The 35 Best Coffee Gifts: Christmas 2023

Looking for the best coffee gifts? Check out this in-depth list of Christmas gifts for coffee lovers! 

For many people, coffee is a staple of daily life. As such, it makes sense to get the coffee lover in your life something to support their daily grind this upcoming holiday season. If you have been looking for the best 2023 coffee gifts for Christmas, you've come to the right place! 

Below are some of the best coffee gifts, espresso accessories, and other coffee-related presents to buy for the coffee aficionado in your life. Hopefully, this list of top coffee-lover gift options will provide you with plenty of caffeinated inspiration! 


What are the best coffee gifts this year? 

Everyone appreciates a good brew! Therefore, top coffee gifts will pretty much always include a gourmet blend of grounds or a bag of premium fresh roasted flavored coffee beans. One Great Coffee sells some amazing options in both categories. From there, some top accessories to get coffee lovers include stackable mugs, rechargeable milk frothers, hand coffee grinders, USB coffee warming plates, and flavored coffee syrup gift sets! Here are the top 10 gifts that people are raving about for 2023: 


  1. Stackable Coffee Cups 

  2. Countertop Coffee Cup and Accessory Organizer 

  3. Reusable Coffee Pods

  4. Unique Flavored Coffee Grounds or Flavored K-Cup Pods

  5. USB Coffee Warming Desk Accessory

  6. Hand Coffee Bean Grinder

  7. Ceramic Coffee Cup with Lid for Travel 

  8. Rechargeable Milk Frother 

  9. Organic Guatemala Santiago Atitlan Fair Trade Coffee 

  10. Online Coffee Gift Card 


List of the 35 Best Coffee Gift Options

Now that you have a rundown of the top 10 best coffee gift options, let's go over the 35 best gifts for coffee lovers in 2023! 

1. Premium Reserve Coffee Blends

You definitely want to get the coffee lover in your life something that they’ll savor. Premium fair-trade or reserve coffee blends give coffee lovers a chance to indulge their taste buds with something truly decadent! This Organic Guatemala Santiago Atitlan Fair Trade Coffee is a fantastic option to give as a gift. Available in multiple bag sizes and grind styles, it has an enchanting Aroma and a complex, heavy body. Freshly roasted and shipped to you, it makes a wonderful gourmet coffee gift!

2. Ceramic Travel Mug

Drinking coffee on the go can be challenging, especially if you want to store your hot coffee in the cup holder of your vehicle. There are plenty of metal travel cups available for coffee lovers, but if you want to get the coffee fan in your life something that they will actually use and love, consider getting them a ceramic travel mug with a nice lid! A microwavable mug like this can be incredibly handy for busy days or early morning road trips. This NOVA Ceramic Mug has a durable lid and a gorgeous ceramic design! Plus, it's microwave and dishwasher-safe. 

3. Fresh-roasted Gourmet Flavored Coffees

Many people are familiar with common coffee flavors like hazelnut, vanilla, and Irish cream. However, if you really want to kick things up a notch and impress the coffee lover in your life this Christmas, why not gift them with gourmet flavored coffee? You can find some amazing and unique freshly roasted flavored coffees sold online and shipped directly on this website (OneGreatCoffee.Com). 

We are talking about flavors such as: 

  • Bourbon Truffle

  • Old-Fashioned Gingerbread

  • King Cake

  • Salted Caramel 

  • Mint Chocolate

  • Coconut Cream

  • Eggnog

  • Vermont Maple Pecan

  • Blueberry Cream

  • Banana Split

3. Variety Pack Coffee Syrups 

Why not get the person you love something sweet and delicious this holiday season? Gourmet coffee flavoring syrups are great for those who want to add flavor and sweetness to their cup of Joe! You can find an array of flavored coffee syrups like these for sale on Etsy. 

5. Hot Cocoa Bombs 

Delicious hot cocoa bombs are great for coffee lovers! These cute little chocolate balls are filled with marshmallows and flavor mixes to enhance any cup of cocoa. However, they are also amazing with coffee. You just drop them into your hot cup of Joe and let them melt, infusing the coffee with delicious flavors, rich sweetness, and holiday decadence. We particularly like these caramel and brownie cocoa bombs in espresso with steamed milk!

6. Collagen and Protein Mixes for Coffee

If the coffee drinker in your life is also into health and wellness, organic vegan protein powders and collagen mixes that can be blended with coffee are great. For example, this Ora Organic Vegan Protein Powder is lean, clean, and flavored with rich cocoa! Or, check out this Ancient Nutrition Brand multi-collagen protein powder with hydrolyzed collagen peptides to support skin common nail, and gut health. 

