking at our extraordinary Flavored Holiday Coffee now, click here!

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