Start Your Day With Rum Flavored Coffee

One Grate Coffee Provides High Quality Rum Flavored Coffee. The rum and coffee sound amazing. But can you imagine them together? Since the Rum Flavored Coffee is alcohol-free, you can savor both items completely guilt-free, without losing the flavor.

When rum is combined with flavors like coconut, walnut, butter, and spices, it adds some depth and richness, unlike anything else, and you simply can't go wrong.

Rum Flavored Coffee

Barrel-aged coffee [or barrel-aged rum coffee in this case] is the process of rolling green coffee beans [unroasted beans] into an aged barrel once used to age wines and spirits [such as bourbon and rum]. This laminating process allows green beans [which are extremely porous] to absorb the flavor and aromas of the barrel. Green beans are roasted. This process gives the coffee notes of flavor that were collected from the barrel.

 The coffee has a strong rum flavor [and maybe even a little bourbon since the keg once held it], but you'll still be able to savor the flavor of the coffee itself.

Whole bean coffee will have a longer shelf life than ground coffee. Think of it as a natural way to preserve. In this case, it's even more important to grind just before brewing to keep the flavors intact for as long as possible.

Caribbean coffee

The unique soil of the Caribbean islands provides the perfect setting for the production of coffee beans. Although they are not large coffee exporters in the region, with competition from countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, and Brazil, Caribbean coffee has its special appeal and flavor.

The main coffee producing islands are Jamaica, with the Blue Mountains here as the main region for plantations, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. In addition to producing theirs, the islands also import coffees to support a strong Caribbean coffee culture.

Caribbean Rum

Rum could be the first thing you think of when you think of amazing Caribbean products. Almost every island produces this distilled cane sugar-based drink, each of which appeals to its customers' popsicles, from complex and bold rums to adventurous spices and sweet coconut rum.

Visitors can often visit distilleries, some historic, with a rich past and much to say about the evolution of the islands, while others are newer boutiques that cater to a smaller, more specific clientele.

Rum Flavored Coffee Recipe

All you need is hot Caribbean coffee, rum, amaretto, and as a sweet bonus, you can add some whipped cream and shaved almonds on top. To make the mixture, pour 1 ounce of rum into a glass of Irish coffee, or any other cup you like. I'd like to, and add half an ounce of amaretto. Then fill the cup with hot black coffee, which will be roughly 8 ounces of coffee. Finally, top with whipped cream, garnish with shaved almonds, kick back, and chill out Caribbean-style.

There are also ways to mix it up a bit.

You can change the garnish: instead of almonds, use chocolate powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, caramel, or even sprinkles for a little fun. For example, around Thanksgiving, make a Caribbean Café with a hint of cinnamon, coconut, and pumpkin pie spices. Another great addition, or rather substitute, is to replace the whipped cream with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, making more of a Caribbean coffee dessert.

Finally, if you're craving good Rum Flavored Coffee on a hot summer day, pour it over ice for a refreshing and strong afternoon boost.

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