7. Coffee Subscription

Did you know that you can subscribe online to certain websites that will deliver coffee to your front door on a regular basis? It's true! Online coffee subscription services can be great for people who like to try new things or simply don't want to have to buy boring or stale coffee at the store. You can even purchase online coffee gift cards with personalized messages for the coffee lover who lives far away! Click here to see some cool online coffee video gift card ideas and options from our favorite trusted online coffee retailer.  

8. Premium Espresso Blends

Does the person you’re shopping for love creamy, rich, and let’s face it, highly caffeinated espresso drinks? If so, there are some amazing espresso coffees sold online. Espresso Gold, Espresso Italia, Organic Espresso, Espresso Prima, and Espresso Verdi are all delicious espresso variations to consider getting for the connoisseur in your life. 

9. Organic Coffees

Let the coffee lover in your life indulge in freshly roasted non-GMO Arabica coffee beans that are certified organic! USDA-certified organic coffee is crafted without the use of pesticides or harmful substances. Some amazing organic coffee options to consider include Organic Gourmet House Blends, Organic Peru Andes Gold Coffee, and Organic Sumatra Black Satin Roast Fair Trade Coffee! OneGreatCoffee.Com sells all of these and more, freshly roasted and shipped on the same day. 

10. A Dual-Purpose Desktop Coffee Warmer with USB Charging

Nothing is worse than coffee that goes cold at work. So, solve this issue for the coffee lover you care about by getting them a ceramic coffee warmer! Many of these coffee warmers easily plug into a USB or computer port. That can keep a mug of coffee warm for hours and hours safely and efficiently. Our favorite options include this coffee warmer and mug set and the House Gem Mug Warmer sold on Amazon.

11. Flavored K-Cups

K-Cups are a delicious and handy way to get a single serving of fresh coffee! However, it can be hard to find flavored K-Cups that actually taste great. Not anymore! Just click here and find an array of delicious Gourmet single-serve flavored K-Cup-style coffee pods sold online and prepared fresh to order. These single-serve flavored pods are sure to satisfy the cravings of any coffee lover. 

12. Rechargeable Milk Frothing Coffee and Drink Whisk

Frothing milk and stirring ingredients into coffee can be a messy process. Unless that is, you happen to have a powerful milk frother on hand. These little hand-whisking tools are convenient and great for use in the kitchen. We highly recommend the Laposso Milk Frother Rechargeable Handheld Electric Whisk Coffee Frother Mixer Whisk Tool! This little milk frother is easily rechargeable with an included USB cord and even comes with multiple interchangeable heads for different types of whisking applications. 

13. A Nice Novelty Coffee Cup

Don't forget about the gift of the good old-fashioned ceramic coffee mug. Even in 2023, this is a solid purchase for any tea or coffee drinker. Plus, there are plenty of customizable coffee mugs available for sale online. Custom make a mug for someone, or find a coffee mug that suits a unique specialty interest to show the person you are shopping for that you know them well! If all else fails, just get a really cool color-changing novelty mug

14. Stacking Mugs

Do you know someone with a coffee cup cabinet that is crammed full? Why not get them a gorgeous set of stackable coffee mugs like these! These mugs easily stack on top of one another to save space on the counter or in the cabinet. 

15. Coffee From Abroad

Help the person you care about travel the world of coffee one sip at a time by purchasing a Gourmet Blend for them from somewhere far away. Fair-trade coffees are imported from all over the globe and support small-scale coffee farmers and their families around the world. We recommend blends like Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Fair Trade Coffee, Organic Timor Fair Trade Coffee, Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain Fair Trade Coffee, and Organic Sumatra Black Satin Roast Fair Trade Coffee! 

16. A Chic Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Pour-over coffee makers can be unique coffee gifts for the Java artisan in your life. These classic coffee makers allow individuals to craft coffee without electricity! We highly recommend this chic little Bodum glass pour-over coffee maker which prepares 34 oz of coffee at a time. 

17. Reusable Coffee Straining Straw 

Coffee straws can be convenient for cooling coffee while drinking it and preventing tooth stains. If a coffee straw is reusable and dishwasher safe, all the better! This cute and portable coffee straw ensures that coffee grinds and tea leaf fragments stay at the bottom of the cup and are never sucked up into the mouth. It’s reusable and eco-friendly as well!

18. A Reusable Coffee Filter

Speaking of eco-friendly, why not get the coffee lover in your life a reusable coffee filter? They will save money and be able to feel good about contributing to the environment! We are particularly fond of this Black & Decker reusable coffee filter, which fits most standard drip grind coffee machines and can be used again and again so that you never have to worry about running out of filters at home. 

