The Economics of Coffee

Here are a few fun facts about the aspects of espresso! Use them to dazzle your companions and collaborators around the espresso machine:

*Consistently, more than 2 billion cups of espresso are filled around the world.
*Concerning the measure of espresso per individual, the Nordic nations (Finland, Norway, Iceland, and so forth) burn through the most espresso.
*Other European countries devour a considerable amount of espresso, as well, trailed by the United States.
*Individuals in Finland devour around 25 pounds of espresso for every individual each year!
*Espresso creates trillions of dollars consistently appropriated among ranchers, dealers, shippers and exporters, and retail businesses. Also, albeit most espresso are filled in less developed nations, it's the more evolved nations that drink most espresso.

Brazil delivers almost 1/3 of the world's espresso (counting our Brazil Santos). Over 150 million Americans (about a large portion of the population) drink espresso consistently. Indeed, over part of individuals in the US 18 and drink espresso! There are around 1,200 roasters in the United States (and we're pleased to be one of them!)

Undoubtedly, espresso is one of the fundamental things on the worldwide market. Its effect on world exchange is impressive! So when you're drinking some newly blended espresso from One Great Coffee, consider the excursion that the espresso has taken to get to you! It is something phenomenal!

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