19. French Press

How about getting the coffee lover in your life an adorable French press coffee maker? These machines are fantastic for making rich coffee using old-fashioned techniques. This particular coffee maker implements 304 series stainless steel, four filtering elements, and a durable, heat-resistant design. 

20. Travel AeroPress Coffee Maker Kit

AeroPress coffee makers can be great for coffee connoisseurs on the go. This AeroPress Go Travel coffee brewing kit allows for easy coffee craftsmanship while camping or traveling! With delicious results in under a minute using hot water, cold water, espresso, or coffee grinds, you can't go wrong. 

21. Countertop Coffee Organizer

Does the coffee lover you are shopping for need a little bit more space on the kitchen countertop? If so, this three-tier wooden kitchen countertop coffee shelf organizer makes a fantastic gift! 

22.  Hand Coffee Grinder

A manual burr coffee grinder can be a great gift for those who prefer to prepare their own gourmet brews on the go. This travel-ready 18-setting adjustable hand crank manual burr grinder makes a great gift for a coffee drinker! 

23. Disposable Coffee Cups and Lids

Disposable coffee cups are a handy little gift that few people ever think of getting but really can be helpful for coffee connoisseurs who already have it all. With disposable coffee cups and lids, the coffee lover in your life can easily craft homemade lattes and take them on the go. These cups come with sleeves and lids and look like something straight out of a nice coffee shop! 

24. Coffee Crafting Chart 

How about some coffee art that serves an educational purpose? This cute coffee chart poster shows all sorts of different coffee drinks to inspire anyone’s inner Barista! Or, consider this aluminum sign, which has all kinds of tips and information to help at-home coffee connoisseurs. 

25. Cute Coffee Accessories and Gear 

How about something cute and warm the person shopping for can wear? We love this pullover hoodie and its cute “but first, coffee” graphic, made of 80% cotton and available in four different colors! Or, think about shopping for coffee accessories as gifts like: 

  • Keychains
  • Magnets
  • Signs and Decor 
  • Matching Jewelry 
  • Mug and Coffee Sets 

26. Decaf Flavored Coffee 

Delicious decaf coffee can be hard to find. Luckily, this website sells an array of gourmet decaf coffee flavors like Highlander Grog, Peanut Butter Cup, Cinnamon, and Butter Rum!

27. Liquid Milk Thermometer 

If you know someone who loves to craft gourmet lattes at home, they definitely are going to need a thermometer to make sure that any steamed milk is at the right temperature. This is a great option and clips to the side of any milk-steaming pitcher! 

28. Coffee Storage Canisters

To keep that gourmet coffee fresh, coffee canisters and coffee storage containers can be incredibly handy. We are particularly fond of these stylish vented coffee canisters that will help keep coffee fresher for longer. 

29. Manual Froth Pitcher

This manual milk creamer pitcher comes with a hand pump, lid, and container that allows you to easily froth, blend, and mix drinks! Made of stainless steel, it also is durable and easy to care for. 

30.  Reusable and Refillable Coffee Pods

How about a set of reusable K-Cup-style coffee pods? You can fill these pods up with the coffee grounds of your choosing and make single servings of coffee while saving money! You can also find them for Nespresso machines! 

31. Honey Pot 

Honey and coffee can be a delicious combination. We love this creative Co-op Farmhouse embossed stoneware honey pot as a Christmas gift! 

32. Big Ceramic Mug

What about getting the coffee lover in your family a large ceramic coffee cup that can hold 21 oz of liquid and is dishwasher and microwave-safe? This one fits the bill! 

33. Electric Coffee Grinder

Fresh ground coffee beans make the most delicious cups of Java. This premium Hamilton Beach coffee grinder has fantastic customer reviews across the board! \

34. Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee can be more than just a beverage. The Coconut Coffee Body Scrub from Bare Botanics is a great choice for those who love coffee and their skin. With a hydrating formula, this scrub produces baby-soft skin and works to reduce cellulite. It even comes with a cute wooden spoon! 

35. Milk Steamer

Warm steamed milk is a key ingredient of macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, gourmet hot cocoa, and more. However, warming up milk in the microwave is not always ideal. The Instant Pot Milk Frother and Electric Milk Steamer can make a great Christmas gift for coffee lovers! 


Coffee Gifts for Christmas: Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Hopefully, this list of coffee gifts has helped you find some helpful inspiration as you do your holiday shopping. Remember, any coffee gift can be accentuated by a bag of gourmet, fresh-roasted coffee! You can find an array of delicious coffees sold online with reviews and in-depth flavor profiles through One Great Coffee!

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